From Hate to Love

From Hate to Love

By:  Esther Adebusola  Completed
Language: English
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“I want to crush your body and soul. That golden look I want to steal it away”“You are sick” I screamed trying to push him away.Fingers wrapped around my throat, gently holding me against the wall, but making sure I could not move“I want to take this happy spirit of yours and it into mine; I want to be happy also. I don’t know how else to do it other than to touch you Marie”I looked on as he lowered his , teeth digging into mine, he bit my bottom lip, I cried out in pain, he used the opportunity to fully delve into my mouth. When Queen bee Marie Richwood, is forced from the comfort of her home to South Africa, she decides to continue being queen bee of her school in Africa, which means getting anything she wants, but things did not go as planned.Cyrus Kaye, the son of a famous lawyer and Fashion Designer is lonely and unloved, lacking love and attention except the one he gets from the cook, Cyrus is launched into Marie's jovial lifestyle, moving from Hate to Love until the two finds their love

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Cristina Pescadero - Cepres
I found this book interesting
2022-06-23 18:00:43
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loved this book. looking forward to the continuation of the story
2022-01-01 03:59:36
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Just the title is ❤️❤️❤️ I can't wait to finish this book because I know I'll be in for a ride ❤️
2020-12-04 15:04:21
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Esther Adebusola
Thanks for reading my book and reviewing it. The second book in the Richwood series is up on goodnovel. George and Nicole's story. titled 'Soft Curves' kindly check it up. You will love it. I am loving it myself. I can't wait to upload all my chapters
2020-11-29 06:11:15
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tukur nasir
so far so good
2020-11-28 06:44:15
user avatar
From hate to love is only one step. I just love your book, already in my library! Good joob!
2020-10-31 23:37:12
36 Chapters
Marie Richwood POV Hazel eyes were what woke me up on an early Monday morning, swinging up and down on my pink princess sized bed“George get out of my room” I shouted at my fifteen year old brother“Fine but mummy says go take your bath and come eat” I got up and shoved him to the do
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Bells High SchoolCyrus POVFirst day of school resumption was usually a happy day for me, since that was what I loved the most, my head buried among pile of books, the interest for studying started when I was a child, my mom was a busy accountant and my Dad a famous lawyer, he works his brain out taking powerful cases one after the other, My parents simply put do not have the time for each other not to talk of meEv
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Marie’s POVI sat as I quietly as I could in the classroom a teacher had been kind enough to guide me to, it was not my culture to be quiet though, but what can I do, it’s my first time in Bells, I need to make good appearance even if it is for just a dayI was about to get up from my sit, turning my golden curls to a side, I looked up to see, what you would call the perfect definition of a nerd, he was a little bit on the fair side though not compareble to my white skin, a big baby to make the description short, I guess someone is yet to lose baby fat, he was so distinct among the cro
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CYRUS  KAYE POVImmediately I left the class, I made my way to the assembly ground where it seems Principal awaited my arrival, I observed his every move, he was every inch the principal, I was watching his every move that I couldn’t help but question myself if he was anything like my father since Birds of a feather flock together right?I made my way towards him to give him the customary greeting since I wasn’t able to completely analyze him“Good morning s
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MARIE P.O.VI was beyond tired of standing up to introduce myself every time a new teacher enters, my butt was beginning to ache from standing up and sitting down in short intervals, but I was comforted a little as the teachers all liked me and gave me special attention except my seat mate of course, who delightfully ignored meI tried to pen down whatever the teachers were saying, but it all felt like gibberish in my ears, I was not one who was particular about my grades, all I needed was the perfect score to get into universityI decided to stop jotting down and just collect my Cyrus note when the teacher left, but I wondered how I would achieve that, he se
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CYRUS KAYE POV “Have you seen Marie Richwood?”The urgency with which Anna asked me the question made me look up from my Map tracing; it was a free period after the library class which I decided to put to good use. After what I did to Marie at the library, I knew she was going to retaliate but I did not expect her to disappear.Examining Anna, she was looking so worried and tensed, her hands wrung together, she seemed to be on the verge of tears. Fat globes of tears sat on her eyelids, threatening to fall which was something I hated, crying girls were not my thing.
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MARIE RICHWOOD POVI am the queen bee. If Cyrus Kaye thinks he can take me on, then he needs to be awakened from his delusion. I was beyond livid at Cyrus treatment of me. Quintessential me refused to back down. I waited for Anna behind the football court, with my equipment ready, Anna was such a good resource in getting them. The only thing I needed was that arrogant African prince. I did not have to wait for long, from my hiding spot, I could see him coming closer arguing with Anna, the petite girl was doing such a good job, I felt like giving her a medal, he was perfectly distracted, his brows crease
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MARIE RICHWOOD P.O.V“Marie Richwood?”“Shit,” I muttered, shocked by how shaky my voice was. “Principal Francis?” “I was told someone was impersonating my name on their first day school, what do you have to say about that Marie?” he asked quietly, putting his hands at his back like a disoriented preacherI sent Nicole an icy glare, which she returned with equal fervor. I would deal with her later, I turned to Principal Francis and sent him my sweetest smile, one I h
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MARIE RICHWOOD P.O.VIt was only two days later, as I sat in my room with Cyrus who was sitting with every bit of my school books scattered around us on my study table that I found out Nicole identity“She is Principal Francis daughter, she is our age mate also” Why do you ask?” he answered, nose bent in a bookI shook my head “Nothing, just wanted to know, she seems to have so much power in the school that’s all”“Never mind that, whatever respect she has gathered has nothing to
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CYRUS KAYE P.O.V “How are you preparing for your exams?” My mom asked me at breakfast, the following day being a weekend. Thanking God for small mercies, she suddenly developed stomach cramps from not eating properly and the doctor advised her to stay home.“Exams has not started Mum, it’s just the beginning of the term” “Really?" I thought it was at least close to the midterms”
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