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Faryah Mustapha has always been mute due to an alleged accident that happened when she was six years old, she couldn't say words out loud. She lived her life observing, learning and enduring everything happening around her. When her Grandfather, Mustapha gets on his death bed, Faryah is obliged to fulfill his dying wish which unknown to her and everyone else is bound to change the course of her life for good.

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85 Chapters
  I was supposed to be playing with Fauziyyah, my twin sister. She was meant to be back with our nanny from the Salon. She left Mr FurryChunks with me, it was teatime and she wasn't here.   I slowly walked out from our play room to go wait for Fauziyyah in the living room, I didn't want to play alone. I walked down the stairs holding Pilot Tiny tight to my chest. He was so soft.   I could hear Ummah sobbing lightly as I walked down, Ummah never cried. I was six but I could sense that something was definitely wrong. I watched as Abbah paced around the living room, he looked disturbed. I turned to find nanny Aisha sobbing quietly too in the kitchen corridor. I couldn't see my sister anywhere.   "Habibi, why aren't the polic
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--------Indonesia, Palembang -----------------Present day. I had to leave my class immediately Ummi texted. My mind wasn’t at rest, I really hoped GrandPa was okay. He didn't have to leave us now. I felt a warm substance roll down my cheek as I quickly ran into the hospital in search for Ummi. It was very large, Al-ameer specialist hospital. I wasn’t not sure we could afford bringing grandpa here. I walked further into the hospital and found Ummi sitting on a bench. I slowly walked to her and sat by her side. I wanted to comfort her with my words but I couldn’t, I always tried my best to. Not that my tongue was cut off or anything, I just couldn't say words out loud. It's very hard for me and I've lived this way for sixteen years. Ummi said I was sick when I had a terrible accident. The shock of the accident did something to me. 
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---------------Los Angeles, California ---------------------Present day The lights and flowers were all set, everything was ready, Juris Fernandez's Sweet love was playing in the background. The garden was so pretty, the flowers were all ready, it was just going to be me and her and the snacks were all set for our dinner tonight. She was supposed to be here any minute from now. I was honestly so anxious, my palms were sweaty. Ethan had already convinced me to do it this way, secretive and lovely. It took me a week to plan everything, hoping she was going to love it. I could finally hear the clicking of heels from behind me, I slowly turned around and found her blonde wavy hair swiftly moving along with the wind. I felt the earth stop rotating and it was just me and her. Her long and sexy legs were the first things I caught sight of. She was wearing black heels and the off shouldered lon
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-------------Indonesia, Palembang ------------------------A month later She was looking like an angel sent from above. Her dress fitted her perfectly. I looked at her dress in the full length mirror, she was in a white long sleeved flay and full satin long dress. It looked pretty tight from the belly up and flay from the belly down. There was a small white veil styled on her head. She looked really stunning, I couldn’t believe it. I have never imagined that I could ever look this beautiful. I was left in shock as I looked into the mirror taking in all the makeup Firdaus made me wear. I didn't like how I looked even though I looked so pretty, I was so used to my plain abayas and baggy skirts and shirts. This was a really big change. Time honestly was fast. It felt like it was just yesterday I agreed to get married to a stranger. I have never thought of
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--------------Indonesia, Palembang ---------------------- Night after the wedding Everything about her screamed innocence. From her looks down to her quiet movements, I really, honestly couldn't believe that someone as beautiful as she was, was mute. She probably had the voice of an angel and the angels were jealous so they took it away from her, just saying. I tried being as nice as possible to her earlier today, GrandPa wanted me to and the glorious smile on her grandfathers face made me realise that it was worth it. The sacrifice was totally worth it. "Khalid" Sophia called as she walked over to where I stood beside the car. Sophia was the child of my mother and Brandon, she was still in college, UCLA,  studying medicine. She looked a lot like my mother. She was beautiful, just like her. "Hey" I answered as she stood beside me. I was waiting for Faryah to say her good byes to he
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----------------Indonesia, Palembang ------------------Next day( airplane ) I shut my eyes tight as the plane took off. This was my very first time and I was so scared, too scared. I had already heard about plane crashes and now I was on one. I didn't want to die young. I felt a warm, tough hand on mine as my eyes were shut. " Breathe in" I heard his deep voice say and I instantly obeyed. " Breathe out" he said again and I obeyed and slowly opened my eyes. His touch sent shivers down my spine. I really wanted to know more about Khalid. He was nice to me, right from the start. He even selected a table under the stars for us to eat, it was a very beautiful view. He was quite really entertaining also and slightly funny. " This is obviously your first time" He said and gave me a small charming smile. He was a very handsome man. I nodded and smiled as I looked at my lap. The cake Ummi packed for us was here.
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-----------------Los Angeles, California. ---------------------- three days later, Olyster textiles. I had lots of meetings to attend to, Brandon was out of town in a meeting with our investors. I had already spent four hours in the office and I needed a break. I dialled my secretary and waited for her to come in. " Yes sir" she said as she walked in. " Uhmm can you order me a beef burger and fries, with a large milk smoothie from the nearby eatery?" I asked and she nodded and walked out. I still had a lot to do, I had contracts to go through and sign. There was a soft knock on the door and it could possibly be Ethan or my secretary. " Come on in" I answered, not taking my eyes off the contract I was reading as I twirled a pen in my hand. I heard the clicking of heels and took my eyes off the piece of paper to see who it was. " It's been a month Khalid" she said as she stood to look at
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-----------------Los Angeles, California. -----------------------Same night ( Ella's apartment ) " Hey" she called as she pulled me into a hug as she opened the door. I held her by the waist and hugged her tight. She fit perfectly in my arms. " Come on in" She said as she pulled me into her apartment. It was still the same, it was pretty big, it had a pretty nice balcony with a great view of the city. It was painted white, with pink square tiles on the walls and floors. " I picked some funny movies, Jumanji?" she said as she pushed me further in. She was wearing normal shorts and a white tee shirt with cute slippers. " I've been wanting to watch Jumanji" I said as I followed her to the kitchen. " There's also Johnny English and I picked Parabellum out too" she added as she handed me a plate of brownies and another huge bowl of pop corn. " Take these to the living room, I'll take four Cans of Soda from th
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-----------------------Los Angeles, California --------------------------- Present day( Olyster textiles) " So why did Brandon call this urgent meeting?" GrandPa Julius asked as we walked together to the Board room. I had no idea why he was calling a meeting, he only said it was urgent and all board members needed to attend, he was already in LA, on his way to the office. " I have no idea GrandPa, I guess it's something good" I said as we walked into the board room and were greeted. I took my seat beside GrandPa and we had to wait for a little why before Brandon arrived. " Good day sir" the others greeted as they got up as Brandon entered the room. " Good day everyone please take your seats, Son, GrandPa" Brandon said as he hugged both I and GrandPa. He considered me his son, even though I couldn't bring myself to see him as father figure for me. " Everyone I called this meeting to announce that we will
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--------------Los Angeles, California ------------------ Same day( Olyster residence ) I slowly opened my eyes and tried adjusting them to the light. I looked at the familiar small dark eyes that were looking deeply into mine. I really couldn't believe I could ever see pity in his eyes. He was soaked. He saved me. After pushing me into the pool. Strange. " Are you okay?" I could feel a hint of concern in his voice. I nodded and rose my back up from the bed. I wasn't in my room, this obviously looked like his room. There were different photographs all around, the room was painted white and I was lying on a big white bed. " I couldn't let you die, I'm sorry " He was apologising, sincerely. Maybe this was the start of our friendship I guess. I smiled at him and watched him smile back. I tried avoiding his gaze as he stared at me intentl
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