Enigmatic Resurrection

Enigmatic Resurrection

By:  Ishabella  Completed
Language: English
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Lets witness the love saga of heaven and hell, angel and beast. How an ordinary girl, Hazel became the fated mate of Betrayed and banished prince of Wolf world? What will happen when she will know Xander's true identity? What will happen when she will know about her own identity?? Will the prince get his revenge and become the king of wolf world or again he will be betrayed like his father?? Are the wolf, vampires and all other underworld creatures going to accept a hybrid of Vampire and Werewolf, like Xander as their ultimate king of Underworld or there will be a fatal war which will shudder the whole secret world, killing numerous creatures????To know these answers read the story of love, betrayal, revenge and of a magical world. Instagram id-littlewing_rose. (Follow me there to know about more updates. )

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73 Chapters
1)Wounded Wolf Pup.
 "Run fast, you sleepyhead." Shouted Anna, from the open window of the Bus.  The bus departed with strong jerking as soon as HAZEL entered and her angry friends started attacking her with their words. "Sorry for being late Anna. Again I missed the alarm. Don't be angry," murmured Hazel. Ruth annoyingly replied, "We don't even expect your punctuality Hazel. You always do this. But today you have almost missed the bus. It's too much." After a long effort, she could able to calm them and their party began. The bus was fully crowded with the students of Final year of Prince William Sound College at Valdez in Alaska. The cacophony of the bus was unbearable as every student was busy in shouting, singing and chit chat gossiping. There Hazel was really a mismatch because she was an extreme introvert girl with her voluptuous posture, dark brown wavy hair, beautifully expressive turq
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2) Those Sapphire Eyes
HAZEL I woke up with the harsh shouting of Ruth and Anna, exactly near my ears. Annoyingly I asked, "Why the hell you two are shouting like this?" "Because you don't come here to sleep but for having adventure. Right? So time for fun," Ruth shouted again.  I dragged myself from the bed to be ready. Within hour we all gathered together in the middle of the camp and we were divided into five groups along with one Prof. as a group head. Our group included Ruth, Anna, Helen, Christi, Nick, me and Prof. Harry. Prof. Harry had really handsome flawless face with his sharp jawline, narrow sky blue eyes and thin eyebrows and he was always very gentle and helpful towards me. We got a task to complete like other teams which team would complete their task first and returned to their camp before others would be considered as winner. We started our journey towards the forest
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3) Angelic Beauty.
HAZEL, When I regained my consciousness, I saw a cozy room extremely well furnished in a luxurious way and I lied in a soft and delicate bed and covered with a cherry red silk blanket. There was only Anna and a gorgeous girl in her black hair and grey eyes, looking at me, she shouted in her sweet teen voice, "Damien come fast. She is awake" and left the room hastily.  Anna came beside my bed and asked, "Are you all right, Hazel? We were really worried." I replied feebly, "Yes, I am alright. Just my head, it is badly aching and feeling sleepy" and I pouted. She replied firmly, " you then lie down and take rest. If you need anything I am here." I hurriedly, "Where are we? Are we in hospital? But it doesn't seem like that. Who is that girl?" Instead of Anna, a low husky voice replied, "You are in our castle. I am Xander. And this my friend Damien. We have brought you here
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4) Your Highness!
HazelA lady in her mid-fifties entered along with Galaxy and a young boy. Xander introduced, "Meet my grandma Mable and this is Liam, Damian's brother," then he looked at his Grandma Mable and added, "She is Hazel, you both have already met her so I think I should leave now, Granny Good Night. Please take her good care, she must be in pain." The lady gently smiled at him and nodded and started arranging the table. The young boy, Liam was standing near the door with a broad smile in his face, looking like he was extremely happy seeing me and knew me from years. His dark hair and topaz eyes were similar with his brother Damian and the other girl Galaxy. But most unbelievable part was that how Xander's Granny was so young and there was no sign of wrinkle at all in her flawless fair skin.Before leaving Xander taking my hand said, "Rest well tonight, I will show you the castle tomorrow," winking at me he placed a soft gentle kiss on my knuckles and whispered,
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5) Call me Xander!
HAZEL 'YOUR HIGHNESS' "What the hell. I was with a king. Such a fool I am a. he must be a king, otherwise how can he own a castle. But why didn't he tell me? I shouldn't call him by his name, I think. I should say him sorry for this." My stream of thoughts were broken by his magnetic voice. He whispered gently, "What happen? You look like in tension. What is bothering you?" I only smiled and replied, "Nothing." He chuckled seeing my expression and then shifted his eyes towards other and said, "As you all know we have very beautiful guest today so today's toast is in her name. I want all of you to respect equally as you respect me. Any kind of disrespect towards her is a punishable offence from now." All seemed quite happy with my presence and in spite of his threatening words they all shouted together with smiles, "Long live Milady." Though I didn't understand that whole incident as I was busy in examining the royal me
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6) My Princess.
HAZEL  After lunch, Xander accompanied me to the first floor. There were also numerous rooms like the second floor with their huge decorated doors. He led me to the giant room among all, it was the extravagant room with a giant bed and attached bathroom and a balcony along with a stair leading directly towards that private garden. I exclaimed in wonder, "Wowww... It is beautiful. Your room? Right?"  He smiled and nodded. Then he walked towards a piano at the corner of the well-furnished room and asked, "You know how to play?" I nodded right to left. He added, "Umm then be my judge." I took the seat beside him and in a blink of an eye, a melodious sound filled the room. It was soft full of passion, giving a soothing to my soul. I drowned in that sound totally it was so mesmerizing that no word was enough to describe. After a short span, I came back to reality as it ended. I looked at him and said with a little disappointment, "why do you stop soon? It was ex
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7) Who is Xander?
History of Xander:Many moons ago, there lived a king, named Lycano. He ruled over the land of Arcadia and had thousands of men and women under his command. His palace was filled with gold, fine foods and elaborate art work, but one thing he did not have was love. One day King Lycano was haunting in the forest and he came upon a small lake. As he approached he saw a lady sitting at the edge of the lake, singing. King dismounted from his horse and approached her. When the woman turned to face the king, her incredible beauty struck him. The king had already fallen for this damsel, but the girl was none other than Fortuna the Goddess of Luck and Fate, the daughter of Jupiter.  So king decided to prepare the greatest feast in the history of man to impress Jupiter. The king had prepared to host Jupiter over the course of seven days. Each day the king would try to engage the god and impress him with his wealth, great gifts but Jupiter would hardly look at the King. If king had
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8) My Mate!
XanderThe young girl looked like little scared but with her trembling hands, she was treating Liam's wound in a smooth way. For a moment I froze stuck by her beauty.  Along with Damien and Rachel, we started noticing her every moments. Then in her silvery tone, she asked her friend for some foods. Her bravery and caring attitude mesmerized me, a terrifying excitement built inside me as I walked few steps closer to her. A strong smell of sweet fruits and cherry filled my heart and my wolf instantly growled, Our Mate.'My Mate!' She was really my fated mate, the moment I came close to her I recognized her. Her scent was lingering all over the place. Her beauty was intoxicating and she was built to drive men wild. Everything about her was simply perfect. It seemed like she was born to be my mate, my queen, my Luna. I couldn't think about anything except for loving her and making love with her. H
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9) First kiss
HAZELThe night was quite peaceful. When I woke up next morning, I found that snow started to fall and the whole area was already covered with a thin layer of snow. It was a chilled weather outside. I was just peeping from the tent when Ruth asked, "Ohhoo, you are already awake. How are you feeling dear?" I replied with a smile, "Fit and fine." Anna yelled in excitement, "Then spill out what is going on between you and that handsome one with sapphire eyes?"I surprisingly asked, "You mean Xander? Ohho nothing special why?"Anna exclaimed, "Don't lie. I saw the way he was taking care of you, even yesterday he came to leave you." I blushed instantly but strongly denied, "Nothing at all," and left the tent for ignoring further interrogation. I already started missing him and I knew very well I was deeply in love with him, in such a short span of time, no matter the feeling was mutual or not. Soon we were called for breakfast, everyone individually asked about my he
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10) Xander! A werewolf
HAZELThe night was sleepless. My whole body was tingling all night and urging for his touch. I never knew kissing could be that good. On the other hand, my mind was full of questions. 'Who is he really? Why his eyes change color? How? What secret he is hiding?' but I wanted to know only one answer, "Will he come to meet me today?" It was the last day of trekking and I didn't know would he meet with me after that tour or not. So forgetting about the other questions, I only wanted to know that one and I was really upset.I woke up late that morning. We trekked the nearby mountain whole day, I was anticipating for Xander, but he didn't come at the afternoon. Though I was busy with Ruth and Anna, but my mind was somewhere else. Prf. Henry didn't lead our team that day and he was not shown near me. So I was kind of happy for that. When it was already night and darkness engulfed the surroundings I was sure he would not come. I felt a heavy burden on my heart and I was extre
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