It was close to noon when Dawn decided to exit the highway. It was to a small town he had never heard of before and about a hundred kilometres from the pier he was shot at. It would be a great place to find what he needed and swap to a different car in a more isolated spot. Besides, the Cadillac was starting to run low on fuel.

There weren’t many cars in this small town. Most people would be at work, so the mafia boss decided to visit the most way-out hypermart to buy what he needed. For now, he needed to stock up on more food, drinks and some clothes. He didn’t have a lot of money on him even after robbing the fishing yacht. Rich people did not carry with them a lot of cash.

The hypermart staff were busy restocking shelves, and housewives were buying their daily necessities, some with young children strapped to their backs. Nobody had time to pay attention to Dawn, so he grabbed a trolley and threw the food he needed into it, along with a carton of water.
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