Chapter 60 - Intoxicate Me

"No! Absolutely not." He stopped her within a flash, standing before her right at the door, blocking her passage out of the kitchen.

Why did he have to be so damn fast! Now she couldn't run into the bedroom and locked the door, while she cried and ordered a ride to get a hell out of this place.

All these was hurting her way too much and she was scared that if she stayed here for too long, her tough guy facade would come crumbling down in seconds.

'Hang on, Ivy. Just a little longer. You have to get out of this as a bad bitch and that wout happen if he sees that this is hurting you!' she mentally noted to herself.

"We are not kids, Ivy. We are not going to let a minor misunderstanding drive a wedge between us, when we can just talk it out and get it over with." He sighed, getting frustrated. "By the Blood, I'm too old for this. We are talking things damn straight right now!"

"Now you want to talk things 'damn straight', uhn?" She scoffed. "Alright then, what do you have to say, Ancient
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