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Amirah hails from the typical hausa home and is considered to be the typical perfect daughter.Tied by her sudden marriage to Muhammad, a man whose love she doesn't reciprocate, Amira fears she hasn't been given the chance to live her life as she wills and the list of things she has to do keeps growing. Will Amirah give her husband a chance right after cheating on him? Or will Muhammad reveal the own secret he has hidden?

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41 Chapters
Chapter One
12th June 2015 Kano state, Nigeria.•••• •••• •••• •••• Amirah felt like she was going to faint, her head was throbbing and her eyesight blurry, all she wanted to do was lie down immediately, the thought of the huge mattress in her mother's bedroom was what kept her going."Ya Amirah, Hajiya said you should come outside immediately, the hairstylist has been waiting." Her immediate younger sister, Zarah said blocking her way and as if on cue she heard her mother's voice from the mini parlor,"Amirah how long do you want to keep the hairstylist waiting before deciding to grace her with your presence?"Amirah closed her eyes taking in deep breaths to help her from snapping at her family and cancelling this whole wedding nonsense. In two days, she was to get married to Muhammad, they'd met during her final days of NYSC at the
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Chapter Two
•••• •••• •••• •••• It was the next day and Amirah's headache still hadn't dulled and everyone knew the day before the wedding was usually the busiest. She was woken up by Ya Adnan's estranged wife, aunty Samha."Wayyo Allah na!" Aunty Samha exclaimed as soon as she entered and saw Amirah was still on her bed, she immediately dropped her son from her hips and gave Amirah a harsh slap on her leg, Amirah flinched and cursed Samha in her mind."Will you get your lazy ass up! So you are still sleeping because Hajiya has gone out? You just wait till I tell her."Amirah groaned, "Ummi Abdallah do you know how stressed I was yesterday? Even Hajiya knows that's why she hasn't sent anyone to wake me up so I advice you just let me rest unless you all want to watch me sleep throughout tomorrow." Amirah warned before lying back down."Get up you lazy girl!
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Chapter Three
•••• •••• •••• •••• It was her wedding day and Amirah had tried avoiding having 'the talk' with her mother but, Hajiya found her and dragged her to her bedroom."Toh Amirah, you are not a kid and I really shouldn't even say more regarding this issue of marriage, you've seen enough failed marriage as it is, from Halima's son, Lawal to the one we are trying to resolve between Adnan and Samha but your brother has refused to come home. All I want you to know is that marriage is all about patience.As a woman, try to be patient with your husband, guide his secret as thou yours, since you like running your mouth anyhow, I have to warn you, men are a breed of different species, egostical and very prideful. We women have to always remember our husbands are our king, be ready to bow to him when the need arises, men hate to be wrong so do not hesitate to agree to be at fault even when you know you aren't." Amirah bowed her head listeni
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Chapter Four
•••• •••• •••• •••• "Is my Amirah shy all of a sudden?" Muhammad asked in a teasing voice. At twenty nine, Muhammad was a surgeon, he stood tall and handsome. His face had been what drew Amirah to him at first but she had a problem, she easily got bored with people, she rarely had any attachment to men and was a strong disbeliever in love unlike her sucker for love new husband."I'm not shy, just hiding my tears from you." She replied using her veil to shield her face more as she turned away from him. He bent in front of her."Hey, it's okay to be sad, I don't hold that against you after all I'm the one who's come and taken you from your family. This is a new journey for the both of us, scary but exciting and I want you to know how glad I am that I'm starting this journey with you. We might face many obstacles along the way but I want you to know that we'll be together every single step of it In Sha Allah and I'll never let g
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Chapter Five
•••• •••• •••• •••• They both decided it'll be best to have separate rooms for now, Muhammad had said,"I'll wait for however long it takes for you to get comfortable with me but be warned, once you do, you won't be able to keep your hands off this hunk."They both bursted into laughter, "hunk is a muscular man, see your thin arms, no be only hunk, you that have the face of hulk."His eyes widened in horror and she laughed hard at his reaction, now retired back in her room, Amirah smiled at the memory as she arranged her clothes in the wardrobe, Muhammad was just something else. When they had met, she had been blown away with how much this good looking man was staring at her and when he had walked up to her to make her laugh and collect her number, Amirah had already began crushing on everything about him.It took her four months to get bored and irritated
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Chapter Six
••••• •••• •••• ••••Amirah opened the door angrily to reveal Muhammad dressed in a black thawb, water dripping from his beards."Assalamu alaykum." He said. "I told you I was unclean, why in Allah's name are you here again?" She spat. "I thought you'll be clean enough to pray, I'm sorry." "I'm not clean today, I won't be tomorrow neither will I be the day after nor ever. Just go ahead and perform your prayers letting me be." "Do you know Allah said the convenant that distinguishes us from the disbelievers is the prayer, so whoever abandons it has committed disbelief?" "You want to teach me my religion now huh?" She asked with a sneer.
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Chapter Seven
12th August 2014•••• •••• •••• ••••The days that followed their dinner date had Amirah terribly missing home, Muhammad was back to work, her only companion for a few hours was Mrs Jane and she tried to keep the woman longer than necessary."Is there anything else you want me to do?" Mrs Jane asked her eyes twinkling with amusement, Amirah groaned."No, I'm afraid I have to let you go.""I don't have anything else to do today so I'd be going to the market, would you like to join me?"Amirah's eyes lit up with mirth and an excited nod followed."Finally! An opportunity to leave this place."Mrs Jane laughed, "it's quite a fun estate, some of the doctor's wives are really nice."
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Chapter Eight
12th August 2015•••• •••• •••• ••••Weeks had gone by since their wedding and now it was two months, some days Muhammad felt he had gotten through to Amirah and other days, he wondered what was wrong with her.His main problem with her was her refusal to perform the fajr salat with him, he had no idea if she performed the rest of the prayers but he was certain that she never woke up during the time of fajr prayers to perform it, even in her room.Her actions baffled him, prayer shouldn't be a problem for her, she'd been raised in the north and in a Hausa home for that matter so why was she acting strange?Tomorrow would be marking their two months wedding anniversary, he'd unfortunately forgotten the first month but he wanted to make up on their second, maybe he should take her out, somewhere fancy, buy he
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Chapter Nine
 •••• •••• •••• ••••Muhammad would have loved her to lash out at him, at this point he'll appreciate her rude way of talking to him, he'll appreciate anything but the silence.He saw the tears that gathered in her eyes right before she shut the door to her room, retreating.It's been two days and yet he had barely seen her, she wasn't out of her room before he leaves for work and she was already in her room when he gets back, the only sign she was in the house was his dinner that was always waiting for him on the table.He'd decided he couldn't take it anymore, the silence was killing him, the thought of not knowing what Amirah was feeling, how she was mourning. So that evening when he got back from work, he stormed past the dinning table where his dinner was and went straight to knock on her door.
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Chapter Ten
•••• •••• •••• ••••Amirah landed in Kano hours prior and was now in a taxi heading off to her family house. It's been hours since the call from Zarah and since then she hadn't been able to reach anyone else.Zarah wasn't picking up, Khadijah's number wasn't going through, Hajiya's was switched off and she had chosen to steer clear of ya Lawal.Since her two older siblings had dumped the family problems on her, she'd had to step up, after all she was used to it.The house was eerily quiet she noted as soon as she stepped into the sitting room."Zarah!" She called out but was answered by silence, Amirah shook her head before going upstairs to her old bedroom, it was still as she'd left it: clean.She was on her way back downstairs when a door opened and Na'eemah poked out her head."Ya
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