Chapter 141: You are my wife

Summer’s Point of View

I blinked repeatedly, my eyes straining to distinguish between reality and the product of my yearning for him. But before I could fully comprehend it all, he swiftly drew me into his embrace, and I found myself instantly pressed against his warm, solid frame.

That was when I snapped out of reality and noticed his wound, which I could have accidentally hit. With my eyes widened, I tried to stand up, but he was pulling me closer, our bodies already pressed against each other.

“Steven, stop it!” I exclaimed, struggling to pull out. “And when did you wake up?!”

“I’ve been awake since 4 am, and since I can’t see you and Celine, I fell back asleep,” he whispered, his breath gently brushing against my ears. “As I expected, your scent is far more comforting than the sterile smell of this hospital.”

I gulped, the sound echoing in the room, as his words hit me like a sudden wave. A rush of warmth spread across my cheeks, turning them a deep shade of crimson. But amidst th
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goodnovel comment avatar
Hopefully we will a happy ending
goodnovel comment avatar
Nardia Robinson
so now that amby is out of the picture matteo is now here to ruin her life
goodnovel comment avatar
So Ms Winter we do not expect any update until this Sunday?

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