Devil's Redemption

Devil's Redemption

By:  Lovina S.  Completed
Language: English
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Time The greatest revelation of our universe. Rhythmic, eternal, valuable. It is always watching, acknowledging, and recording. The moment he realized the heavy truth, he knew he had to act fast. In the rubble of heaven and hell, he chose the familiar warmth of home- Her. The one whom he selfishly broke, betrayed, lied, and eventually lost. The story uncurls its threads, making him realize importance of each breath. What was left unsaid must be said now before this time slips from his fingertips, demolishing the second chance. Treading the thorny path of redemption, wearing a bleeding heart on his sleeve, the Devil professes a tale of undying love, while craving forgiveness from the soul that was bound to his. Endlessly

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Good read and great story. Both plots and characters are interesting and the display of emotions is relatable.
2023-06-07 12:37:14
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iPhoto I j
2022-12-09 12:57:25
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good!! i read the book from beginning to end. the beginning was weird until you figuried it out.
2022-09-29 03:21:30
59 Chapters
16th CenturyAlvarSomeone had said right- Time never stays the same. What you held yesterday, maybe not in your hands today. What you plan to do tomorrow, it might not occur as thought. The world runs dynamically, and it turns every moment, showing changes that go unnoticed sometimes. Our ignorance could pull us in a compromising position if the matters are worth paying attention to.Something like this has transpired with the Alvar, a small mountainous country with a long coastline serving grounds for 2.1 million people of Islam and Christianity.There was a time when this country was counted among the most prosperous nations. If we ov
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AlvarThe fort of Alvar stood in mournful silence as another life falls in the arms of the death.A grieving widow wailed and threw her head on the chest of the fallen man. The onlookers kept their ingenuity low, feeling guilt and pain gnawing at their throats. Tears shined in their eyes, and lips quivered, but no sob was released. They forced themselves to stand and subject the agony of the woman as she clutched her husband’s limp hand to her chest. She cried to him to wake up still, the soulless body didn’t oblige. He kept lying their unmoving with dark marks slathered a
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BadenLord Evan marched towards the royal chambers of the King of Baden wearing a wary expression as he wasn’t sure about this visit. Of all the kingdoms in the south, King Thales has requested an audience with King Henry of Baden. This was bad because King Henry hardly pays attention to the neighboring states, let alone an entire empire. The cruel King must be up to something, or else why would he permit the poor King of a dying nation to step in his lands. Alvar was a lost cause now. Nothing close to profit could be earned from that barren land. King Henry wouldn’t even breathe if it didn’t give him life. Only God knows what’s weaving in his mind.As Lord Evan approached the royal chambers, confronted blazed faced soldiers with lust dripping down their profiles
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Baden“Your throne and the entire kingdom don't compare to the jewel I desire, King Thales. The thing I want is too precious, even for you. I don’t want your crown or your fort as they are useless to me. I want the pride and dignity of Alvar.Princess Valentina.”King Henry kept his demand without an ounce of shame. His skin didn’t crawl, thinking of a girl half his age that stands equal to his daughter. All he knows that he has wanted her since the moment he saw her playing in the garden with a wild cat five years back. He had traveled to Alvar, looking for the real jewels for his third wife. He didn’t deem to flounder upon a beautiful princess, dressed in white like an angel and giggling in
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            AlvarForgetting all about the book and her appearance, Princess Valentina jolted up from her place and rush to the gateway to examine the situation herself. It was highly unlikely of Percy, her father’s horse, to complain at such an odd hour of the night. On top of everything, how did he manage to escape the stables to call out for her? She rushed out of her chambers, ignoring the alarmed calls of Katrina. Her heart was aching for some reason, and a bad feeling was clogging her mind. When the warriors standing in the corridors saw their princess running in her night wares jumped to various conclusions. Their first thought was the place was under attack. A few thought it might be just a play, whereas, others took the situation seriously and followed t
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Alvar The sky roared in remonstrance and cried out its agony when watched the blood flowing like a river on the lands of Alvar other than the sparkling essence of heavens. The Crimson rattled it and planted the seed of terror. It felt as if the land shook under the burden of demonic prowess. The dark clouds punctuated their pain when they thundered aloud and the heart of the sky cracked when lightning ripped it from the horizon, flashing more light over the damage on the ground. It was a demonic act where men were slain like those innocent cattle tied in the barn of the slaughterhouse. The women were preyed by the hungry wolves in the flesh of armored soldiers. Their virtue was ripped and crushed under the feet of persecution in the middle of the market. Children were hauled and tossed inside the cages so they can be used in the future and trained to grow the army of Baden. The devil must have tossed his head back and broken into a peal of fiendish laughter. He must have mocked God
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16th Century Alvar “Come on, love. How long are you going to stay mad? I’ve spilled blood for you. I destroyed all those who tried to stop me from having you. Come with me, Valentina, and I will make you my queen.” He proposed and Valentina smiled bitterly. Cutting the distance between them, she stood gracefully in front of him. Her spine straight and head held high. King Henry grinned, thinking he has her now. No one can resist the proposition of becoming the queen of 5 nations. But he was mistaken. The moment he chose to raise from his position, Princess Valentina screamed and reached for the fire torch that was hanging on the wall beside them. Holding it tight, she swung the burning flames right on his magnificent face. A face he was proud of. The gut-wrenching bellow of mighty king rang in the grieving silence. The blisters of fire attacked his rosy flesh and swallowed the skin as if some molten lava. He cried out for help to save him from this excruciating torment as his eyes
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21st Century New York “Sweaty pigs.” He mumbled before cupping his nose because the stench wafted off freely. He failed to realize that the words said in disgust were not punctuated in a whisper. They were loud enough to be heard by everyone. After his declaration, a dead silence settled in the hallway and all eyes landed on him. Noticing the sudden change in atmosphere, Alex looked up and inhaled sharply, apprehending his mistake. Naturally, his frame tensed, and fear gripped the heart. Gulping audibly, he started to back away but was roughly pushed by the quarterback- Victor Ivanshov. Victor’s dark eyes shined in displeasure as he glared at the nerd furiously. He brought Alex closer to his face by the loose hoodie. The two males were of equal height, but the same cannot be said about the build. Alex resembled a toothpick in front of the bulky football player. “What did you say?” Victor spat through clenched teeth, and Alex shivered within his hold. Perspiration coats his derm
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21st Century New York Pulling in front of the familiar mansion, Lauren presses the horn twice to alert the watchman. A bulky man in his early 40’s stood from a wooden chair and rushed to the iron gateways. In no time, he used a remote device to open the gates. Greeting him the afternoon, Lauren drives ahead and parks the car in the garage. Scanning her surroundings, she dashed towards the front doors of the mansion and rings the bell impatiently while looking for any being that might see her in such a vulnerable condition. The doors were hurled open by an aged woman, who passes Lauren a warm smile, but a fragment of concern was perceived in her old eyes. “Miss, why are you home so early? Is everything alright?” the woman asked in Turkish slang and Lauren let out a tired sigh. “No, Nancy. Today was horrible.” She mumbled, entering further inside the house and marches towards the stairs. Nancy is the head maid in her early 60's in the mansion and has been serving the Williams for t
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21st Century New York Lauren stood unfazed in the living room as her vigilant orbs studied everybody with awareness. Most of them were fidgeting in their position, while some wore apprehensive looks. It wasn’t every day when the mistress of the place asks them to appear in a row to solve a mystery. They had a feeling that someone was going to face serious consequences. It is going to be a long night. All were curious and eager to know about Lauren’s next step. What was she going to do? How is she going to find the real culprit out of them? They cringed at the thought of any false claim. They feared being called out for a crime they never committed. Oh, they hated it and truly regretted following Marilyn’s order. They should have known better. Poor Nancy did warn them of the outcomes when they started the task for the first time. She has asked them to wait and raid Lauren’s room in her presence. She pleaded not to open her bedroom in her absence. But they didn’t listen
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