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Eira Sanders despises violence. But under the force of her best friend she is dragged away to watch an underground fight . Somehow she stumbles into a secret that might just make her life a mess. The secret? It's Sorin Kim. The prankster of the school. Turns out he's an underground fighter. Go along on the journey with Eira Sanders and Sorin Kim as their lives get entangled with each other and their pasts come back to haunt them. Will they be able to face the past and fight against along with learning how to love or will they succumb to it?

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When’s update please x
2022-06-27 01:40:58
17 Chapters
The small girl took hold of her father's little finger, grasping it tightly and tugging it. The father looked down to see the girl splaying her arms wide with bit of a drool escaping her slightly open mouth. An action she often used to indicate that she wanted to be carried in her father’s arms.The father chuckled and giving a soft smile he picked her up and into his arms. The girl wrapped her legs around his waist and hooked her arms around his neck as her father cradled her into his arms. Finally adjusting themselves the duo started walking towards the ice-cream shop.As they started to cross the road, a terrifying scream pierced the air. The father whipped around to see a man pointing his gun at a woman who was bending down trying to shield her smaller son from the gun, the man demanding something from her.The father placed his daughter down,"Stay here, I will be right back" he instructed her with a small
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"SORIN KIM!"The thunderous voice had all the chattering students in the hallway zip their mouth right up.Eira turned around to see her homeroom teacher Mr. Williams drenched entirely with some greenish, gooey substance that looked very similar to slime, looking all creepy, disgusting and funny at the same time. No wonder he was so livid.It seemed that Eira’s homeroom teacher had become a victim- once again-to Sorin Kim's pranks, the notorious prankster of her school.Mr. Williams made his way towards Sorin who innocently looked at him and with fake politeness asked "Yes sir, you called me? Is there anything you need? Anything I can do for you?"Silent snickers were heard in the entire hallway as the students tried to suppress their waves of laughter at seeing the condition of the teacher and Sorin’s attitude. Even Eira were trying to hide a smile. She couldn’t help it, her homeroom teacher looked stupidly funny
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Eira ran as fast as she could. Zigzaging through the tunnel with only panic on her mind she had no idea where she was going. Her mind had blanked out and all it had were ringing bells of warning. She had no idea where or how she was going to get out but she just kept running. She finally stopped running when she found that no one was following her and the bells ringing in her head had slowed down, letting some relief flow through her, the panic subsiding a bit .She heaved a sigh, taking in a long breath . Her nosey self had gotten her stuck into a problem that she didn't see a way out of.She walked forward her breathing still heavy from all the exercise— both physical and mental—she had just done.Her mind was trying to accept the fact that the prankster of your school was an underground fighter while simultaneously trying to find a way to to unsee or unheard what she saw.She wanted to scream out loud at her dumb self, but deciding that was
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"Mom, I am going out" Eira called out as she opened the door of her house ready to go."Where are you going! That also so late at night" her mom exclaimed."Mom I need chocolate chip cookies! We have ran out of them. So I am going to go to the nearest convenience store" Eira speaks while wearing her shoes and almost stumbling down in the process."But Eira, it's late and you don't know what might happen" her mom frowned."It's just 9 pm ! mom. And I promise I will be back soon. Don't worry!" Eira assures her mom while giving her a small smile."Fine, go but you better hurry and you better take care of yourself ! All right" her mom says still worried.
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Eira got herself comfortable in the seat waiting for the class to start. She had noticed Sorin, who was fumbling with something behind the door of the classroom when she had entered.Eira had made sure to ignore him. After he had left last night all the anger that she had felt for him had vanished and it was replaced by a gnawing fear at the pit of her stomach.She were afraid of him knowing her past. A past that she was running away from and a past that still haunted her .Her mind had wandered as to how Sorin had came to know this.A small voice in her head somewhere whisperedHe's an underground fighter what if he knows him?But
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Eira walked towards her classroom. She decided to take another route towards her class. It was less used and often empty. She wanted to mull over things.Her mind was trying to sort out everything and to find a way to get out of this mess.She couldn't just say 'no' straightforwardly to Sorin it might just screw up things more if he opened his mouth about her secrets.Just the thought of Sorin had her getting pissed off. She really didn't know why but it made all the violent tendencies that she didn't know she had surface up.As she walked, the soles of her shoes clinked against the rough surface of the ground and echoed across the hallway.No one was around.
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"Let's do something. I am bored" Devika whined as she lay sprawled besides Eira on her bed. It had been two days since Eira had arrived at Bhatt's house to stay. Two days since her mom left and went to Miami. They both were currently in Devika's room trying to find something fun to do. "Jeez,Devika let me sleep" Eira mumbles as she buries her head back into the soft, plushy pillow. "Oi! Eira! get your lazy ass up right now" Devika shouts as she encircles the upper part of Eira's arm and pulls her up with all her might. Eira let out a groan as she was  practically hauled out of the bed by Devika.
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"Devs, we need to go, mom is calling us" Aarav says as he finishes the call that he had been on awhile ago.Devika nods but then she frowns "But what about Eira, she came with me. I need to drop her back home""Don't worry about that, it's okay I will be able to go back alone" Eira assures her.Eira really wanted to get out of there. Eventhough after Devika had prattled Eira out like that, Sorin hadn't done or said anything much expect for sending her death glares.Yep, she was officially  gonna end up dead.Devika looked doubtful "But Eira I would be worried about you! Are you sure about it?"Aarav quickly interrupted grinning "It's fine she doesn't need to go alone" "Sorin will drop her to our home"Oh hell naw! Eira ain't going with Sorin. In no freaking way was she going with that stupid, good looking dumbass.Crap I did not just think of him as good looking!"No it's fine I will b
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"No, please leave me! I will do whatever you want me to do" Eira cried out as she tried to control the blood gushing out from her wounds."Do you think I will leave you just like that" a voice sneered."You think I would let your mother live?" his malicious voice continues as Eira desperately struggle."You are a useless piece of shit that just deserves to be beaten" and with that Eira feels a seering pain in her back as the handle of the belt lashes against her back."Noooooo, leave her please" comes the echoing voice of her mother.The next thing Eira knew is that a revolver is placed against her mother's forehead.
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Eira and Sorin stood there in the kitchen now all alone. The grinning idiot now stalked towards her as he stood right in front of her."So sweetheart, isn't this a surprise, I guess?? Again" Sorin grinned making Eira get an urge to pick the frying pan and hit him with it again.Psh. What happened to the non violent Eira?"Shut up and get away from me, you pervert" Eira mumbles as she walks away from Sorin, picking up the frying pan that had fallen down in the struggle."Thank you my lovely frying pan" she whispers lovingly to the pan.Sorin raises his eyebrows as Eira placed the frying pan with utmost care back into its place."Seriously, sweetheart out of all the things you could attack with you chose a freaking frying pan to hit me with?" Sorin chuckled."Pfft. Do you know how useful this weapon is?" Eira asked offended."Weapon really? Please its just a cooking vessel used for umm cook
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