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"I want you. Yield to me..." he announced again, this time pinning her down the sofa. *****After her royal family killed, a princess now lives inside the mansion of her most hated captor. Through the help of some good people, she was placed in the servants’ quarters instead of the dungeon.Working as a servant and growing into a fine young woman at the same time, she begins to long for freedom.It was a difficult goal to attain though, not when she had the King and the Crown Prince to contend with. However, what if this Crown Prince had an agenda of his own? What if, in some twisted destiny, he actually cared for her?Genre: Fantasy-Royalty, Historical RomanceAll Rights ReservedJMFelic Books 2020

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Giamaria C. Isgett
Beautiful story, both book 1 and 2! I loved how patientand loving Ruen was to Lianne, book 2 you really felt Cain true evilness!
2021-05-23 09:10:31
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Amazing book!
2021-03-19 20:37:00
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Jennie Golden
Treasured story I'll read again n again
2021-02-22 08:29:52
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mercy jepkoech
I love it alot
2021-02-12 19:02:53
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Yay Iya Casas
i luv the story very much..😊😘🌹🌹🌹
2021-01-25 11:44:03
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Monique Currie McLaughlin
I absolutely loved this book. This author truly knows how to keep you wanting more. I highly recommend reading through this book and her other books.
2020-12-10 14:42:24
user avatar
enjoyed the book
2021-03-01 08:50:34
93 Chapters
“Kill them! All of them!” That was the last judgment declared by King Garlow, the ruthless king of the Kingdom of Regaleria. He was on his mount, a strong muscular black horse, holding its golden reigns with a posture of a calculating, self-assured, proud man. His eyes were a deep blue; cold and icy; piercing through the destroyed walls of the Vhillana Kingdom. The smell of gunpowder, burnt wood, and rotten flesh reached through his nostrils even though he was just waiting at a hill miles away from the attack. The fortification of the main city of Vhillana was now breached and all the dwellers of the city, panic-stricken, were trying their best to save one’s own lives. Flames everywhere - from the rooftops of the houses to the marketplace - and even the Vhillana Palace was not spared. It was in total chaos. Men were slain. Women and children screaming desperately in anguish. The smell of metallic blood
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Chapter 1 - A Kiss On The Cheek
Regaleria Mansion (Present)   “Your Highness...” Lady Faye lowered her head in acknowledgment of Prince Ruen’s arrival in the main kitchen. Seeing the crown prince in such a place wasn’t new to her and she knew exactly the reasons why even without him saying a word. He stopped right beside the Head Servant who was sitting at the center table carefully placing white roses in a porcelain vase. His cold, domineering eyes scanned the whole place. The room immediately fell silent. Maidservants, errand boys, and the chief cook, without a second thought, skittered out of the room to provide the two some privacy. “Faye, where is she?” he curtly asked the moment they were alone. She smiled slightly in response. Although he specifically didn’t mention a name, she knew exactly who he wa
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Chapter 2 - Unwanted Attention
In one of Lianne’s wanderings around the mansion, she discovered the royal library at the north wing of the second floor. It immediately became her personal favorite place of solace among all of the areas being that she loved to read books. Never was a day that she wasn’t holding a book in her hand. However, with such an enormous collection of these inside the library, it was no wonder that her time would be spent with it. Prince Ruen was sitting at an intricately carved bergère near the library’s fireplace when he heard the twisting sound of the doorknob. He didn’t mind it though thinking that it was Lord Jared, the majordomo of the mansion, informing him of his rest. Even though it was a quarter before one at midnight, sleep was the last thing on his mind as he was engrossed in finalizing a plan for a large vessel to be built upon his father’s approval. Blueprints and crumpled papers spread throughout t
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Chapter 3 - Left Behind
Lianne never gave a word about last night, even with Lady Faye’s questioning. When she was informed that King Garlow had summoned her to his study room, she didn’t think twice of going there, instead, she decided to lock herself in her room feigning that she was feeling ill. Lady Faye wasn’t surprised by her behavior though. Of all the people living in Garlow’s kingdom, she’d be the first to openly display her hatred of him, and Garlow knew it fully well to his apparent amusement. It was morning the next day when she came out of her room. It seems as though the maidservants weren’t troubling her with annoying questions anymore, much to her relief. “Nahhh, you’re kidding! Are you sure of it?” one maidservant named Erza squealed in disbelief while dusting off the window panes of the kitchen room. Loretta, the second maidservant cleaning the dishes i
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Chapter 4 - Their Agreement
“Your Majesty,” a muscular man said, partially kneeling in front of the King to show his respect and utter submission. “Midas,” King Garlow replied, sitting in his own regal seat at the throne hall which was located on the third floor, center of the mansion. He wore a richly embroidered Persian gold cloth with a brilliant vermilion red fur surrounding his shoulder. His head was adorned with an extravagantly-decorated crown of precious stones and diamonds and around his neck, he wore a thick gold-plated necklace with an emerald pendant as its centerpiece. This emerald pendant was in fact the very heirloom of the Vhillana royal family. It was evident that he adored such a pendant for reasons unknown to any subject of his nor even his own son. The throne hall was probably the crème de la crème of all the rooms in the Regaleria mansion; the Regaleria grand hall was only second.&n
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Chapter 5 - Missing Him?
So, three days after their deal, Cain started training her to ride. The very black colt that Lianne had befriended when she was the age of twelve had been shipped to one of Garlow’s chateau to her dejection. Cain instead gave her a stallion, straight from the Soulisse mansion, handpicked by Cain himself for the princess to ride, and it was a pure white Hanoverian horse; tall and slender, with strong limbs and robust, powerful body - exactly a trainable horse that was perfect for the princess. She immediately named the young creature, Arinna. For the first four weeks, they trained basics at the stables. Although Lord Cain had to attend an invitation to a party at Chateau de Roxe, a day ride from the Soulisse Mansion to the chateau, and another day back to the mansion, Lianne didn’t stop herself from practicing. He didn’t return until seven days later, after which they resumed their training which progressed to more complex r
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Chapter 6 - Longing For You
“Cheers for a job well done.” Vancent held out his own champagne glass on the air after his long-winded toast was over. He was sitting next to a beautiful lady of twenty-four years old wearing a very revealing black sequined gown with her bodice pushing up her bosom presenting an alluring display. She was Lady Kathrine de Forte, a distant cousin of the Lutfergaurd Family. Apparently, the caretaker of the Chateau de Veirsalles, Madame Trina, invited her for an evening dinner with the prince of Regaleria who was sitting at the center of a long dining table, but ever since the prince arrived at the chateau a year ago, Kathrine had been intentionally rubbing her way into the prince’s attention without any progress. Prince Ruen’s own vessel, the Esclava, was nearing completion. There were only just a few minor embellishments to be accomplished before he could f
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Chapter 7 - A Snowy Dream
It was the turn of a new year. Two nights ago, there was a blizzard that visited the Regaleria Kingdom. Snow falling heavily on the sky covering every track visible. The lush green mountains transformed into white crystal cones, bald trees seen everywhere, and even the beach that once boast its blue-green vibrant color changed into ice. Apparently, King Garlow hated snow. That was the only thing that Lianne agreed about him. The pureness of the white snow didn’t suit the stark contrast of his dark demeanor. Winter always visited the kingdom every year, and Lianne knew this was the only time that drives the King out of his own castle. Just five days ago, he left for Arlington along with Lord Jared which was just two days sea voyage away from Regaleria. He had another chateau there which was half the size of the Regaleria mansion. At this time of year, Arlington had an opposite weather, warm sunlight with easy breeze
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Chapter 8 - The Agreement's Kiss
“Here, be careful.” Cain carefully guided the princess back on land after they arrived at the Soulisse Mansion. Noting that she was wearing a gown, she could not ride on a riding position with her legs parted. Due to that reason also that she was able to feel the totality of the man behind her while their ride progressed. Even though she had treated Lord Cain as an older brother, he was still a man, and one damn handsome one for that matter. “Thank you,” she politely replied and went on to gaze at the newness of her surroundings. Cain handed the reins of his horse to the stable caretaker and then proceeded to welcome the awestruck princess inside the Soulisse Mansion’s foyer. “It’s your first time coming here, so I’d like to give you a warm welcome in our mansion,” Cain expressed confidently. The Head Butl
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Chapter 9 - The First Invitation
The new general had instantaneously made a mark and earned the respects of the soldiers that once were his father’s troops and without a doubt, Cain became a favorite general of the Regaleria Kingdom owing to his looks, skills, and the fact that he was younger than the other generals of King Garlow. Quickly, he became the front liner of the regiment and the head of battle strategies and command. No one would dare object such a decision though, for the other generals themselves admitted that Cain truly was one skillful warrior in battle. He ultimately became the major general of the group in just a span of eight months. Being this much popular had busied him every day but what somehow kept his time more was the one command Garlow had specifically assigned for him to do and it was the re-excavation of the cave in the City of Olga; the very cave his father died in. If it wasn’t because of this particular order, he would have been in
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