Fly to the Moon

Fly to the Moon

By:  Yvenin Dawn  Completed
Language: English
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Ciana La Suerte has always believed that she is the sun and that she has to find her moon. With all the normalcy, she’s been an optimistic girl wearing those bright smiles every day. Yes, everything is normal but then the phone she once found started receiving weird messages of different wishes the sender failed to do herself. Things got even weirder when a new guy, Airo Sebastian, came to the picture.Realising that the sender could actually predict what happens next, she tried full-filling all of its wishes. It can’t be right but she fell in love in the process. Standing between probabilities, will she be able to twist what is supposed to happen? Will she be able to save him? Will she be able to fly and reach her moon?

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50 Chapters
Chapter 1
CIANAI heave a deep sigh when finally, I finish cleaning the new room I rented. My paintings are flawlessly hanging on the walls. My works are perfect crafts of my creative hands. Oh! One last thing. I need to arrange my clothes inside the small cabinet residing next to the bed. The moment I opened the first drawer, something is inside.A phone, a weird and unusual futuristic looking phone, is inside the drawer and it still works. I swiftly continued arranging my clothes to check the phone out. “Finders keepers.” I grinned. “What a lucky day.”
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Chapter 2
 CIANA  Today is supposed to be my first day at school. It ends up I’m in a hospital when I woke up. I wasn’t dreaming. I have a fresh wound, and the trauma is still inhabiting my body and soul. “Hey! Are you listening?” I am dragged back to reality and turn my head to look at Jethro. I roll my eyes on him. “This is not that serious. I can go to school tomorrow. I am perfectly fine,” I spoke, and show my perfect set of teeth. 
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Chapter 3
CIANA“It was just a coincidence. It’s not that, the person behind that text knows everything.” I was mumbling while heading to the library. It will be very impossible if he is here. How can a person predict?My jaw drops when I see him right away just by entering the door. He rolls the book's cover holding it by one hand and leaned on the chair. The book is blocking his face now. It doesn't seem like he noticed me sitting in front of him. I placed my satchel on my lap. The book has taken over his world. It's how I see it. He is reading something about parallel universe, it’s what I can see from the rolled page.I le
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Chapter 4
CIANA August 1803 I wish I never invited him to Jetroe’s party. Something happened. The message is surprisingly very short today. I feel a little bit tired since I only sleep like 4 hours. I got eventually drowned by crazy thoughts. At the same time, my head is too slow to figure things out. Now the thing that’s bothering me most, is the thought about the future. Airo won’t probably make it there. Does it mean, the sender lives in the future and she knows what will actually happen next? The sender, is she my future self? 
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Chapter 5
CIANA“No. You can’t!” Everyone in the library looks at me. “Sorry.” I grab his hand pulling him outside. I can feel how people stare at us. Jealousy and anger has filled the library’s atmosphere. I immediately let go of him before he thinks I am such a crazy stranger who approaches him, grabs him like this as if we already had an exchange of names and are acquainted. We are outside now and I don’t want to be slaughtered or murdered at this young age.“You can’t go.”
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Chapter 6
CIANAHe is back wearing his blank expression when he guides me inside his house. The house is huge and luxurious with dominant white paint. It is two-storey and has a wide area outside with a swimming pool and a garden. I see three different luxurious cars and fountains too.I feel like a walking trash between bundles of gold. My black shirt and black jeans are too simple for this place. I look at Airo’s back when he halts in front of his brother’s coffin. He is a lucky guy born in such a family but he seems like being left alone and is dead with emotions. But now, I can see he is not that dead inside his heart. He is wearing a mask, I presume.I s
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Chapter 7
CIANAAugust 2607He went to the library again. We talked a bit but later he went home so I tailed him. His black car stopped at an ice cream parlor so I also asked the taxi to stop. No sign of Airo stepping out of his car and just racing so suddenly. Some people complained. I feel like he is not in a perfect mood now so I went home straight. If only we are close, I might have done something crazy with him. I’ve always wished to try and make him laugh. “Ciana! Why didn’t you text me?” I hide the phone in my
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Chapter 8
CIANAA figure of a woman with full make up wearing different colors of body con dress, is the image I can recall about my biological mom. I see her drink, smoke and bring random men almost every night. I was five back then and I don’t understand things that much. She laughs with them, but never with me. I can’t even remember if we had a conversation.  I thought it's what mothers normally do, but when I see the outside world, I realize it's not. My mother is not one of those typical parents and she does not have a single man for her life. She ignores me all the time and leaves me in the hous
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Chapter 9
CIANA No matter how many times I go back to see myself in the mirror, my eyes really look horribly swollen. I take my make up kit again and try putting some more concealer. I noticed the photo my mom left at my door last night. My siblings that I never met before are in that photo. I never knew I had four other siblings plus that Shawn I met yesterday. “Ciana!” I hurriedly pick all my things and put them inside my satchel, when I hear Jethro’s voice slowly becoming audibly near. There he knocks. “It’s open.”
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Chapter 10
CIANA “What are you doing here? I sent you a text last night, right? I have changed my plans.” My arms are crossed while looking at Jethro in front of my room. He is so early and is wearing his crazy smile with him. His two hands landed on my shoulders and pushed me inside. “Well whatever it is, I want to be part of it.” He barges in and I can’t even stop him. He is too strong. “Okay fine.” 
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