Forever Affair With The CEO

Forever Affair With The CEO

By:  Mah Ama  Ongoing
Language: English
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Danielle Young is a kind-hearted and devoted woman who goes above and beyond to fulfill her parents' wishes. Due to this, her parents arranged for her to marry the wealthy heir of the Anderson family, in order to elevate their family's business to the next level. Unfortunately, everything took a dangerous turn, putting the Youngs' cooperation at grave risk.When the news broke out, Mr. Young fell ill, witnessing his company on the verge of falling apart. Left with no choice, Danielle had to seek assistance from her father's business partners, only to discover that they were colluding with the Andersons. Danielle had no option but to put aside her ego and approach the only person capable of assisting her. ******* Jake blinked innocently. "500 million? What do you need such a huge amount of money for?" he asked, arching his brows at her. "Can you quit the act already? Will you lend it to me or not?" she demanded, her voice coming out firm. Jake shrugged his shoulders "Why don't you be my wife instead, and you won't have to pay back a dime?“ his eyes shone with instrest which didn't last for a moment before he returned back to his stoic demeanor. A snicker escaped her lips. "Mr. Carter, are you doing this just to get back at me?" The man slowly got up from his seat and gracefully walked up to Danielle who was standing a few inches away. His lips curled up faintly as he closed the little space between them. "Do you think I'm over you, Bubbles?" He whispered into her ear, sending shivers down her spine. Will Danielle accept the offer of the same man she humiliated years ago? Are Jake's intentions towards Danielle as pure as he portrays on the surface?

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5 Chapters
Chapter 1
"Mom, please stop crying and tell me why you asked me to come to the hospital." Danielle's puzzled expression caught her mother's attention as she looked up from her palms. She sniffled and said, "The company suddenly went bankrupt overnight, and your father's illness has resurfaced again." Her voice broke as she choked on her words.A pang of pain hit Danielle's chest, and she found it difficult to breathe for a split second. Seeing her mother's helpless expression made her heart ache. She sighed deeply and pulled her mother in for a tight hug. "It's fine. Everything will be alright. I'm sure Dad's surgery will go well, and he will get back on his feet and take care of things in the company."Mrs. Young's gaze flickered, and she suddenly fell silent before saying, "Child, don't tell your dad about this. He especially warned me not to tell you, but I can't possibly keep you in the dark. Davis Anderson is responsible for everything."Hearing his name made Danielle's eyes narrow with di
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Chapter 2
Victoria Young was about to go into her husband's ward when she spotted her daughter walking in her direction. She quickly walked up to her. “Dear, did you speak to him?“ she demanded in a soft tone."Yeah, I did. Davis is ready to make compromises with the condition that I have to go on a date with him,” Danielle lied. Although Davis had casually mentioned wanting her to accompany him to a party, she knew he was up to no good."You don't have to worry, mom; he already knows that I can't give him what he truly wants,” she added, also trying to comfort and convince herself.“I don't want you to go. What if it's just one of his traps to lure you? I won't be able to bear it if anything happens to you. You know, it's your father and, as well, my fault for introducing that devil to you in the first place,” Mrs. Young said, her voice filled with worry."Relax. I know you don't want me to do anything, but I can't just sit back and let someone mess with the company that took Dad years of hard
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chapter 3
Danielle clenched her fist tightly and rose to her feet. She wiped the dirt from her body and scanned the room, glaring daggers at each one of them present who were enjoying the show Davis was putting on.Her gaze finally stopped on the devil himself. "Davis, you think you crushed me tonight, huh? I promise, you will regret this day.” She smirked sinisterly at him before stomping off.Rushing out of the place dejectedly, tears rolled down her cheeks freely, and for the first time ever in her life, she felt completely helpless and disgraced."What do I do now? What if Davis does something worse to destroy me?“ All sorts of thoughts race into her head, making her feel fuzzy.She sighed deeply and decided to give her mother a call; she couldn't stop worrying about their safety or if Davis was planning on sending his men to harass her parents at the hospital.As the cellphone kept ringing, Danielle's heart pounded faster in her chest as she prayed for her mother to answer the call."Mom,
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chapter 4
Danielle pushed him slightly as she glared at him. “Mr. Carter, where are your manners?”“Typical feisty Danielle.” He smirked and stepped back a little, and Danielle immediately relaxed.“Look, I don't think you are reasoning straight right now. Why would you want to get married to a girl like me?” She questioned, relaxing her hand on her hip.“Nothing in life comes without a price, bubbles. Think about it: if you agree to become mine, I will protect you from Davis Anderson. You have my words.”Danielle bit the corner of her lips, pondering what decision to make. “Are you doing this for the sake of sex?” She demanded. She couldn't keep ignoring the way he had been holding her body hostage with his eyes.“You can also add that to the equation. There's no time, bubbles; it's either now or never.”“If that's the case, you don't need to go through the stress of getting married to me before we have sex. If that's what you want, then we can as well do it now." Danielle blurted it out shame
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chapter 5
The cellphone on the desk began to ring for the third time, and the man sitting before his desk glanced over at the caller ID reluctantly before answering his phone."Tell me quickly," Jake said immediately, picking up."Are you down for drinks tonight?" Mason quickly asked."No, I have plans for tonight.""Come on, you are always turning me down. What's your excuse this time?""Are you trying to get yourself killed? Tell me, why did you call?" Jake demanded impatiently; he knew Mason wouldn't call him over such trivial stuff."You are so mean. I just wanted to tell you I saw your girl going into her father's room. What is your relationship with her, if I may ask?" Mason demanded that, although he has been good friends with Jake for many years, Jake barely open up to him."What does that have to do with your job? I kindly request that you transfer her dad to the VIP ward and provide the best treatment, which I believe you have taken care of, so why are you calling during work hours?"
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