The dragons unidentified Mate

The dragons unidentified Mate

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Dragons are the most ancient and powerful clans, which rule the world with an iron fist. Every other living beings are considered beneath them. Humans are considered the lowest of the low and are mostly invisible to the other clans.Nyra is a human with a past. Drake is the most powerful Dragon in history. He can make or break anything with just a flick of his eyes. Dragons have a rule. The person to whom they lose their virginity will be their other half and mate until death.Drake sleeps with Nyra on a passionate night under the effects of a drug. Nyra slips away before being noticed by anyone.But a tattoo forms on her lower back, as a symbol showing that she is a dragon's mate, which she is determined to hide.Drake is determined to find his unidentified mate. Who will succeed in their quest? Will Drake be able to accept Nyra as his mate, after finding out that she is a human?Can Nyra escape, when her past comes after her?Will Drake be able to save his mate?

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Jessica Santiago
Love the story
2024-06-11 05:09:04
user avatar
Kim Johnson
awesome book! I love this author!
2024-02-10 11:39:44
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Author:Although I have not completed the book yet; I love it because the main characters ARE finally portrayed how it should. Characters are not falling for schemes, following true feelings, and their Bond. Drake, a true hero and mate finally with his head well placed on his shoulders. Great job!
2023-10-26 09:55:02
default avatar
Enjoyed the book even though it needs a lot of editing. Will definitely read the other two.
2023-10-21 05:13:48
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Princess Comfort
this is a lovely book, everything is perfect, I would be glad to recommend this
2023-09-15 14:13:52
default avatar
I love the story line.
2022-09-10 04:46:53
user avatar
Haze Mont
How do we read this in order author?
2022-08-12 16:13:49
user avatar
Pankti Gosar
great book, except for some spelling mistakes. enjoyed so much!
2022-06-05 09:09:26
user avatar
Great story and plot the ending was a little flat but still an amazing journey!
2022-05-02 11:57:25
user avatar
Kim Whitley
What is the order for the books? I really want to read them in order but don't know where to start.
2022-03-20 04:24:45
user avatar
Hello guys, I am your author. I have good news for everyone who are waiting for the third book in this series. I just updated the first 4 chapters of the book. It will be available in 2 to 3 days. Enjoy reading and leave your valuable feed back
2022-03-04 21:51:05
user avatar
Ast Cisneros
I love the two books
2022-02-26 11:07:51
user avatar
Dawna Sutch
great story can't wait for the 3rd book
2022-02-05 20:29:38
default avatar
Really excellent story so far. Beginning is a heart-wrenching twist that creates a brilliant setup for resolution. Grammar has some issues but the writing is still far better than most books on GoodNovel. Writer struggles with telling rather than showing in active voice but that takes practice.
2022-01-13 22:42:07
user avatar
Waiting for the 3rd book.
2022-01-05 03:13:14
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263 Chapters
"What are you doing Caroline?" Carlos asks his sister.Caroline smirks and continues mixing some powder into one of the glasses of whiskey."Caroline" Carlos snaps at his twin sister impatiently."Relax brother. It's just a drug to make my position as Drake Hamilton's mate" Caroline signals for a waiter.As soon the human waiter arrives, she looks straight into his eyes and hypnotizes him to do as she said and forget everything soon after."Give this whiskey only to Drake Hamilton," Caroline commands the waiter, who is under her control.Carlos panics at what his sister is about to do."Drake will kill you if he finds out" Carlos warns his sister."Relax brother, 'if he finds out'. Which he never will" Caroline says smugly.Carlos and Caroline are the step-siblings of Drake Hamilton. Their mother and Drake's father Roland Hamilton married each other a few decades ago, when Roland's mate died."What is that you mixed in his
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His Maid
After one monthNyra woke up with a start. Even after one month, the dreams of what happened that night plagued her mind. She did not remember much about that night. But every night she dreamed about his husky voice and she immediately gets turned on.Nyra is not understanding her reaction towards that man. After that night, she thought she would have nightmares. But exactly the opposite thing is happening with her. Now, she is dreaming about her tormentor's voice and this time, she is enjoying her time with him. Nyra left that small town upon her grandmother's insistence. Once her grandmother find out what happened to her, she was adamant about her decision to send Nyra back to her father and stepmother."Don't tell anyone about this Nyra. Never let anyone find out about that tattoo. They will kill you" her grandmother's warning ring loud and clear in Nyra's mind.Nyra unconsciously reached to rub her new tattoo. After that night, an orange drago
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Scheming step mother
Drake got ready for work and came down to the mouth-watering aroma of breakfast wafting from the dining room. Usually, he prefers to eat in a nearby coffee shop near his company headquarters.But since the day this new cook started working in the Hamilton mansion, he don't want to eat anywhere but in his house.He finished his healthy and tasty breakfast and took his second cup of coffee in a to-go cup, which was placed beside him.Drake got into his Bentley and drove off towards his company. One thing he loves is driving his car.It's a luxury sedan built for the city traffic. His company is situated in the center of the city in one of the tallest towers in the world with a helipad on the terrace.It's constructed by the Hamilton group, facilitating the dragons to shift and fly off at any given time. There are balconies on every floor, making the shifting easy.Mostly Dragons work in his company, along with a few wolves and vampires. Humans
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"Hey man, where are you? Are you not coming to work today?" his friend Mason asked Drake over the phone.'You are already the most richest man on earth. Even your grandchildren can live comfortably with the money you earned. Now stop running and start searching for a mate Drake' Roland Hamilton's words reverberated in his head."Drake, you still there?" Mason asked his friend.It's so unlike Drake to miss a day of work."Ya man, I am here" Drake answered distractedly. "Are you not coming today?" Mason repeated his first question."No, I am not coming today. Tell my assistant Steve to forward important documents to me and cancel all my meetings" Drake told Mason.Mason was stunned into silence.'What happened to him? Dragons usually don't fall I'll. Is it because of his mate?' he thought worriedly."Are you alright?" Mason asked with concern.Drake heard the concern in his friend's voice."I am fine Mason, I just
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Rich Bully
Nyra cursed Drake in her head and moved towards his closet to do his bidding.When she opened the door and entered inside, she was awestruck with the sheer size of it.His suit jackets are hung on one side, his shirts on the other side. Neatly arranged based on their colors. His ties are hung to a separate hanger which looked fancy. His nearly hundred pairs of shoes are neatly polished and kept in the shoe rack.Nyra came outside the closet and was startled to find Drake Hamilton standing in front of her.Drake looked at her coldly and noticed her empty hands."Where are my clothes?" he snapped at her.'Beast, bully' Nyra cursed him inside her head. But gave him a pleasant smile."Mr Hamilton, all your clothes are already neatly pressed and arranged inside," Nyra said smugly.Drake looked at her smug face and gritted his teeth."I see" he murmured and strode inside the closet.Nyra looked confused.'Now what is this b
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His slave
Drake smirked looking at Nyra's shell-shocked face. She glared at him but as soon as her father turned to face her, her eyes became soft.'Interesting' he thought.Douglas left soon after that leaving a fuming Nyra behind."Now, you are my slave" Drake taunted her happily."You.." Nyra controlled her urge to curse him."Yes? " Drake is having too much fun at her expense. He did not remember when he enjoyed his time like this.'Her misery is making me happy? Is there anything wrong with me? With that attitude, it's not a wonder that she spiked my anger' he told himself.Nyra decided to leave this room to cool down her temper. She is scared that, she might scratch his face off.Nyra stalked off without a word to him.Strangely, as soon as she left, Drake felt restless and empty.'It's just my imagination ' he thought and did not think much about it.Nyra went down to the kitchen, still fuming with anger. Emm
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Lazy beast
Drake flew to the exact spot where he met his mate. He looked around to find something, anything that might belong to his mate. But he found nothing. For some odd reason, Nyra's face flashed in his eyes.'Coward' she whispered.That one word troubled him to no end. He flew back home after midnight and found Nyra in the same spot where he left her. He looked at her cheek, which is bruised. He placed his palm on her soft cheek and immediately her bruise healed as if nothing happened.Then he healed his palm prints around her neck. 'Stupid girl, you don't know when to stop and keep your mouth shut. That mouth of yours will push you into troubles' he thought with a soft protective feeling.'If you are willing to do anything for your father, then let's see what is your breaking point. I want to see how far I can take our cat and mouse game' he thought with a smirk.The next morning, Nyra brings Drake his morning coffee."Sir, coffee," she s
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Carlos Visit
After 3 weeks of Nyra being promoted to his personal Maid, Carlos Hamilton visited the Hamilton mansion.Carlos brought some files from Roland Hamilton to hand them over to Drake Hamilton. Roland strictly ordered Carlos to only hand them over to Drake directly.But when butler Douglas notified him that Drake is not home yet, Carlos could do nothing but wait for Drake.So he sat on the couch, browsing something on the internet on his phone. "Sir, juice" as Emma was busy in washing the dishes, Nyra brought the juice to Carlos Hamilton. None of the maids have a very good opinion about Carlos. Carlos is a very degraded dragon. He is a womanizer and is addicted to drugs. When he heard a feminine voice, he snapped his head towards the direction he heard the voice from.When he noticed a maid standing in front of him with a juice glass, he forgot to breathe for a second.Nyra is beautiful. Even though she makes no effort in getting read
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Nyra receives a call from her grandmother's phone, telling her that she is injured and admitted to a hospital."What? When?" Nyra ask the caller, who identified himself as the hospital staff."She is administered an hour ago. Her condition is critical. According to the 911 staff, she seems to be slipped and fell from the porch stairs" Louis, who is pretending to be a nurse, made this story up to lull Nyra out of the Hamilton mansion."Ok, I will come now. Please take care of my grandmother till then" Nyra requested the 'Nurse'."Ok mam, we will" Louis agreed and disconnected the call.Nyra became extremely anxious. She ran to her father, who went to sleep, as he needs to wake up early and start work from 6 am."Dad" Nyra knocked on their door.Douglas is startled by his daughter knocking on the door at this hour.He got up carefully, not to disturb his wife Barbara.He opened the door and was a little surprised by an extremely an
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Call for help
Douglas, who is waiting for Mr Hamilton to come down, saw the face of his daughter Mindy."What happened? You look so pale" he enquires softly."Mr Hamilton asked for you to come to his dad. He told me to take this coffee back to the kitchen. He didn't even touch it. He looks angry" Mindy essayed everything that happened upstairs.Douglas thought, his other daughter might impress the way Nyra did and become her substitute. But he is wrong. "You don't worry about it. I will go and see what Mr Hamilton needs" he assured his daughter and went upstairs to meet Drake.Douglas quietly tapped on Mr Hamilton's door before being called inside."You called for me Mr Hamilton?" he asked politely. Douglas wants to take his permission to go and visit his injured mother.'Nyra told me she would call me from the hospital, why didn't she call me yet? She is not even picking my call. Is my mother alright?' he thought worriedly."Where
Read more Protection Status