Embracing the Devil

Embracing the Devil

By:  MadlainQ  Completed
Language: English
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***WARNING*** This book has a mature content, and it's dedicated for audience above the age of 18 years old. ************** After her heart broke into a thousand pieces came an unexpected change of luck. She decided to change her life, forget about romance and focus on writing a criminal novel. While doing research for her book, she started gazing at the darkness slowly uncovering dangerous secrets. Since she couldn't see the risk, while sitting in her apartment she became more and more daring. Little did she know, that the most dangerous creature was right beside her, an irresistible and incredibly handsome Devil…

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130 Chapters
Control Your Life
**WARNING**  Dear reader, Before you read this book, be aware that it contains a lot of mature content dedicated for those above the age of 18 years old. It contains violent and bloody scenes, strong language, as well as quite vividly described love scenes. If you feel uncomfortable by it, I, as an author won't mind if you chose to stop reading it.   My friend once asked me, why I want to become a writer. I've answered, so that I could at least control the lives of the characters in my book. My life was out of my own control since forever… Let me introduce myself, my name is Anastasia Kowalsky, and my story begins when I was 25 years old, and didn’t have any hopes for so-called “bright future”. I’ve never had the guts to follow my dreams. Since everyone told me that writing won’t pay your future bills, I’ve never even tried to study literature. I choose to s
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New home…?
After two weeks I was ready to move out of my old, run-down apartment and move into my living space. I couldn't wait for it to happen. I was so thrilled I couldn't close my eyes at night and even if I did, my heart would pound so loudly that focusing on sleep was nearly a mission impossible. But even after fourteen days I wasn’t exhausted in the slightest. All this excitement was overwhelming, but it was pure adrenalin. When I was finally standing by my new apartment’s door my legs were shaking. My hands were also shakings. Every cell in my body was uncontrollably bouncing like it was screaming with joy.
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I finally started to write, or at least I really wanted to. I’d opened the text editor on my freshly new laptop and… stared at the blank white computer page for about an hour.“Why is it so hard?!” my mind felt like Sahara Desert, empty and dry. Then I decided to go on some web novel chats in search for any kind of help.“How do I start???” I cried desperately on the chat I found.
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I froze while looking at his face. He eyed me up while smirking and said, “Hello new neighbor.”I was too confused with the situation, so I stopped myself from answering. I was simply too afraid of mumbling something embarrassing again. He was still holding my heavy package, the box full of books I mailed from my old apartment. Without saying a word, I decided to grab it from his hands. I accidently touched his hand while doing it
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When I woke up from my nightmare it was three AM. My heart wouldn’t stop pounding and high adrenaline level made me sleepless through the rest of the night. After tossing around for long hours, I finally surrendered at seven o’clock and got out of the bed. My hands were still shaking. I wasn’t sure if it was due to the nightmare or lack of sleep.
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Missing piece
I took me four hours to complete the next chapter. I added it, while being thrilled that my story develops smoothly and then, crawled to bed using what was left of my strength. I woke up twelve hours later… Guess, I was horrendously exhausted, and my body needed much more time to recharge. All thanks to that, I felt energetic and ready to write again.I turned on my computer and wanted to get back to work but I suddenly felt like there
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I stepped back as much as could, like I wanted to blend into a wall… or become the wall. My whole body instinctively tried to escape. Since I couldn’t, I looked into his eyes and forced a smile.“Hello,” I choked out with a low voice.“Hello, Miss Neighbor,” he said with the same smirk as before. He got into the elevator and stood next to me and turned to the screen showing floor numbers.
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A friend
I spend the next few days on writing my novel. Each time I took a break I went to do some groceries I got back to writing right after that. I didn’t see Tom those few days, which even made me regret that I didn’t follow him the other night. The curiosity was killing me, although I was far from being a busybody but there was something that kept drawing me to that man, like a moth being attracted to the light. “God, that&rsqu
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The group of men were just around the corner, they were getting closer. I heard their voices. They were aggressive, violent, and most probably – drunk. I knew that I have to get away from here fast but not in the way to draw too much attention.My heart started to pound, I was so frightened I could barely breath. I turned around and run towards the well-lit street but they came faster than I thought. I still had half of the alley to go when I heard them almost right behind me. I sped up but it was too late, I was a perfect prey for them.
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When I opened my eyes again I saw something bright, it was blinding. My vision was still blurry and it took a while before a noticed that I’m staring at the white ceiling with fluorescent lamps around it. Next, I figured out that I lying in bed covered in white, hospital-like sheets. I could only take shallow breaths, my ribs were aching with every deeper one. I wanted to rise my upper body but I felt pain in the stomach and quickly gave up on trying to get up, at least for now. I decided to limit my movements as much as possible and start with turning my head to the side to look where I am.“Hey! You woke up?&rdquo
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