"Daya and Ace." A voice called from behind.

I twirled to face who it was, and turned back to wink at Daya. She smiled like she was shy, and her cheeks turned tomato red. 

"Stop that Ace." She blushed, and gently hit against my arm. "You're making me feel weird."

I smiled stylishly at her, and stood up from sitting beside her. "I'll be leaving now." I informed her, and winked again. 

"Good." She said, remaining in her sitting posture. 

I bent a little, and dropped a kiss on her cheek. "Bye dear. See you anytime soon."

"Bye." She grinned back at me. 

"Good luck on your date." I added silently, still bending to her ear. 

"Thank you." She replied in a whisper. 

I turned to the door, and smiled at the young adult my seventeen years

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Dyane St Ange
love this book. I enjoyed it very much. I also learn alot of it.
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Junia Leah Dumaguing Bagto
i enjoyed reading this novel i loved it
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enjoyed the story. I thought Mia and ace would learn that he was the one who saved her when she tried to drown. also would have loved to know if they were having a boy or girl (Serene) to fulfill the mother's request.

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