Married At The Wrong Price

Married At The Wrong Price

By:  Josiah  Ongoing
Language: English
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“You are not going to disrespect me! She is a commoner, and I’d rather die than let you be with her!” Isaac’s father was very loud and his tone was threatening. “Then you better drop dead right now, because I’m sick of being caged by the standards and rules that this family has set for me! I’m sick of being a robot built for the sole purpose of being the heir to the Ford fortune!” Isaac spat the words in his father’s face.

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This is a lovely work. Well written and has a lot of emotions that is relatable. Good job, author!
2022-11-14 05:03:04
20 Chapters
Chapter One
Isaac was in his room, lying on his bed with his eyes open wide. He hugged his gray duvet tightly as he chewed on his bottom lip in nervousness. Sleep was not his friend tonight. The lights in the house were off due to the very heavy storm that just started to fall outside. The flashes of lightning were so bright that they lit up his room, and the roaring of the thunder made his breath hitch each time the mighty sound boomed. He could hear his parents arguing loudly, and his heart beat hard against his chest. He knew what was coming next. He knew his mother would throw something at his dad. It was how it went almost every single night. The last time they had argued, it was about him. He had to break up with a girl because of his dad. His dad liked the girl but did not like that she was not of a certain class. The girl Isaac had dated was considered a ‘commoner’; in the very words of his dad. His mom was okay with this but his dad was not; hence the thundering argument that they ha
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Chapter Two
Death was tugging at Isaac’s soul and he closed his eyes shut tightly; preparing for his fate as his father continued to terrorize him with the sharp shard in his hand. “Help! Please, he’s going to kill my son!!” Isaac’s mother cried at the very top of her lungs until her throat hurt. She was not going to just let her baby boy die at the hands of the man she called her husband. The front door suddenly caved in loudly and Mr. Robert dropped the shard from his hand to the floor, but he still sat on top of Isaac. Men in military uniforms rushed in with guns in their hands. “Everybody, get on the floor!” One of the armed men ordered with authority, and Mr. Robert finally rolled over from on top of Isaac. He listened to the order given and carefully laid on the floor covered with broken vases. Isaac opened his eyes and took in the deepest breath that he had taken in his entire life. Hot tears flowed from his eyes freely and almost every part of his body was in pain, especially his ne
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Chapter Three
Isaac’s eyes fluttered open as the light of the room he was in started to flood his dark world. He was now slipping out of unconsciousness and coming back to the real world. His vision was at first blurry and then after blinking a few times, it cleared. Where was he? His mind was a bit foggy but with each passing second, his memories were returning. He now remembered everything; the loud argument that his parents had, and his trying to intervene when it went too far. Isaac had almost died. He could still imagine how very afraid he felt. It was like he looked death in its eyes! He never wanted to feel that way again. And if that meant putting his foot down for the first time in years, then that was what he was going to do. He realized that he was laying on a bed in a room that looked like the hospital room that his grandmother from his mother's side used to be in when he was only nine. She was very ill; a disease that was too aggressive to let her see his tenth birthday which was
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Chapter Four
“I think you heard me very well, Robert,” Mrs. Ford spoke with boldness. Even though she was almost choked by Robert last night, she was still not scared of him in the least. She had never been. She headed towards one of the chairs in front of his fancy desk and sat down, waiting for him to respond. Robert scoffed and then stared at his wife for a few seconds. “You have to be joking, Ava. The boy is my heir.” He reminded her. “Yes, I know that. But sometimes, from the way you treat him, it makes me wonder if you know that.” Mrs. Ford flipped her hair gently and kept looking into the hard eyes of her husband. “It’s complicated,” Robert looked away from his wife. He really did not want to get into a yelling match with her and hoped to God that she would drop this. There was no way he would just let Isaac fly across the world when he was being groomed to take over the family businesses and fortune. “It’s really not. Isaac can still be the heir of the Ford fortune whether he’s here i
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Chapter Five
Isaac watched his mother leave him and his father alone in the living room. He walked towards one of the couches and sat down. He could feel his father’s eyes on him as he tried to make himself comfortable on the luxurious couch. “I see they fixed up your neck,” His father began as he stared at Isaac. His eyes were not looking the way they usually looked. Instead of seeing the hardness that he knew so well in them, Isaac saw compassion and guilt. “Don’t start,” He warned his father. “I’m not starting anything,” His father replied to him boldly as he crossed his legs. “I’m just stating what is obvious, and right now, that’s your neck.” Isaac was really being tested. He could feel his patience becoming thinner. If his father continued on this path of arrogance, he would certainly snap. “Why am I here? Why did you want to see me?” His father smiled faintly and ran his hand through his salt-and-pepper hair. “I’m sorry for what happened last night. I was abusive and deserve to go to p
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Chapter Six
Isaac looked out the plane’s window as it descended slowly over the concrete jungle that is New York City. He was blown away at how many buildings he saw, the place looked surreal! After landing and when the engine noises had subsided, the pilot spoke, “Ladies and Gentlemen, we welcome you to the city of New York. The local time is 7:45 AM. For your safety and the safety of those around you, please remain seated with your seatbelts fastened and keep the aisles clear until we are parked at the gate.” Isaac could not contain his excitement. Even though he was a bit jetlagged from the flight, he was not going to let that dull his experience. When the plane parked at the gate, he unfastened his seatbelt and headed out. The air was cold and his nose hurt slightly every time he inhaled. Why was it so cold? It was not even snowing; just a slight drizzle. “Isaac Ford, yes?” A man that worked with the airport asked Isaac when he was in the huge building. Isaac nodded and the man continued
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Chapter Seven
Isaac watched the look on the chancellor's face. He knew that the man was annoyed but had no choice but to answer any question thrown at him. “Mr. Ford…” Mr. Hart began after he released a sigh. “I don’t appreciate that our relationship is starting on the basis of money.” Isaac could not help but chuckle at the man’s response. Was he being serious? Whether he liked it or not, their relationship had already been cemented by money. By Ford money. “Now, I have arranged a tour of the campus and our facilities for you. I’m sure you would love to see where you would be going to school for the next couple of years.” Mr. Hart smiled warmly as he stared at the boy; he was proving to be trouble already and this was just the first day. “Okay,” Isaac replied as he put the phone back into his pocket. “One of our best students would be the one in charge of the tour,” Mr. Hart continued. “No,” Isaac stood to his feet and stared at the man. If his parents were literally paying almost a millio
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Chapter Eight
The girl watched Isaac get closer to her and he seemed intimidating but yet had a softness that called to her. His eyes were dark and his smile was doing something to her that she could not completely understand at the moment. Who was this man? “Hi,” Isaac ran his hand through his hair as he kept his eyes on the beautiful girl that stood in front of him. He was a very calculated person that did things smoothly but for the first time in years, he did not know what to do. “Hi,” The words came out as a soft whisper. “I’m Jessie Whitfield, and I’m a second-year student here.” Isaac chuckled in response and Jessie raised one of her eyebrows before asking, “Why are you laughing?” Her voice was gentle.“It’s just that you’re acting like you’re being interviewed,” Isaac's body was getting dryer with each minute that passed because of the flow of air in the room, but his hair was still drenched. “I’m just introducing myself, stranger,” Jessie replied as she ran her hands over the spine of
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Chapter Nine
Jessie tried her best to listen to her lecturer but she could not help feeling Isaac’s eyes on her. He kept looking at her and each time she looked back at him, he looked away. This made Jessie giggle. She felt like a teenager, and for a long time in her life, she was not overly obsessed about how she did in school, getting her family out of poverty, or the dark secret she had that gnawed at her every damn day. She felt seen. “Okay, class. That would be all for today. Make sure to read and prepare for your midterms which would be coming up pretty soon.” The lecturer spoke loudly so everyone in the class could hear her. The class was now over and everyone was trying to leave. Isaac stood up and folded his arms on his broad chest as he watched Jessie put her books, markers, and other things into her tote bag. She had a small smile on her face that Isaac liked looking at. He needed to find a way to spend more time with her. “Hey, pretty boy!” One of the students startled Isaac.
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Chapter Ten
Isaac was standing in front of the full-length mirror in the penthouse as he got ready for the party. He was very excited for this would be his very first informal party, plus Jessie would be there. He really wanted to see what she would look like out of a baggy sweater and held-up messy bun. After Jessie had introduced herself to Otis, she decided to head home while Isaac let Otis drive him back to the penthouse. He then asked Otis to help him find something casual to wear at the party. He was so used to the dozens of formal parties that he went to that he was oblivious to how one should dress for a gathering as mundane as a house party. Otis was really good at finding the right outfits and was currently waiting for Isaac downstairs in the car so they could head to the party. “This is so different,” Isaac chuckled to himself as he studied his reflection in the mirror. Isaac knew that his dad would go crazy if he saw him wearing something either than an expensive suit to go to
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