Dealing With Love...

Dealing With Love...

By:  Oluwatoyosi  Ongoing
Language: English
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Precious Dare is a feisty, beautiful 23-year-old Nigerian who has been through a lot but finally wanted peace. She decides to flee to the other side of the world after being crushed by the one she thought would love her. New York was everything she hoped for as she started her new life using her master's degree program as her excuse. However, she soon learns that the place has a lot more in store for her. Ethan White is an arrogant, handsome billionaire who has everything he could ever want but no one to share it with. However, when she comes into his life, he soon learns that there's more to the world than making money. What happens when these two meet most unexpectedly? Will she accept this arrogant man who could have anything, or will they change their lives together? Read this story of love, ex-fling, trust, and betrayal.

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Great book... looking forward to reading the rest
2022-09-19 21:49:00
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more updates plea
2022-09-13 04:44:27
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More chapters please... I love your writing style. it's very conversational. I also like the structural sentences and inspiring quotes... keep it up author.
2022-09-08 16:37:02
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Great book.
2022-09-23 00:01:29
100 Chapters
The Meeting (Part One)
Precious POVComing to New York has always been my dream. And now, that I'm here, I just can't believe it. It's even more beautiful than I thought. I stood outside the airport, looking around for a taxi to take me to the apartment, my best friend and I will be staying.My name is Precious Ifeoluwa Dare. I'm a 23-year-old Nigerian and am here for my master’s degree program. I wouldn’t consider myself as short, with my 5’4” stature, that’s not short, right? Anyway, I have a coffee skin color with long black hair courtesy, of my mother.The sound of my phone ringing snapped me out of my thoughts. I pulled it out of my pocket and looked at the caller ID, allowing a small groan to come out of my mouth as my mom's name flashed on the screen. Sighing, I picked up the call and kept walking. "Hello, Mummy" I greeted softly, as I used my shoulder and ear to hold my phone, so I could get my luggage off the pavement. "Precious, how are you? Have you landed yet? How's the place? How's Funke?" I
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The Meeting (Part Two)
We reached the hospital faster than I expected. Ethan came down and walked over to my side and opened the door for me. Mumbling thanks, I stepped out of the car, and together, we walked into the enormous hospital. As we got to the front desk, the receptionist quickly stood to her feet with a surprised look on her face. Why? "Mr. White, good afternoon. What can we do for you, sir?" the lady asked while ignoring me. It didn’t bother me though; I was still bothered by the fact that she knew who he was. How does she know him? "I'll like Dr. Resnic to come, and take a look at my friend’s arm" Ethan replied with an indifferent tone and she quickly called the Doctor through an intercom, who appeared beside us in a minute. What just happened? "Aaha Mr. White, to what do I owe this visit?" the blond doctor asked, as he held a nervous look on his face. "My friend here needs her injury cleaned and wrapped" Ethan replied. Friend? Did he just call me a friend? The doctor nodded and gestured
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Him and Her
Precious POVI was jolted awake by the sound of loud noise. Picking up the alarm clock, I slammed it into the wall and groaned at its interruption. That's right, not a morning person."Precious" I heard my name being called and Funke soon, walked into my room already dressed while I'm still trying to shake off the sleep in my eyes."Are you not going to class? It's your first day and you already want to be late" she said, shaking her head at me."I'm up, I'll be down in a minute" I laughed. See what I did there? No? okay. I tried to stand up, to show her that, I was serious about being awake.Standing up, I stretched a little as Funke left the room and entered the bathroom to brush my teeth and have a shower. I looked at my coffee wound of yesterday and frowned at the fact that it was getting worse and it still hurts. Confused as to why it hasn’t started healing, I made a mental note, to go back to the clinic. Walking out of the bathroom, I dress up in my favorite black, round neck,
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Precious POVI didn’t like mornings. I had to drag my lazy self out of bed; strip and entered the shower. The cold water woke me up fully, and when I was done, I dried myself and brushed my teeth. I quickly put on a yellow summer gown and brown heels.Putting my hair in a neat ponytail, I walked into the kitchen and to my surprise, Funke was already there making breakfast."Wow Funke, this is the second time you are awake this early, and your making pancakes?" I asked carefully, since she rarely cooked, let alone woke up early."Don't sound too surprised, I couldn't sleep. Too much work" she said making me glance at her. She looked like shit. Her fair skin, still glowed a bit, but her eyes had bags under them."We have Mr. Ethan's class this morning, we need to leave now if we don't want to be late" I stated, as she placed the last pancake in her mouth. Mr. Ethan sounded so weird coming out of my mouth but he was our guest lecturer and I needed to respect that. "Alright, eat up let
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Saturday (Part 1)
Precious POVSaturday rolled by faster than I expected. So, here I was, laying on my bed, wide awake, as I kept replaying the adventure of the past week. First, I come to New York, and ended up in the hospital, met a hot billionaire, had lunch with him for the whole week, and decided to go to a stupid gala. And even though, I never pictured my first week here, to be so, eventful, I enjoyed the food as much as it was annoying.I came here with one aim, which was to finish my master’s and not end up in a crazy relationship. Sighing, I rubbed my face with my hands. To be honest, I was just scared of even liking anyone at this point, and it boiled down to the fact that guys in my life have been one hell of a ride, and I didn’t want to resume.But then again, I couldn’t help but think of Ethan's smile, his laugh, his weird eating combinations, or how different, he was from everyone else. Maybe, it’s because of the change of scenery?Sighing, I stood up from my position as it was already pa
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Saturday (Part 2)
Precious POVI sighed in relief when her gaze softened considerably. "I didn't know Ethan had a female friend, let alone one from another nation. Ethan when were you going to tell me?" his mother questioned, with a stern look on her face."Well, she's here now, isn't she?" he said, obviously tired of the questions, making me jab my elbow at him. He looked at me curiously and I mouthed ‘Be nice."Well, let's not just stand. Come in my dear, let's mingle" Ethan’s Father said, as he gestured towards a table, reserved for us.Ethan brought out a chair for me and I mumbled a ‘thanks’, taking my seat. He took his seat beside me with his parents on the other side and his sister to my left."You said, you’re from Nigeria dear?" his father asked me, as curiosity flashed in his eye."Yes sir" I answered with a smile, trying to be respectful."Oh, call me Ryder, my dear. What did you come to New York for?" Mr. White asked."Well, I'm here for my master’s degree program," I answered truthfully.
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Precious POVI couldn't sleep!Why?Well, because every time I closed my eyes, I kept thinking about the what ifs. What if, I start to develop feelings for him? What if, I was just reading too much into this? What if, I can’t stop thinking about him? We already sailed that boat but still, what if I can’t get this stupid crush on him to fade away?I groaned into my pillow, as these intrusive thoughts wouldn’t stop, and sat up. Since it was Sunday, I had to go to church. I found out there was a Redeem church just two streets away and I was one to never miss a Sunday service.Getting up, I stripped and entered the bathroom, brushed my teeth then had my bath. Stepping out, with a towel hanging on my body, I walked towards my wardrobe and pick out a dress for today. I decided to go with the green patterned Ankara short gown and its scarf along with a pair of green heels to match.I rubbed cream on my body and applied a little brown powder on my face and then put on a little lip gloss, befo
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Confrontations (Part one)
They say love is patient,But that applies to those that wait.They say love is potent,But what happens if you’re late?©OluwatoyosiPrecious POVThe hot coffee in my hand warmed me up a bit, as the wind blew harshly against the window. I just finished a test, and was now, sitting in a beautiful café, watching as people walked by minding their own business. In Nigeria, I always complained about the amount of attention someone gets when they do something extravagant. I had neighbors like that once, who never minded their own business, but always watched as though, they’ve been waiting to see what’s going to happen in your life. Funke and I would joke that they were monitoring spirits, so, the fact that no one looked my way twice, here, was a breath of fresh air.I sighed and sipped my coffee, feeling a bit, nostalgic, on this windy day. My mind could not help but drift once again to the handsome stranger, that clogged it. It’s been two months and it was still the same feeling of longi
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Confrontations (Part two)
"And who says you are family, Brittany? I invited her. Do you have a problem with that?" Rose asked, too sweet for anyone’s liking, while Brittany just looked angry. At this rate, I hope I don’t get a heart attack with the laser beams coming out of Ethan’s eyes. "Okay, dinner isn't gonna eat itself, right? Let's dig in" Mr. White or Ryder stated, clapping his hands together and I just remembered, how hungry I was. I took a sit opposite Rose, and beside Liya while the maids served us. I mumbled a thank you to them and dug in. It was heavenly. Seriously, it was like tiny bursts of paradise, in my mouth. "This is amazing" I complimented unconsciously. I was enjoying this food. We made small talk during dinner and it was fun even though Ethan didn't say a word. Frankly, I was starting to get worried but why should I? I would have been forced to come if I didn’t cooperate willingly. When we finished eating, the maids came in to clear the table and one of them poured wine on my legs.
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Win Her Back
Anger washes away the good; It breaks us away from the ones we love. Yes, respect is earned but; I say, love also needs to be learned. ~Oluwatoyosi Ethan's POV I messed up! I messed up, really bad. It's been two days since the dinner and let’s just say, I've been a mess. I've been extra moody and taking it out on my employees. I knew it was my fault, things escalated to that point but I just thought, I was justifying myself. I shook my head as I remembered how my parents reacted after our argument. Flashback "I'm just disappointed in you, Ethan. I trained you better than this, so please tell me, how could you say those things to her and call her all those names?" my mom's voice wavered a bit and her eyes shouted disappointment and I didn’t blame her. She didn't deserve, what I said. "Ethan, you need to make this right. She as far as I can tell is a good thing in your life" my father's words rang in my head as I kept it slightly bowed in embarrassment and disappointment. I ne
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