Waylen Meet His Dad.

Waylen practically dragged Ashley towards the hospital entrance, his heart beating faster with each step. Ashley followed closely behind, her eyes fixed on Waylen's back, filled with love and concern for the young boy.

As they reached the lobby, they could hear the soft murmur of voices and the constant hum of activity. Waylen looked up at Ashley, his eyes gleaming with excitement.

"Come on, Aunt Ashley, let's go see Mom!" Waylen exclaimed.

Ashley smiled back at him and took his hand, guiding him towards the elevator. She tapped the 30th-floor button, and they waited patiently as the elevator ascended.

When the doors opened, Waylen couldn't wait any longer. He practically ran out of the elevator, Ashley following closely behind. They walked down the hallway, their footsteps echoing against the sterile walls.

Larisa and Marcellus continued their conversation, exchanging jokes and laughter in the comfort of her office.

Ashley led Waylen to the front of Larisa's office and opened the doo
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