The Vampire's Chosen Mate

The Vampire's Chosen Mate

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"I found my mate and I think she just rejected me so... yeah happy me," I responded. I tried to keep my voice neutral so, that I could hide my pain. But it was a terrible fail. "Well if it makes you feel any better, I don't have a mate either brother," Damien responded. For someone who was human, that is before I turned him, he sure did lack empathy. "Does she not like your form?" He asked after realizing that he was not making me feel any better. I looked different. Yes, that was true. But not that much different. Besides, I know that that wasn't the reason why she rejected me, if I can call it a rejection that is. My mate rejected me because I was of low status and income. Damn it, I was mated to a gold digger. XXXXXX Dimitri is an original vampire. He is also soon-to-be king. As part of his pre-coronation duties, he is to disguise himself and live among his soon-to-be subjects such as to understand them better. However, he cannot get caught. If anyone recognizes that it is him, their prince, then he has failed. So, what happens when he bumps into his mate and she doesn't approve of him being of working class? Throw in a black, bold and beautiful African woman, a ton of family secrets and a supernatural war, then your recipe for disaster is good to go.

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Kim Hagood
Awesome book! I have to know what happens next!!
2021-08-05 05:52:34
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Julia Nora
amazing book. i enjoyed this book a lot! ... btw, do you have any socmed to keep up with your readers?
2021-08-04 15:02:46
45 Chapters
Family (01)
DimitriLife is pretty perfect right now. I am currently sitting in the lounge with my family. The logs in the fireplace are still steadily burning providing me with some form of heat and light. Not that I needed the heat or light. What I mean is that my skin is always cold despite the surrounding temperature. I am after all a cold-blooded creature of the night. Not to mention that I have prefect night vision. So yes, the fire really had no purpose right now. But I am way too comfortable in my current position to move. Besides, I really could not move much from this position if I am being frank.I threw a glance in the direction where my dad and mom were laying. They are currently cuddled up side-by-side on the couch adjacent to mine fast asleep. They look so peaceful right now that I decide to rather not wake them up yet. However, I cannot stop myself from staring at them in their current state as if trying to memorize their faces. After a minute of doing so, I realiz
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Best Friend (02)
DimitriThe journey to the lower city was long. It was interesting at first, watching the scenery as we drove down. But eventually one gets bored from watching the different houses pass by. The more out of the kingdom we drove, the smaller and cheaper the houses became. I honestly never noticed this before since, I usually used my vampire speed to get places. Speaking of which, I really don't understand why Damien and I couldn't just use our vampire speed to get to where we had to go. It would have been so much faster and easier than driving a car. But dad said something about getting into the human character and all. Anyways, so after existing the kingdom, all that was to be seen was grass, and more grass. I don’t know what came after that because Damien had to wake me up when we arrived. Yes, I fell asleep. But then again, I only got over two hours of sleep.I was glad my family was awake to bid me goodbye at least. It meant that they would miss me as much as I
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Mate (03)
DimitriI had been working as a postman for almost a month now. Let me tell you that it was not easy at all. I had to walk to deliver these messages. I had to deliver each message to the owner and have them sign the package. I was not allowed the car we came in with because, I had to buy my own one with money I had earned. I can’t believe my dad really refused for me to keep the car. So, Damien had been taking the car to wherever he went during the day. Thus, every day for the past week, I would come back home with extremely sore feet. My legs couldn’t handle walking for so long.Then, I also had to live in an area filled with constant temptation. Kena is filled with humans. I think I only saw 3 vampires since I got here. I guess it makes sense since this is the furthest city from the kingdom. See the closer to the kingdom, the more the supernatural creatures there are. After all, it is not easy having to control the urge of slipping my fangs into
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Rejected (04)
Dimitri"Well, Mr. Postman where is the letter you came to deliver?" she asked pulling me from the task of admiring her spacious house. We had just passed a corridor that had been lined with countless paintings of many men and a few women. In fact, I had only seen three female portraits amongst the dozens and dozens of men. Each picture was distinctly divergent from the next. But even a blind man could not deny the one stark similarity all the portraits on the aisle shared. They carried an air about them. I cannot exactly tell you how I could tell this from mere paintings, but I guess it had something to do to do with how they held their noses up in the air as if the oxygen a millimeter above w
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Gold digger (05)
Dimitri"Well, for someone who just finished their first month of slaving themselves, you sure are happy," Damien said. Even though his voice was void of any emotion, I knew Damien well enough to read the sarcasm undertone of that sentence. Damien always did have an odd sense of humor. Or rather an odd sense of sarcasm in this case. This trait of his resulted in him not making many friends which meant that I was his closest friend too. Anyways, this odd sarcasm was the only kind of fun Damien ever displayed since that fateful day. For his own sake, I hoped that when he falls in love someday, he would reconnect with that joyful side of his again. Lord knows he deserves only the best that this world has to offer. After all, his serious face was starting to make him look much older than he actually is.Damien was not lying though. I should have been happy. I had just finished a month of slaving myself off successfully. I had actually worked a normal job with normal hours
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Wedding (06)_
DimitriDespite my emotions telling me to go tell Destiny everything and win her heart, I actually left her behind. Yes, Damien talked some sense into me and I made the logical decision. I am to be king and I can’t be making decisions based on emotions. Honestly, speaking Damien would make for a better king than I. He had all the traits of a king now that I think of it- kind, firm, logical, intelligent, understanding and so on. You name it and his got it. I mean I couldn’t deny the logic that Damien used to argue with me so, I had no choice but to leave Destiny behind.It was currently two weeks since that fateful day that I met my precious mate. And what an encounter that was. But I had to be strong and finish the task at hand. I couldn’t let my emotions overtake my work ethic. I felt dead inside without her close to me. I hate this feeling so much that I wish I hadn’t even met her. Then I would be happy. Ignorance is bliss after all. What was
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Shock (07)
DimitriI honestly wasn't even a bit surprised. My mate had made it pretty clear that she was just after money. But I at least expected her to wait until after meeting me again. She was looking for me so why couldn't she wait until she found me before proceeding with her plan of marrying this guy? Did I really not mean anything to her? I mean even if she didn’t pick me which hurts, she still needed me to have children. So, why was she rushing to get married despite not having me agree to her horrific terms? Damn it, woman are frustrating!  The one second you think you know them, the next you realise you were lying to yourself all along."Now, I know of everyone who lives in this shitty village and your face is one I haven't seen before. Who are you...Mr Postman?" a female's voice spoke out of nowhere breaking my train of thought. I was really annoyed right now and even more so pissed at the opposite sex for the sins of my mate and now some female dared speak
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Bad News (08)
DimitriWhen I finally got home, it was sometime close to midnight. I really did spend a lot of time in the human bar. Because of the time, I would normally sneak into the house such as to not wake up Damien. But being a vampire and all, he would hear me no matter how sleek I was. It was the thought that counts anyways. But today I had no energy to do so, besides in the past Damien has always been up waiting for me to return. So, I decided that I would just walk in the front door. Before opening the door, I mentally readied myself for his overload of questions on my whereabouts. Damien was sort of like my father. He would want to know where I where I was, with who, and why.Surprisingly, though when I got into the house, Damien was nowhere in sight. I could not even smell him. This fact put me on edge so, I quickly did a full sweep of the house as I was under the impression that something was horribly wrong. Damien was never out at such a late hour. Besides, he always
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Brain Freeze (09)
DimitriThey say that the brain functions 24/7. That even when you are sleeping your brain is still busy working. It is said that the brain consolidates memory when we sleep. Thus, to remember things better, one needs to sleep enough to give the brain time to consolidate. Sleeping enough, also has many other health benefits but that applies only to human bodies. For some reason after Damien's words registered in my mind, it seems that my brain decided to finally take a break from all that working. After all, it has been working for almost a hundred years now.I expected there to be so many thoughts running through my mind all at once in this moment. Like I said before, I have a degree in overthinking and all. But somehow just like a computer, my brain had frozen. I could tell that Damien was still speaking, but I could not comprehend the words that he said. My brain could not process the first words that had just come out of his mouth. I was stuck on that very statemen
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Hidding (10)
Dimitri"The Lunar pack is our safest spot to hide Dimitri," Damien argued. I looked at Damien and had to admit that he has looked better. He was pacing up and down the tiny lounge area as if on a mission. His hair was extremely disheveled which is due to the fact that he kept running his hands through his hair in frustration. But then again, I am certain that I looked way worse than Damien. I mean he still had time to shave while I had let my stubble grow. I cannot recall ever putting a brush to my hair and the dye I had was starting to wash out. I also cannot recall taking a shower in the past few days.I just could not believe that my best friend was actually being serious right now. He wanted us to live with werewolves. Now, I have nothing against werewolves. But to live in a pack is totally absurd. Yeah the werewolves are strong, so if we get attacked they could totally help us out, but for all I knew they could be working with this damn Seneca who killed my famil
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