Master John, Pamper Me Gently

Master John, Pamper Me Gently

By:  Yu Qian Qian  Completed
Language: English
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In the blink of an eye, Natalie became someone’s wife due to a misunderstanding; and the man that she was married to was a man that she did not dare to provoke nor hide from. Her marriage had been a colossal lie.If she could have had her way, she definitely would not have married this stone-cold and stubborn man.She just simply could not stand the disharmony in this marriage anymore.Plus, they agreed to only be married for 100 days, and he would let her go after he was satisfied with her. However, 99 days later, Madam Winters was crying while clutching her stomach.She was pregnant now, what could she do?

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1426 Chapters
Chapter 1 Apparently, He Did Not Remember Her
After finishing up the last slide of her Powerpoint presentation, Natalie Snowden turned off her laptop and lifted her left wrist to look at her watch. The hands of the dial pointed to 9 in the morning.Daylight had come without her noticing it!She had been working for so long but she had not bothered to take even a single bite of her dinner from last night.After shaking her lovely head slightly, a bitter smile appeared on Natalie’s pretty face. At this moment, the door of the clinic’s consulting room was violently and loudly kicked open.Before she could figure out what was going on, her vision went blurry and she was hoisted up by her collar. When her back came into contact with the cold surface of the table, she was confronted by a pair of sharp eyes.“You…” Bastard!Right as she was about to spit out the last word, she was stunned by the sight of her assailant’s face. The man in front of her was tall and handsome. Even being completely clad in black could not hide his out
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Chapter 2 I Won't Let You Get Away With This
"You're the one who said my grandfather never touched you.”John Winters' low voice was icy. “You’re gutsy. You even dare to lie to me.”“Who’s lying to you?” 'You're the one who touched me…' she wanted to scream at him but he did not even remember her so she could only swallow her words.“What’s wrong with you? If you’re sick go get yourself some help! Do you need me to introduce my colleague from the psychiatry department to you?”From such close proximity, John could almost smell the gunpowder emanating from her fury.Why did her unblemished pretty face look so familiar up close though?He could not remember where he had seen her before, but she was the first woman in the whole of Hua City who dared to fight back at his advances.He was obviously not in the right frame of mind, but he did not turn around and leave. He only picked up the piece of tissue paper from the table to wipe his middle finger slowly.As he did that, he gave a cold chuckle.His amber-colored eyes swe
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Chapter 3 Why Was This Man So Stubborn?
The palms of Natalie’s hands were sweating again. However, she still explained calmly, “Mr. Winters, I think we can resolve our misunderstanding. Old Master Winters was just my patient. Really.”“Oh?”He was using that superficial tone again. Natalie could not help balling her hands into fists under the table. Then, she gathered up her courage and continued, “I don’t know what you heard about us, but my relationship with Old Master Winters was merely that of a doctor and a patient.”She had said so many things, and yet it seemed as if John was ignoring all of it. He only smiled. “I think it’s time you call him grandfather.”Why was this man so stubborn?Natalie was so frustrated, and yet the man before her merely lighted up a cigarette elegantly. He took a long drag and asked while smiling, “Do you feel you’ve been wronged by being married to me?”He could actually ask a question like that…She bit her lower lip and decided to get straight to the point. “Mr. Winters, I am unwort
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Chapter 4 What Do You Want Me To Do?
He felt like there was a thorn in his heart.Was he being ignored by this woman after being abandoned?He was pissed!John looked at her imposingly and said coldly, “Let’s go.”“Go? T-Then…”Greg pointed at the woman who was asleep on the sofa assigned for guests. “There’s no one in the office now. I don’t think it’s a good idea leaving her here alone.”Why was it not a good idea?He wanted to say that, but just as he was about to say it, he changed his mind. The man’s eyes darkened. “Right. It would be bad if something were to go missing.”Greg, “...”He did not mean that, but before he could say it, he saw the president doing something that he never expected to see .The president walked over and lifted up Miss Snowden. He was carrying her bridal style!Greg thought that he must have been going blind.He watched him carry the woman downstairs and gently place that woman in the backseat of his car. Greg could not recover from what he just saw.His intuition was right. Mis
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Chapter 5 Is It Fun Bullying Me?
While she was being pressed under him, Natalie’s fair skin started to change rapidly.Her skin was originally fair. It was the kind that was naturally pristine and dewy. If she were in a crowd, one could recognize her just from her fairness.At this moment, her face turned from snow white to pale pink.This cute color was the color of a young lady’s shyness. She was only like this because of this dangerous man on top of her. At that moment, her beautiful black eyes were like the abyss. They were wide open from fear, her eyes reflecting his lustful face. He lowered his head next to hers and asked hoarsely, “Where do you think you’re going? Hm?”He was on top and she was on the bottom.The foreign scent of this man hit her skin along with his hot breath. Natalie’s closed her eyes and curled up nervously.She turned her face away and did not dare to look at him. “You… Let go of me.”“What are you hiding from?”After saying that, he pinched her chin and turned her head back to fa
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Chapter 6 This was an illusion. It must be!
This was an illusion. It must be!He would never feel something for a woman who used her beauty in exchange for things.John realized that he could not control his emotions anymore and the desire in his eyes died down immediately.He removed his hands away from her. Propping himself up, he spat out three icy cold words, “You should go!”It felt like an amnesty.Natalie did not have time to sort out her emotions. She even forgot to wipe away her tears as she stumbled out of his car.Looking at her fleeing as rapidly as her feet could move, John’s cold eyes darkened. He did not say anything for a long while.…She arrived home defeated. When she got into the house, her brother was already sleeping in his room. However, there were three test papers placed neatly on the coffee table.She picked one up to have a look. Unsurprisingly, he got full marks for his language paper, mathematics paper, and also foreign language paper. He even scored full marks for the additional questions
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Chapter 7 Bastard. What A Huge Bastard!
This woman was feisty indeed. However, when it came to matters related to her brother, she would become an angry bunny. This was so interesting!John was not a man with weird interests, however, for some reason he enjoyed watching her getting angry.That feeling was like when he teased his daughter’s pet dog at home. But comparing this to teasing a dog, he deviously felt that teasing her was more fun. He chuckled lightly and lifted her sharp chin with his long and slim finger. “He’s my brother-in-law. Why would I want to hurt him?”“You…”She was so mad that she was trembling all over. Natalie gritted her teeth as she said, “You’re a man. Is it fun bullying me like this?”“Of course.”He did not feel pressured to answer this kind of question.The way he looked so at ease was just disgusting. Natalie’s teeth were almost being crushed into powder from her gritting. Yet, she could not do anything to him. “John Winters!”She called out his name warningly. She stopped at each syll
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Chapter 8 Not Only Do I Not Love You!
Actually, she did not need to beg him.As long as she did not insist on getting a divorce, as long as she played the role of a good granddaughter-in-law in front of Old Master Winters, perhaps… Perhaps…When she thought about this, she scoffed. She could only surrender to that man, there was no such thing as ‘perhaps’.She felt even more defeated now. However, she had to face reality.Did she have to sell herself to him again?Natalie looked down on herself. However, she still had to brainwash her reflection in the mirror. ‘This was not the first time between you and him. Plus, you have a marriage certificate now. Even if you’re selling your body, you’re doing it lawfully.’She felt so petty and low. Despite that, she decided to go to John’s house at night after her brother had fallen asleep.When she got there, John had just finished bathing.The man’s hair was wet when he pulled the door open to exit the bathroom. He was wiping the water droplets on his body absent-mindedly w
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Chapter 9 Wait, I Haven't Showered
This woman was not obedient at all, and surprisingly, he was in the mood.Even though he did not know why he felt so excited when he saw her, but still, he could not help but touch her face with his hand.Her skin felt silky and smooth, like bean curd under his fingertips.He could not resist caressing her face. Just as he was about to advance further, she slapped his hand away and retorted, “Don’t get dissatisfied with small gains. I will never do that kind of thing.”Her answer was unsurprising, but for some reason, it caused him to smile slightly. There was a hint of frivolousness on his expressionless face. “Why not?”After he asked that, his calloused finger landed on her lips. While he was caressing them, he lifted his eyebrows and asked, “Or do you want me to do it instead?”Him. To. Do. It. Instead!Those five words struck down like four claps of thunder on Natalie’s heart. She recalled what happened when he did it himself at the hospital and she lifted her head instead
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Chapter 10 It’s Not That I Didn’t Do It
Perhaps all humans, in general, would not use their brains when they were impulsive. Natalie came to that conclusion when John abruptly let go of her. In the end, she still came without gaining anything.He did not touch her, or rather, he did not get the chance to touch her before they were interrupted.She laid on the king-size bed with the blanket curled around her body. Natalie felt tears in the corners of her eyes. She did not know how long it has been since she last cried.She was prepared to sacrifice everything. She was ready to do it. Yet, when he was about to advance until the end, the phone suddenly rang. John’s lustful eyes darkened when he heard the ringtone.The way he pushed her away was cold and heartless.He turned his naked back to her. John’s voice became unbelievably soft when he answered the call. It was so much different than how he spoke to her before. “What’s wrong?”“Rest for a while if you don’t feel well.”“I’m at home. Yes, I’m alone.”“Alright
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