Forbidden Embrace

Forbidden Embrace

By:  KarmaDeLacroix   Completed
Language: English
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In the vibrant futuristic city (2243), Where magic, vampires, shapeshifters, and humans coexist... Follow Raven, who grew up in an orphanage. She is now a powerful Shaman and owner of the exclusive club "Illusions," as she finds herself drawn to Kieran, the playboy billionaire son of the debonair Vampire King Niklaus De'Lacroix But as their passion ignites, questions arise about whether Kieran is truly her mate, or if their love is doomed by fate when Shade Marcus, a malevolent demon, Who has an unquenchable sexual obsession with Raven Tragedy strikes when Lyra, Kieran's sister and a cunning vampire, falls victim to Shade Marcus's cruel vengeance, poisoned by a Satanic hex that slowly drains her life force. Brent, her Grizzly Shapeshifter mate, is consumed by grief and rage as he struggles to find an antidote to save Lyra with time running out. While they are busy working on a plan to destroy him, he kidnaps and drags Raven into the underworld, trapped in Shade's lair, Niklaus De'Lacroix, the Vampire King, is her only hope for rescue. As Niklaus navigates the treacherous landscape of the Underworld, he must confront his secrets of the mate bond to her, his overwhelming desire to protect and be with her even if it means risking his own life, Will he be able to break Shade's curse and free Raven from his grasp, will fate complete the mate bond and join them in a Forbidden Embrace or will she be forever lost to the darkness?

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104 Chapters
chapter 1 & 2 Drunken Body Shots & Hidden Dangers
Chapter 1 & 2 Chapter 1. Drunken Body Shots I woke up to, ambulance sirens going past my bedroom window, and my cat purring on my pillow above my head. I stretched and yawned, looking over at my alarm clock which had never gone off, probably because Scuttlebutt had stepped on the button and turned it off. I stumbled my way into the kitchen after smelling my coffee pot brewing. Skuttlebutt, my fury familiar, ran ahead of me wanting treats. I took out my favorite mug, fixed myself a steaming cup of coffee, and went to my bay window seat to watch the tourist walking by. Suddenly, I remembered that I needed to call the club and confirm Lucas' favorite band for his surprise birthday party tonight. Lucas and I have been best friends since we were kids at the orphanage. We both joined the witches' coven seven years ago, but we have had powers since we were kids. But before I could place the call my cell phone rang, it was Brent, my shapeshifter bouncer from the club. He opens ea
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chapter 3 Midnight Romance
Chapter 3 Midnight Romance After enjoying a delicious meal and a few glasses of wine, we decided to embark on a midnight riverboat cruise. As a billionaire in this city, he was well-known and loved by all, never having to wait in line for anything. We were the first to board the three-story riverboat "The Delta Queen." We headed straight to the bar on the top floor. I smiled at him and remarked, "Well sir, do you come here often? Everyone seems to know you here." little did I know that she made him feel important, he took my hand in his and smiled, "You'll get used to it." ****** Lyra calls Sam to bring her to Brent's apt. She wanted to apologize for her behavior last night, but she's not really sorry. She just wants to know where she stands with him now. Sam says ok, but he has to hurry back to the dock to pick up Kie "It's ok I can get the other limo to come get me at the dock, it's just that you know where Brent lives right? Kie said you dropped him off last night?" "Yeah, he
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chapter 4. Unwanted Invitations
Chapter 4 Unwanted Invitations We regained consciousness, in a small dark room, surrounded by unfamiliar faces. We were on a luxurious yacht, but it was clear that something was off. The group of people surrounding us were dressed in formal attire, but their eyes told a different story - one of secrets and deceit: rogue Vampires and two witches. A figure emerged from the shadows, a woman with beady green eyes, her hair pulled back in a single braid. "Welcome, Kieran and Raven," she said, her voice dripping with sarcasm. "I see you're enjoying the fruits of my labor. You see, this yacht is mine, and you two are my...guests." the witch moves closer. We exchanged a look of confused and worried glances. "What do you want?" Kie asked, trying to sit up, but sharp pains shot throughout his body, forcing him back down. Someone knew who and what he was. They had injected him with high doses of verbena. The woman chuckled, she smelt of rotting flesh. "You'll find out soon enough. But for n
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chapter 5 The Battle against Shade Marcus, the Narrsissist Vampire King.
Chapter 5 The fight is against Shade Marcus the Narrsissist Vampire King. Sam stands tall, his chiseled physique a testament to his unwavering dedication to fitness. His bulging biceps and broad shoulders exude raw power, honed from years of military battles. His shoulder-length black hair often falls messily onto his broad shoulders, and his piercing grey/blue eyes seem to bore into those he meets. His tattoos, a striking blend of Mayan tribal and Anunnaki designs, whisper tales of his rebellious past and his defiance against the darkness. As an elder vampire and a skilled fighter, Sam's tech expertise and ancient knowledge make him a formidable force in the world. His raw, masculine appeal is tempered by a hint of vulnerability, a glimpse of the scars he's accumulated over the centuries. After he and Lyra witnessed the boat blow up, they franticly searched with vampire speed but couldn't find them anywhere. Back in the limo he pulled out his Laptop and entered his military code.
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chapter 6 Our Growing Family
Chapter 6 Our Growing Family In the limo, still, at the marina, We caught our breath after that intense battle, Kie turned to me with a determined look. "Raven, I know this may seem sudden, but I think it's best if I move in with you. At least for a while. He knew through their conversations, that she loved that home more than anything, it was the only home she had ever known after her adoptive parents took her and Lucas in. My eyes were wide with surprise, but I nodded in agreement. "That's a good idea, Kie. We can't let Shade win and we know he won't stop. I'd love to have you as my guest." We stopped off at De'Lacroix Towers for him to grab a few things and drop Lyra off. Then head to my home which was only a few blocks from where he lived. I unlock the door and re-adjust the protection spell on my house allowing him and the others to enter. Scuttlebutt rushed to the front door to check on me, to make sure I was alright, he knew what had happened through our familiar link. He co
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chapter 7. Marriage Proposal
Chapter 7 Meeting the King "As I hear the news that Kie's father's private jet has landed, my nerves begin to flutter like a bird's wings. I'm upstairs, and after a hot shower, wrapped in a towel, frantically searching for the perfect outfit to meet a king. My closet seems to mock me, offering nothing but dull options. I couldn't bring myself to part with my mom's clothes, still treasured after the funeral. So, I venture into her closet, and my eyes land on a showstopper - a stunning black gown adorned with what appears to be diamonds, designed to accentuate my curves. Next, I tackle my hair, waving my wand in a flurry of motion, trying out different styles before settling on a messy, pulled-back look that frames my face. A swipe of kiss-me pink lip gloss and a dash of mascara to define my lashes, and I'm transformed - fit for a king!" *Niklaus*" Sam pulls up next to his plane and waits for him to exit and when he does he hugs his Uncle for a long time, Then heads to the limo ride t
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chapter 8. Where Are you?
Chapter 8 Where are you? Lyra's screams were drowned out by the sirens and chaos around her. She stumbled through the smoke-filled air, desperately searching for Brent. She called out his name again and again, but there was only silence. As she stumbled through the wreckage, she saw Kie, his face covered in soot, rushing towards her. "Lyra, oh my god, I'm so glad you're alive!" he exclaimed, embracing her tightly. "Where's Brent?" she demanded, her voice shaking. Kie's expression turned somber. "I don't know, Lyra. Raven and I were trying to get you both out when the explosion happened. I didn't see him after that. I saw them and came running, "Oh my god you're ok!" she hugged her as she started to cry, "I can't find Brent." she said as her world went dark again, and she felt herself being lifted off the ground. When she came to, she was in a hospital bed, surrounded by Lucas, Kie, Raven, and Sam. But Brent was nowhere to be found. The authorities told them that the club had been
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chapter 9 True Intent
Chapter 9 True Intent Shade sits on his makeshift throne, waiting for them to arrive. They have no clue that he has taken Brent captive to lure Raven into his clutches. Shade's obsession with Raven's beauty and power is legendary, and he'll stop at nothing to possess her. As Lyra, Kie, Raven, Lucas, Jameson, Sam, and Asher approach Shades underground bunkers, they can feel the darkness emanating from within. But there are little to no guards outside. . "This feels like a trap," Kie says and Asher agrees with him. The air is thick with malevolent energy, and Lyra's heart races with anticipation and fear Kie informs the group That his Father Niklaus and his warriors will be here soon, a sigh of relief is heard throughout the group, but we can't wait.. we have to go in now.. upon entering the the bunkers, they're met by Shade's minions, who sneer at Kie and Lyra but tremble at Asher's presence. It becomes clear that Asher has a complicated history with Shade. They fight their way dee
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chapter 10 Passionate Lovers
Chapter 10 Passionate Lovers The next day... Kie waits to hear back from Sam and Asher. I walk in and fill him in, "Brent is out of the hospital and completely healed." "What is this Doctor's name that is working with all species? She seems amazing." he hugs me and gives me a tender kisses. " Well, my lover boy, I giggle, " Her name is Dr. Brooks and she is a specialist in Non-Human Patients." Just as he was about to take me to bed and ravish me. His phone rings... "Sam, what's going on? Did you get them? " Yes Sir, we got them all, where do you want us to bring them?" bring them here, to the Towers, Raven and I are on our way now." he motions for me to call for his other limo. " We will meet you all there in the lobby." Sam had called for fourteen more limos to bring them all to their new homes at the Towers. Some needed medical care, and others were very weak from not eating well. Some of the adults were blinded by the light, Dr Brook had given them the serum so that they could
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chapter 11 House of Maya Sunrise
Chapter 11 The House of Maya Sunrise Kie strides into his office, his confident gait and piercing gaze commanding attention and the smile on his face says last night was very pleasing. Sam, his trusted advisor, awaits him with a grin. "Kie, the Vampire Council has reached out to you," Sam announces, his voice low and serious. "They wish to discuss the recent... developments." Kie's lips curve into a sly smile. "Ah, yes. I've been expecting their call. Shade's defeat and subsequent hiding have left a power vacuum, and they need a new king to maintain order." Sam nods, his eyes gleaming with pride. "And they believe you're the ideal candidate, Kie. Your father will be very proud of your accomplishments." Kie's smile widens. "Indeed. I've surpassed even his expectations. Defeating Shade and shattering his hold on the kingdom was just the beginning. Now, it's time for me to take my rightful place as the new Vampire King. of this area" He stares out the high-rise window. The Vampire
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