Chapter 223

My heart races at his words and my pussy is so wet, I know there’s a large, growing wet spot on my shorts. “That’s exactly what I want. Breed your naughty little virgin, Damon. Make me yours.”

“Fucking hell,” he groans, reaching down to grab onto my hips and flip me over. He runs his large hands over my body, roughly pulling off my shirt and yanking my shorts off so I’m naked and face down on his bed. He grabs onto one ass cheek, giving it a hard squeeze. “Get ready for some pain, baby,” he says, before giving me a hard enough smack to have me squealing and tensing up in surprise.

“That hurt!” I yell, glaring at him over my shoulder, my ass cheek still stinging from the spank.

He laughs and winks at me. “It’s a punishment, baby. It’s supposed to hurt.” He gives my other cheek a hard smack. “How else will you learn not to be such a little teasing brat?”

My ass feels like it’s on fire, and when he spanks me again, I grip the bedding tightly and try to wiggle away.

“Oh no you don’t,” he
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