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Kyla Adams is a workaholic. I mean, who wouldn't be when you're working your dream job? She is one of the many writers for a startup business in North Carolina called "Clicked," where the focus is writing about hot gossip, new trends, and out of the ordinary experiences. Think of this social media app as an online magazine, where the workers are gossip hungry millennials and Gen Z'ers all trying to top one another. And the best part- Dakota Kramer; the hot young CEO at the top floor of the office building. Kyla is the job. She thrives on gossip and is a phenomenal writer, but lately her articles have been dryer than her dating life. After Dakota threatens to fire her if she doesn't step out of her comfort zone, Kyla and her friends drunkenly email Dakota an exciting new article proposal titled "EleDATE." What does the hell does this mean? Kyla must ride the elevator every morning, starting from floor 1 up to floor 50-the top floor- with a hand picked single guy from the office. The catch? She's blindfolded. She must rely on her instincts about the "bachelors" and the impressions they make during their limited time riding together- and they must remain anonymous. With over 100 employees in the building, 50 floors, and 20 single men willing to participate, this will sure make for an intriguing article and a literal make or break career moment. And let's face it... there's just something about elevators.

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23 Chapters
1| Happy Birthday
You know what the problem is with being a journalist in the year 2022? Everything has been done before. If you think you've come up with an exciting new idea, chances are somebody has already done it.The unfortunate truth is, no matter how obsessed you are with your job, no matter how committed, you have to really think outside the box. All this obsessing and hours spent journaling will inevitably lead to one thing- a serious hit to your dating life. In fact, if you're anything like me... it's pretty much non-existent.So... when a night of drunken brainstorming landed me in a position to date WHILE working, I didn't have much of a choice but to follow through. Although instant regret of emailing my boss an absurd idea hit me like a bad hangover, the idea took. I was going to write about something so absurd that it might just work; an idea that propelled me straight out of my comfort zone.My name is Kyla Adams, and this is my story of how I met my boyfriend through a series of mini-
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2| The Name of the Game
"Oh my god he said that!?" Lydia exclaimed, brushing her long blonde hair away from her face.I nodded my head, resting it in my hands. "It was so humiliating guys. And if I don't come up with something incredible by Monday I'm screwed!"Cole reached a large hand out, rubbing it across my back in a comforting motion. "You're a great writer Ky... we'll think of something. He's not gonna fire you."I smiled at my friend. Cole was sweet, and truthfully he was the total package. He was tall and fit, although not as muscular as Dakota. He had a dimpled grin and baby blue eyes with dirty blonde hair and tanned skin. Cole had always been there for me. I'll be the first to admit I've thought about taking things further with him, but I could never bring myself to breach the subject. Now I appreciate our friendship so much I would really hate to jeopardize that. Besides, Cole hadn't ever made a move so I was fairly certain he wasn't into me anyway."You know what? Let's get some shots," Hayden
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3| It's Happening
There wasn't a better idea out there. This was actually happening.After a full Saturday night and Sunday of researching and brainstorming, we were not able to come up with anything remotely as unique as eleDATE. Besides, Dakota was a stubborn man, and once he made up his mind about something it was damn near impossible to change it.When my alarm went off on Monday morning, I felt physically ill. My stomach was in knots. I knew that there were some logistics that needed to be worked out before I could actually begin the dates, but I was still dreading meeting with Dakota to discuss the idea.I sifted through my closet, deciding to wear my black pencil skirt, black strappy heels, and a short sleeve, olive blouse. I figured I'd dress nice today to try and keep a fake sense of confidence while pitching my stupid idea.Once dressed, I threw some curls in my long hair, pulling it into a messy bun at my neck. I pulled some pieces out of the bun, curling them loosely to frame my face. When
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4| Let’s Ride
I had officially become a hermit. Last week was a mess of me planning my article, stressing about dating, and feeling as though I was the one on the "outs." Since Lydia and Ellie were in charge of finding men to participate, they weren't at their desks much. Even Rory, Hayden, and Cole didn't really spend a lot of time with me as they were helping to read through the questionnaires. It kind of felt like the 5 of them all had this inside joke now, and occasionally they would shoot looks my way or try to smother laughter at some of the answers. So, by the time the weekend rolled around, nobody wanted to drink with me for fear they'd let the secrets slip. Thus, ironically, I had become even more antisocial than I was before, even though this whole experiment was aimed at increasing my social capacity. I was laying on by side, buried under my duvet while I stared at the clock on my nightstand. I watched the minutes, knowing that in just 2 minutes my alarm was going to go off, and I wo
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5| First Date
"Woah-" a male voice rang out. I felt two arms gripping me at the waist. Instinctively, I grabbed hold of the man's arms to stable myself. "You okay?" He asked. I nodded, "Yes... sorry about that. This blindfold really... I mean.. thank you," I stuttered out. God I was nervous. He chuckled a low, melodious laugh. "I get it. You're good." He released his grip from my waist and I let my hands slip from his muscled arms. Then, I felt the elevator begin to move and I knew this date was started. "So... what's your name?" I asked, stupidly, not knowing how to stand or if I was even facing him."Um... I'm not actually supposed to say. Kind of defeats the whole purpose of the blindfold," he answered. Duh. I could feel my face heating beneath the blindfold. "Oh... right. I'm sorry. I'm just a little in my head right now."There was a moment of silence. It wasn't that he was being awkward, but I could literally feel the awkwardness radiating off of me. "How about we just rapid fire some f
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6| Concert Time (pt. 1)
The minute I returned to my seat at my desk my friends were already there, blasting me with questions. I waved them off, not wanting to forget anything about what the man in the elevator had told me about himself. I flipped open my laptop, opening up my OneNote and typing furiously before my memory faded:Bachelor 1: Likes steak, medium rare2 dogs- golden retrievers Likes golf Favorite animal- tiger Large family- close with them Guitar? Thinks I'm pretty Seemed tall and muscular Smelled nice Made me feel calm; easy to talk toHow good was this date out of 10: 8"He told you you're pretty!?" Lydia squealed from behind me, causing me to jump. "Quit reading my notes," I said, closing my laptop. "They're private." She scoffed. "There's no such thing as privacy in our little cubicle. You know that." "Yeah," Hayden chimed in from his desk. He used his feet to push his rolling chair away from the desk so that he was now facing me. "So spill it Ky." I knew I wouldn't be able to
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7| Concert Time (pt. 2)
Cole and I slowly made our way to the bar, and I held tight to his hand as he lead the way through the crowd of swaying bodies. Once there, I was lucky enough to find an open bar stool. I pushed myself onto it, ignoring the fact that it was sticky with spilled drink residue. I supposed it didn’t really matter anyway, since I was already coated in alcohol.Cole stood behind me and to my right, leaning forward to place his arm on the bar top, caging me in slightly. "Your shirt is a mess," he said, taking note of the brown soda stain running down the front of my white, cropped t-shirt. Of course I had chosen to wear white; bad call on my part. "I know..." I sighed. "I loved this shirt too." It was much quieter by the bar now, and I could actually hear what Cole was saying to me despite the ringing in my ears from the loud concert music. When the bartender came over, I ordered our drinks and Cole asked for a soda water. I cocked an eyebrow at him. He didn't like soda water... and I
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8| The Dating Continues
Waking up in the morning, I felt strange about going into work. I wasn't even as nervous as I had been the day before, but I couldn't stop thinking about how Cole thought "eleDate" was a bad idea. I mean, I had thought it was a bad idea before I started it, but after my first date I was actually coming around. It bothered me that Cole expressed a negative opinion after it was too late to do so, and I didn't understand why he was so worried about it. Either way... the dating had to go on. I wasn't excited about it as I pulled my white blouse and black jeans from the closet. I was a little bit hungover- or just super tired from getting home so late on a work night- so I didn't feel like dressing up too much. I paired it with black close-toed heels and some gold jewelry before heading to my car.When I arrived, Ellie was standing at the base of the elevator, blindfold in hand. "Morning," I greeted, my tone indicating that I did not want to be here. "Hungover?" She asked. "Eh... not
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9| Stormy
When I arrived back at my desk, I was quick to shut down the many questions from my friends with an “I don't wanna talk about it." "Ooo bad one, huh?" Lydia asked, swiveling in her chair so that she was fully facing me now. "Yeah. He was creepy. I thought you guys were gonna pick men that I'd actually like?" I accused. "We tried!" Lydia defended, "I swear, nobody was creepy towards us." “Can confirm,” Ellie agreed, “they all seemed normal enough.”"At least you won't have to date him again," Rory chimed in. "That's true," I sighed, opening up my laptop to type in my notes. Bachelor 2:- CREEPY- Awkward - Need to Eliminate - how good was the date out of 10: 0“Did you tell Mr. Kramer how bad it was?" Ellie asked. I nodded, turning my attention back to her. "I did, yeah. But then I took some of it back." "Why would you take it back?" She pressed."Because he said he was gonna have a talk with the guy, and I really don't want that. This article isn't supposed to cause drama or
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10| What a Night
"Oh... hi," I said. The thought of riding alone in Dakota's car made me feel nervous. I hadn't done that since we split up eons ago. "No thanks- I'm heading to the bus stop."Even though rain was dripping into my eyes, I could see that his lips turned into a smirk. "You mean the bus stop that's the other direction?" Oh damn... no wonder I couldn't find it. I had always been directionally challenged. He seemed to grow impatient when I didn't respond, so he reached over, flinging the passenger side door open. "Come on- get in." I looked around as if making sure nobody would witness me getting into my bosses car, even though I had put quite a bit of distance between myself and the office already. I noticed rain dripping into his car and honestly, I didn't want to pay for an Uber anyway, so after only a brief moment longer I found myself sliding into the seat. "You don't need to do this... I don't live that close to the office so it'll be out of your way.""It's fine. What kind of bos
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