One more chance

Waiting for an answer from her, I stared and did nothing. I wondered what she was planning to say. There was no excuse she could sputter anymore. Her lie was definitely the most stupid thing I had ever heard from anyone.

While I searched for some things about her, I saw my picture, my mom's, and our wedding pictures. I seriously couldn't explain how she had them with her, but all I knew was that I was so glad I found it. 

A tear dropped from one of her eyes, making her to suddenly avert from our stare. I wish I could feel how hurt she was. Her husband literally sent her out of her home because he couldn't believe her. I was indeed a foolish guy. 

She sniffed, and rubbed her palm against her tearing eyes, still not looking at me. "What do you want?" She asked calmly, concentrating on the window as if I wasn't there. 

Her weak voice weakened me as well. I became so rueful and sorrowful,

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Clarita Jacobs
I agree,mia should let ace realize what he did was a total cruelty.He might do it again in the future
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Helen Grace Hanopol
I still resent in my heart what Ace did to Mia. I just can’t forgive his cruelty. after what he did, his sorry are not enough. I wish Mia didn’t give in that easy. Ace must know how deep the wound in Mias hearts he created. He has to suffer as well.
goodnovel comment avatar
Praise Odulesi
Thanks for your comment. You are a really supportive reader. God bless?

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