Land Voyage

The sun had gone down by the time Dawn found a suitable place to rest for the night. It was rather far from the highway in the middle of nowhere. The dirt road and off-beaten trail told the mafia boss that not many people came by. He parked the sedan a little more to the side so that any trucks passing through in the middle of the night could do so without problems.

The drive was less boring ever since Aqua woke up. Ever since he started teething, Dawn did not remember being fed by anyone. However, at twenty-seven, the mafia boss experienced what it was like to eat out of someone else’s hand. Aqua insisted on feeding him while he drove because it was too dangerous to drive with only one hand on the wheel. Besides, she had a very convincing reason for doing so.

“I want to see a lot of human land before I return to the ocean,” the mermaid sighed as he killed the engine and wound down the window.

The night breeze was cool, but Aqua’s legs had alre
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