Daddy Zane

Daddy Zane

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"You are going to spread your legs for Daddy and take the cock like a good girl." "Yes, Daddy." Paying her abusive ex-boyfriend money wasn't enough, it is getting her elder brother into the trouble of stealing from a mafia boss to afford the money. London is kidnapped by Daddy Zane after her brother steals from him to save her ass, well, Karma hits too soon. Daddy Zane wants to keep her as his pet and London might just love it, but what happens when her abusive ex comes asking for more, threatening to kill her? Will Daddy Zane save his good girl, London, or sweep her under the mat because she is more trouble than she is worth it. "Let me be your good girl, Daddy."

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Through out! Fricken auto correct probably got you too, lol
2023-09-09 14:18:34
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Delinda Schumacher
21 chapters 8-2-23
2023-08-02 15:39:39
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Amaan Momin
Seems Hot , Troublesome & Interesting
2023-07-22 04:26:14
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good suspense, like the interaction between mmc and fmc. Loving the evolution they personally go through and together.
2023-09-01 01:51:57
80 Chapters
Chapter 1
Zane's POV"The fucking bastard thinks he can outsmart me. I want his ripped body in my office in less than an hour," I screech out at Reaper, my eyes shooting hot daggers. "Yes, Boss," Reaper replies walking out of the room.He is my trusted right-hand man, and I know he will bring the fucker to his knees right in front of me. Micah Jameson, a young man who works for me decided to take my money and run with it. No one takes what is mine unless I give it to them willingly. Now, Micah wouldn't be the first I will wipe from my list, nor will he be the last. Taking a swing from my whiskey glass, a tugged the glass back, letting the burn slip down my throat. It has been four months since Micah picked up a job delivering coke to my clients, he never fails me until about two weeks ago, his money is always not complete and last night when he deposited my money, the fucker had the audacity to give me my money with a shortage of one hundred thousand dollars. He will pay for it. Every sin
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Chapter 2
LONDON's POVFinally free from my abusive ex. Darn, living with Oliver was like staying with the devil. He beat me the last time till I was an inch of my life. At twenty-one, I met Oliver when I was eighteen and I had just moved to Sunny Bay. He was my first boyfriend, first-ever kiss, first sex experience, fuck, he is the only man I have ever known. But he became toxic the moment I moved in with him which was four months later. Oliver is a monster, and I am grateful to finally leave him. He wouldn't accept the fact that I left him, he comes to my new place haunting me, asking me to come back, but I have nothing to do with him anymore. One hundred thousand, that was what he had asked me to pay him in return for taking care of me through my three years course in College. He hadn't let me work, thus, saving was tough. The first person I called was my big brother, Micah, I had lied to him though, I told him it was my school loan I was paying back and I wanted to come back to Lake S
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Chapter 3
ZANE'S POVI am from a meeting when my phone rings and I pull out of the driveway sighing when I see Reaper's name on the home icon. Answering it, I connect it to the blue tooth of my car, relaxing as I drive to the house. I live on the West side of town, the place is luxurious, and it is a big mansion. I love it. "Do you have the girl?" I ask as I ride into the main road. Silence hits me from the other end of the line and I frown. Reaper isn't the one to chew his words, he says them raw. I wonder if Micah might have given the wrong address, well, I wait to hear what he has to say. When I am hit with a long silence, I speak up angrily. "Oh, well, Reaper, has the cat gotten your tongue? Have you gotten the girl or not?" I snap angrily, making sure my eyes are on the road. I hear murmuring, probably Reaper talking to Caleb and then, there is a small clear of the throat. I get this distinct feeling, one that just makes my soul bounce heavily. "I think it is best you come to Frate
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Chapter 4
*** LONDON'S POV **** I stare awake a few times but I am too weak to stay focused, to know where I am, or even move an inch of my body. My muscles are taut, and my eyelids fall under tight pressure dragging me to sleep. I dream about Oliver, him hitting me several times while I don't even try to protect myself, I am too weak, he is stronger than I am, and then, I am jerking forward with a rippled cry through my lungs. I pant, sweat beading my forehead, I force my eyes open, but I can't see well through my right eye, and the left can only see as much as when an object is about five steps closer to me. I am still in a haze, wondering where I am when I hear the scrape of a chair close to the bed. I flinch, throwing my hands in the air before bringing it to hide my face, in case I am about to get punched again. Oliver! The dickhead has instilled an everlasting fear in me. I am always on the defensive stance. "You are awake, Little human," a warm voice calls out to me. I freeze, I h
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Chapter 5
***ZANE'S POV***It is around five p.m. when Dr. Smith comes back with a report that London is alright, and can heal fine at home. I shake his hands and clear the bills. Reaper had come back to the hospital and had brought me a cup of coffee from the hospital's break room. "Boss," he calls out gently. Nodding, I wait for him to talk. "Are you sure this is what you want? You keep the girl until her silly brother finds the money to pay you back?" he questions eyeing me. It is a normal question, but now that I have met London, although I know nothing about her, a sense of protection clouds me. "Are you questioning my decisions?" I ask anger lacing my tone. Reaper backs off as he should, his hands up in a placating manner. "Never, just that..." I cut him off before he pisses me further. I know what the motherfucker wants to say, the fact that London is a bargaining deal from her brother to me, and the circumstances surrounding how we found her. Fuck that, she is mine. "Now, li
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Chapter 6
***LONDON'S POV*** So this is it, my bad decisions have shackled me to a man I barely know in person.When Zane had introduced himself in the hospital, I knew I was in for the longest time. My issue right now is why Micah will work for a ruthless man like Zane Vincenzo. He is a beast. As the elevator car opens and the elderly pushes me all the way to the front of the hospital, Zane helps me stand and the elderly quickly dashes out, returning inside. A big blue SUV is waiting in front of the walkway and Zane guides me inside. Sitting on the other side, he closes the door and his driver pulls away. "Take us to the house, Caleb," Zane says, power reeling from his voice. "Yes Boss," the driver whom I now assume is Caleb pulls out of the hospital driveway and into traffic. "I want to go home, my home. I miss my bed, my house, you can't just kidnap me, I had a life of mine I was leaving before now," I mutter, fighting the tears behind my eyes. If I was going to make this man
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Chapter 7
***ZANE'S POV***I look to my side when I hear the soft snores coming from London. Watching her, the air in my lungs seems to be cut short. I didn't want to spank her but the lady need to know I wasn't here to play games with her. London has a hold on me that other ladies had never had. She might not know it yet but whatever charm she seems to have put me under is working. I horn the car and in a matter of seconds, Caleb crawls into the driver seat. He hands me my phone, it is broken and I sigh. "When you drop us at home, I would love you to go pick me a new phone. One for London as well," I order. That is it. I don't beg, no human is worth seeing my feeble sight and never will. I have control over my emotions, I kill people when they stand in my way. No one stands before me without being killed. "Yes, Boss," Caleb says pulling the car back into the main road and driving off to the West side of town where I live. I had been messaging Reaper, he was at my house over
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Chapter 8
Reaper is in the living room having a scotch, and Caleb has a bottle of water in his hand. They might be working for me, but I consider them as close as friends to me. "Caleb, get Micah free and hand him ten thousand dollars. Tell him not to fuck me up this time. His sister might have saved him once, but it wouldn't happen a second time," I mutter out clearly so that he will repeat what I just said. Reaper stands as Caleb walks away, going to do what he was sent to do. "Is everything good with the club? I didn't get to see your last message because London threw my phone out of the car window," I tell him. Reaper doesn't show any emotions, just like me, the brute knows how to keep his mouth shut. "Yes, Boss, everything is under control. Business is fine as well," he answers the question. Nodding, I know what he is talking about when he says business is under control. My dirty business. It better be, the last thing I want is the cop sniffing into my business, these days, they don
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Chapter 9
***LONDON'S POV***I can't help but notice the big room that I am in. It is definitely Zane's room because it is so masculine. The room is painted black, and the view from the window is rich, mostly showing off the town. A big closet and a door I assume is the bathroom. Thinking about bathrooms, my bladder screams for release. "Zane?" I whisper.Zane had been checking me out, he always seems to do this, thus, it is no doubt that he hears me call him on the first try. "Yes, Little girl," he says his brows knotting above his head. He just called me little girl. I don't seem to understand Zane, he spanks me, locks me in a cage and now, he calls me little girl? My ovaries rejoice which makes me shudder. "Can I use the bathroom, please?" I ask gently, but I want him to just say yes, I need to pee. His eyes soften with understanding, he nods his head as he slides down from the bedroom, I follow suit as he lifts his head, indicating the bathroom door. I walk to the bath
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Chapter 10
***ZANE'S POV***London Ellie Jameson tastes like heaven. If this is how heaven tastes then I don't want to be in a haste to die because I already have that pleasure with me on earth. I have a hard-on but I refuse to satisfy myself, London has to know that I am in charge, if it means giving her as many orgasms that she cries out to me and curses, yes, I will give her, but what she wouldn't have is my dick. I am restraining that from her for now. I don't know how long I can stand this little temptation of a woman but she is quickly becoming my addiction. I watch as London crawls down from the bed still clutching the comforter under her arms as a shield. I smile and walk to my closet picking out a blue boxer from the thousands I have. Grabbing my sweater, I turn around to a thumping sound. "Shit!" London shouts as she falls on the soft carpet. I rush to her and notice the comforter had made her fall. She had tripped on the many layers. I want to laugh but I don't
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