Frame Me

Frame Me

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Jocelyn 'Jo' Turner is the leader of a street gang called the Sky Hawks. She has one secret; she uses her gang to actually help the community.She is filled with nothing but disdain for other gangs who terrorize the community of Odton.That is, all except for Asher 'Ash' Mason, a hot, charismatic gang leader who is too hot for his own good. Not that she'll let him know, she has sworn never to get involved with the likes of him.Asher is a the leader of the Sopranos, a street gang with the aim of stopping all illicit activities in Odton.There's nothing he hates more than the other gangsters, so why is he attracted to the fiery and brave Jocelyn?Things go sideways when Jo and Asher are framed for murdering a cop, and they have to team up in order to clear their names and save their lives.Will they be able to do that before they run out of time?

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49 Chapters
Frame MeBy RomanThis book is dedicated to the readers who gave this book a chance.NOTEFirst of all, let's get the geography right.There's a city called Ranem. Ranem has twelve blocks.The two explored in this book are Gulden and Odton. Odton's unofficial name is Ganghaven.I don't want you getting confused. Please, if you like the book, feel free to leave a review. It won't hurt.I apologize in advance for any grammatical and structural errors you might come across, I'm trying to get the book edited.For feedback; my Facebook username is Ginika Chi. Feel free to reach out.Secondly, if you feel like reading my other work, please do so. I have another book by the name The Lycanthrope Huntress.If you're a fan of suspense and fantasy, I suggest you give it a try.Happy reading,Ginika/Roman.  
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Ten year old Jocelyn Turner peeked out the window, counting down to one under her breath.“Jo, come away from the window and have your dinner!” Her mother, Ruth shouted from the kitchen.“I don't want to eat without Daddy!” Jo replied and continued her counting.Ruth shook her head and smiled, her daughter was a regular Daddy's Girl. She was never content when her father was away. She watched TV with him, she played with him, she read with him, and happily followed him shopping. Sometimes, Ruth worried that Jo's only playmate was her father. In her opinion, girls her age needed friends who were also young and in elementary school, but Jo clammed up whenever she was introduced to children her age.When Ruth had asked her why she didn't want any friends, Jo had looked her straight in the eye and said, “I have Daddy, and he's enough for me.”Jo hit her foot on the floor when she counted down to one and her father ha
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Prologue: II
“Then don't go back to O.G. You two are young boys with your whole lives ahead of you. Don't waste your lives doing his dirty work. You're either going to end up in jail, or dead before you're thirty.” Gabe advised. “Or we could end up filthy rich with lots of ice and bitches.” The other boy smirked. “Now, this is the last time we'll ask nicely. Where's the money?”“Gabe? Is everything alright?” Came Ruth's worried voice from inside.“Yeah. Yeah! I'm fine!” Gabe shouted.“You better give it to us, or we'll involve your wife.” The boys threatened.“How much do I owe you?” Gabe asked.“Two hundred bucks.” One said.“I don't have it on me.” Gabe said.Suddenly, a shot rang out, and Gabe fell to the floor, blood oozing from the bullet wound in his chest.“Damn! Bro, what'd you do that for?” Th
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Chapter 1
Jocelyn Turner steeled her shoulders as she entered the ratty massage parlor with ten of her thugs in tow. Anyone who saw her would marvel at the change she'd undergone in the last fifteen years.Gone was the naive innocent girl with chubby cheeks and freckles on her nose. Jo had grown into a five feet, six inched slender young woman, with chin-length raven black hair and with tattoos on her arms.Jo was dressed in a sports bra, black leather jacket, ripped jeans and combat boots. A black and white bandana drooped out of her jeans pocket.The interior of the massage parlor was as ratty as the outside. From the neon lighting and the plastic chairs in the waiting room, one could discern that it was a shady enterprise.The receptionist, a bleach blonde with a highly voluptuous figure which she managed to squeeze into a miscropic nurse's outfit, let out an involuntary squeal of fear when she saw Jo and her men.“How may I help you?” The rec
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Chapter 1: II
Meanwhile, on the other side of the block, another gang leader was about to wreak havoc on another enterprise. His name was Asher Mason, but everyone called him Ash. He was tall and lean but still with enough muscle to indimidate people if and when he wanted.He had brown hair, a sculpted jaw, full sensual lips and green eyes.Many women came onto him, wanting to be his baby mama or mistress, but he sent them all away.His gang, called the Sopranos, was also another gang to be feared in Ganghaven. At first, people hadn't taken them seriously, but after Ash had singlehandedly put eight men in the ICU without any weapon, people had learned to respect them.Asher and his crew of five men knocked on the door of a storage facility and waited.“Who's you?” Someone asked from inside.“It's the Sopranos. Open up, we've got business to discuss.” Ash said.“Shit!” The voice exclaimed.“Now, now.
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Chapter 2
Jo marched into one of the most reputable diners in Ganghaven, Jacob's. The place was near empty, with only a few couples at various tables.The proprietor, Jacob came forward to greet her.“Jo, you're welcome! You need a table?” The burly man asked, wiping his greasy hands on his stained apron and offering Jo a handshake.“Yes. I need a table for three. My friends will be here soon.” Jo replied, declining to shake hands.“Well, you can sit at any table of your choice.” Jacob said.Jo thanked him and plopped herself down at the farthest table in the diner.“Except that one.” Jacob murmured. “Did you say something?” Jo asked.He shook his head, deciding not to tell her about his regular customer who always came at the same time each day, and sat on that chair. He prayed his customer wouldn't come that day. Instead, he changed the topic “What would you like?&
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Chapter 2: II
Ash was actually very angry as he entered the diner. His friend and contact in the police force had been posted to patrol the streets of Gulden, not Ganghaven. Ash didn't understand why the cops left a place that was in dire need of their presence, and went to a place that was already full of 'em. It was grossly unfair, if you asked him.Ash shook his head and sighed. That was the problem, nobody cared enough for Ganghaven, he thought. He wondered if it was a crime to be born into a low-income earning family.His scowl intensified when he saw that his usual table at the diner was taken. Upon further examination, he found that the three women who'd taken up his space were actually beautiful. That wiped the scowl off his face. Maybe he could join them; flirting with beautiful women always put him in a good mood.As he walked up to them, he saw that one of them had a tattoo sleeve. But that wasn't his problem. His problem was one of the tattoos. It was one of a haw
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Chapter 3
Andrea Levi sent up a silent prayer as she entered Lieutenant Baines' office, hoping that he'd listen to what she had to say.When she entered, she saw him walking on the treadmill in his office, sweating and counting under his breath. His office was furnished with state-of-the-art furniture, giving it the look of that of a senator or governor. Baines' office was his pride and joy, so he rarely left it.“Levi.” He said in acknowledgement, stopping the treadmill and taking a nearby towel to his face.“Sir.” She replied sharply.Baines took a bottle of water, twisted off the cap and put it to his mouth, almost finishing the bottle's contents in one one gulp.After that, he gave a loud burp before he sat in his chair, not bothering to excuse himself.“What do you want?” He asked impatiently.“Sir, I've come to call a certain illegal operation to your knowledge.” Andrea said as she slid a fi
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Chapter 3: II
“Mum, there's a huge drug deal going down in Ganghaven during the weekend.” Jo said as she sat down and grabbed a fork, waiting for her mother to dish her share.“Have you informed the cops?” Ruth asked as she divided the pie into two unequal shares, leaving the smaller part for herself and sliding the larger part over to Jo.Jo dug into her pie, taking some huge spoonfuls before she replied, “Yes. But they don't seem to be interested in whatever happens here,” with her mouth full.Ruth looked terrified, “Jo, you might be the leader of one of the most feared gangs in Ganghaven, but you're still my daughter and you'll act like it! Don't talk with your mouth full.” “Sorry, Mum.” Jo said, before she caught herself and covered her mouth. After she'd swallowed the sweet pie, she spoke, “The police aren't interested.”“That's sad. We're always treated differently down her
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Chapter 4
Finally, Saturday had approached, Ash thought. Throughout the rest of the week, Ash had devoted his time to studying the layout of the building where the deal was going to happen, and training his men on stealth, something most gangsters wouldn't know if it hit them in the face.Before they left for the bust, he gave them a serious talk, “We've been doing all we can to clean up the streets of Ganghaven without letting people know, and today will be no different. On this op, there'll be no bandanas, no slang, nothing that can lead people to identify us as the Sopranos. If that happens, we'll have the dealers on our backs, and believe me you do not want that.Also, you know that rule I gave you guys, the one that says 'do not instigate or escalate violence without being attacked first'?”His men nodded.Ash continued, “Good. Today, just for today, I want you to fuck that rule.”His men murmured and laughed.“I'm s
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