By:  Ruth Olatunde  Ongoing
Language: English
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When Gwen's family is chased out of the house and her sister falls terribly ill, she is forced to tie knot with Prince Williams. Little does she know she is signing up for a roller coaster of love, bitterness, rivalry, conquest and compulsory sacrifice.A book on the significant role of love

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26 Chapters
Gallant Gwen.
Again. I was sitting in front of three cold faced men waiting for them to spell out the fate of my destiny. Again. I was getting used to this feel. The feel of anxiety, fear and hope. I needed this job. It was a huge factor of my happiness. The judgement of these three interviewers would determine if my life was going to get the long awaited revival or if it was going to  continue being the black tormentous sea of misery I had lived in all my life. "Can you introduce yourself again?" The man at the center asked. I sighed. The question gave me hope, but it also increased the depths of the possible disappointment. "I'm Miss Malton. I'm 24 years old. I have good m
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In the Royal Palace
The room was dark. Dangerously dark.The black window blinds poured down at both sides of the room sheilding it from the hot afternoon sun that was beating against the window.The bed in the room was angled in a way that made it look like it didn't want to be seen. The room was big, really big and only the echo in the room could have projected the extremely silent music that played into the air.Williams Ostergarrd sat quaitly in the dark room, running his fingers weakly on the piano that was seated in front of him. Silent, sad music crawled out from beneath the piano. He stroked the keys so well that he made no mistake to strike any key that could suggest happiness. The music was too sad. It was music from the depths of his soul, from the deep, dark, twisted part of his heart. Only from there he brought out his music, it was consolation for his dampened soul.He rolled his neck and closed his eyes, slowly
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Trouble with the Boss.
Elizabeth decided she would break the silence. "How are you, Prince Williams?"Williams was determined to keep the conversation short and quick. "I'm well, Lady Elizabeth"Elizabeth nodded. "Mum's been worried about you. She wants to see you."Oh, Mum. He wanted to see her too, she was the only one he was comfortable with to be himself. The other two units of his family were a part of his nightmare. He cleared his throat and looked at his wrist watch."I'll see her after my meeting" he responded"Do what you see best, Prince." she said, and that was all. They had no more to say. Their conversation couldn't possibly be more than that, else it would be very wierd and uncomfortable and would in a way transform into an argument.Williams nodded and took a step alerting her that he was done talking. Well, she too was done and she raised her foot to continue
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Not Suicide!
  "I almost peed my pants!" she exclaimed at Temilorun who was listening, already so consumed in laughter. "I couldn't say anything. The woman was standing in front of me like a WWE champion ready to flip me up with a summer slam" Temilorun increased
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Marriage by the door.
Not suicide. Jolie sighted her sister at the entrance of the living room and the tear that had welled up in her tiny eyes rolled out. Her mother and father were offering pleas, begging her to put down the knife, but Jolie, she wasn't listening. At all.
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Cold Water.
The Queen rose up and walked to the table few meters away from them. She returned with a couple of papers that she handed over to Williams. "Here is who she is. A citizen of the country, young and beautiful, aged twenty-one, lives far east from the palace. She's from a family of four, second dau
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Miracle has ears.
Before he continued, he made sure he took the family down to his office, the little walk would calm them down a little.  "We have been operating on her for an hour since she got here, and I must tell you it has been a tough battle. I'm sorry, but terrible things could happen from here" he paused
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Mama Miracle's touch.
"Then who did?" was Harry's question.  They kept on staring with wide eyes. Of course, they didn't have an answer to that. Gwenevere took off the apron on her neck and placed it on the edge of the couch beside her. She didn't need to ask her parents, no one in the family could have paid that hug
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Not an Ordinary Daughter
Mario dared not waste time answering Williams call. Answering Williams call was his number one duty, and he just couldn't tell when Williams would decide to go haywire and put him in some sort of annoying punishment. The last time, he had sent him to count the stars in the sky for an hour. He had no idea he could count up to nine-hundred stars all by himself. Somehow, Williams always made him do the impossible, even if it came in form of a punishment most times. 
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I'm Calling the Cops.
Hannah couldn't move, she was awestruck and she stared at Gwen wondering if she had really said what she said. She hurried towards her.  "Apologize Gwen. Say you didn't mean what you said. Come on!" Hannah stammered pulling her towards Philip.
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