The light in the dark

The light in the dark

By:  Shine CL  Completed
Language: English
11 ratings
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(R-18)Story of a girl who lost everything in life. But only one thing left her sufferings. She wants nothing but want to find the biggest mystery of her life that change everything. When she is suffering, she met a person which change her life. In this world he gives her everything she wanted. Let see how can a human become the light of someone lost path? And how can both overcome their difficulties together? And live a happy life with each other after many years of tears. Follow me on Instagram to know more about my work: @shinecl17 (This work is unedited)

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very interesting book
2022-08-09 03:46:59
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Good book!
2021-08-13 16:40:00
user avatar
Vermouth Martin
Nice story, even though I'm annoyed and disgusted with the other characters because they abuse Emily like its not human! Hahahaha. Keep it up author! 🥰
2021-05-25 12:22:30
user avatar
Shine CL
Hey there, my beautiful readers. I hope you are enjoying my novel. If you are then please add it to your library and do tell me about your honest reviews! Your support and words gives me the motivation to do better! Thank you for giving it a try, Your truely Author❤️
2021-04-18 00:04:37
user avatar
Not bad. I love the way everything goes. Still reading but for the one so far, it's amazing. Keep up the good work, Author!
2021-03-30 23:08:34
user avatar
Still thinking
The story is beautiful, relationship to day to day life activities. Keep up the good work dear ♥
2021-03-23 07:52:47
user avatar
Zethembiso Hlongwane
wow!!!AUTHOR your book took me far. it kind of reflected to a life of someone I know.
2021-03-18 12:31:40
user avatar
Nice start up little shine😊
2021-02-04 15:36:48
user avatar
Liked the book author keep going!
2021-04-12 11:49:21
user avatar
S.Oyogho dancing pen
I love this book.
2021-03-01 22:58:26
default avatar
Dyan Fiorentino
I tried reading it but could not handle the bad English. Sorry, seems like it would be a good book.
2021-06-21 16:09:55
77 Chapters
I'm Emily, the daughter of the most extravagant man in the city. Glad, bright and my parent's indisputable favorite. I'm a little girl, 8 years of age, delightful, wise and rich.    Everybody begrudges me on the grounds that my parents treat me like a princess and I additionally believe that I am the most fortunate kid in the entire world.    My dad, Adam Smith is an extremely canny man, generally excellent in business and an awesome father.    My mum, Lily Smith, is a renowned architect. She is an extremely autonomous and intense lady. Continuously prepared for each battle in her life however she is the best mother.    My mother and father love one another
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Year's after Accident
"Hello, bitch Emily, come to the ground floor", Kylie Brown yelled so uproariously at her stepdaughter. "You just know how to eat and rest, wouldn't you be able to work appropriately? The entire house is wrecked and you are sleeping in your bed like a princess, you lazy ass. Come to the ground floor and make breakfast, hustle."    "Everybody needs to go out and work and this bitch can't make breakfast on time, such a freeloader on us."   "You are not a princess, come to the ground floor and work. You bitch," Emily Smith stepmom Kylie Brown kept on yelling uproariously and the whole house filled with the echoes of her voice.   At the point when Emily came to the ground floor, Alina Brown slapped her so hard that she lost her balance and hit the ground hard.    Hiss!!! The aggravation.    Tears were brimming in the corner of Emily's eyes. Aline slapped her as well as
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New Arrival
In a similar city a man remained before a big french window looking outside, subconsciously frowned his brows and excitedly paying attention to his subordinate report.    "Master, sorry we didn't find that person," Alex Heartman said in his disappointing tone, which heats up the blood of his master.    "You futile person, wouldn't you be able to track down a little girl," his master shouted indignantly.    Alex knows the inside atmosphere and immediately bows in front of his master begging for mercy and being sorry to his lord.    "Master, we are grieved," he said.    "Apologies, will your expression of remorse be helpful for me? Will I find that little girl by your expression of remorse? Stand up and search again. I need to know the data sooner. This time don't frustrate me with the bad news," his master growled at him and turned back to face the large w
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Her miserable life
  For what reason is my life like that? Emily's contemplations. What's more, it occurred, she heard Emily's stomach thundering.    "Not again," Emily appealed to god.    Emily shrugged back to stow away from the impending cataclysm. She thought on the off chance that somebody came as of now, she would be protected. However, who comes around this time?    "Mother, we are extremely kind towards Emily. Look how plump and white she looks," her older step sister looked towards Emily and said while smiling.    "Indeed, my dear, you said right. We are too kind individuals," Kylie said with a cheerful grin all over. She knew her girl too well, she hated that girl. Additionally to this, she also loathes this bitch somewhere inside her bones. Obviously, she likewise despises her more in light of the fact that she looks so excellent and white. Her jade white cheeks are pinkish t
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Finaly met️️️️️️️ her
Continuously waiting for him there for almost one hour, after some time that debased man came, accompanied with his protectors. He went to her and sat adjacent to Emily.    "Hello baby, what's up," Bobby Jane intone while grinning disgustingly. Seeing his grin Emily felt only hating in her heart.    Emily wanted to upchuck, how is it possible that an old man would be this bold and disgusting. He is in his old age and wants to wed a 20-year-age young girl. She is his granddaughter's age and he wants to wed me. Emily thought which caused her to feel more disdain and scorn towards him.    "Greetings Mr Bobby Jane," Emily answered without a grin, holding a stoic expression on her face.    "Child, don't be formal, come we should eat, you should be exceptionally ravenous," he said with desire in his eyes which could be seen plainly by anybody. He flagged his protectors to move out of th
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His care
Ryan saw this and fairly knows the condition here. This should be something with the individual outside.    "They are here for you," he said to Emily which made Emily's face change its colour. She scarcely gestured her head, tears brimming in her eyes..    Ryan makes her remain towards his body and places his hand on her shoulder to give her support. "How about we head outside?" he said overbearingly to her. Furthermore, take her towards the entryway.    Emily's body froze at her place as she heard him. Was this man crazy? He wants to head outside and give me to that monster, would he be appealing to God for my demise?" Emily thought, which made her battle in his arms. She was wriggling and too uncomfortable with him. At this moment she isn't able to trust any stranger.   "Believe me. No one did anything to you," he said while grinning delicately to guarantee her not to be apprehensive
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Marriage offer
Chapter 7"I think I should leave here. Thank you so much again, mister"After said this again Emily stands and start moving towards the door.Ryan broke the silence and asked her,"where you want to leave. You know that man again come to you and take you with him. Today I save you but what happened tomorrow"Ryan said somewhat brutality and coldly. He didn't want to say something like this but he has to threaten her otherwise he again lose her. This time he can't afford that, finally, he found her now she is bound to be with him.Emily felt pain, yes what he said was true. Her stepfamily already sold her to him and she can't escape from him, today this man save her but what happened tomorrow she didn't even want to think about that. Thinking about all this, Emily
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Past memories ️️️️️️️
Chapter 8By seeing this Alex felt his boss is a real idiot the love of his life in front of him and he thinks of her in his dreams.Sigh!!!"If this goes own he also become an idiot surely," he thinks and again waiting for Emily answer.Ryan was in his dreamland, he never thinks that one day he will meet her. He thinks of his sad full past and those memories of her which gives him hope to leave again and again.Two years ago, his father try to kill him and prepared a full proof plan to drown him in the sea. His father attacks his ship when he was going to deliver his cargo to the other place and nearly kill him in that incident. He was helpless at that time, he fought back against them but his force was not enough to rescue him as well as his all workers, who was a family to him. Because when he has nothing they all help him and help him to
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Finally Married
Chapter 9"Mister Jane, please calm down we will talk about this matter. Please come inside", James Brown said very politely and beg him in front of him.Bobby Jane enters the house and sits on the couch like he is the owner of this house."Okay, tell me how can you solve the matter Mr Brown and if you can't solve this and not give me back what I want then forgot about your company and those peaceful days of your life, I will make your life hell and even you can't imagine what I do with you? I already warned Mr Brown doesn't dare to trick me and play with me, otherwise, you lose everything that you have," Bobby Jane said angrily.The whole brown family freeze and in shocked completely, they didn't dare to utter a word from their mouth they stood there like a blockhead.They never think that something like this happened to them. They never think that Emily did something like this and join hands with
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His own dream world, "our home"
Chapter 10On the other hand, Ryan takes Emily to his new mansion which was specially prepared for his love. Today his love finally saw the place which he built for her with full of love. He decorates every place of the mansion own just like her preference. He felt overjoyed to takes his love to his love world.After half an hour of driving finally, they reached their destination. This place is far away from the city near the mountain and river, which makes the house more precious and beautiful.Ryan stops the car and before Emily open the gate for herself he immediately opens it for her without having any expression on his face.Emily felt, this man doing this on purpose if he wants to open the car door for lady can't he smile a little bit. Is smile is that expensive that this man never smiles and always stood with his poker face.
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