HIS REPUDIATED LUNA: Rejected Once, Wanted Again

HIS REPUDIATED LUNA: Rejected Once, Wanted Again

By:  Red Rose  Ongoing
Language: English
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Valerie Steele is on the run from her pack and first love, Adam, the moment she found out that her most trusted friend was going to be his Luna after she had a one night stand with him the previous night. She meets her second chance mate who rescued her from getting raped by some rogue when she roamed aimlessly after getting rejected by her mate. She left for the human world with him and they grew so close as he kept staying by her side even through the hardship of taking care of her pups and career. But what happens when she couldn't ignore the lingering feelings that was still left of Adam despite his rejection? What happens when Adam wants to be part of her life again as old times? Will she accept him back? or will she stick to her second chance mate?

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18 Chapters
One night stand
~~Valerie I once read somewhere that it took a special kind of bravery to stay sober in a room full of drunk people. I was sitting before the makeshift bar in Adam's party, watching my friends take shot after shot of burning liquid from nameless bottles. I stared at their swaying, bleary-eyed form, wondering why anyone would want to subject themselves to that for an entire night and end up wasted in some random place, and wake up with severe hangovers. Stupid nineteen-year olds. I stared at the golden-colored liquid in my own glass. Apple juice was all the refreshment I needed. Maybe it wasn't bravery though. Maybe I was just being plain stupid and I should have enjoyed the night with my friends. Alcohol would have definitely helped me to survive the events of that night. "Bar!" Rendall, the one who was closest to me yelled and slammed an empty glass on the table, his eyes unfocused. "I mean...drink..." "Don't get too drunk, Rendall. You're the one driving us home." Cheryl slu
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VALERIE~~I slowly peeled my eyes open, the morning sunlight filtering through the window and warming my face. I groaned and stretched my limbs, then turned to the side to avoid the glare of the sun, pulling the sheets with me. It took me several blinks and head scratching to realize that I was in Adam's bedroom, not mine. Wait, where was he? I sat up and looked around. The only indication that he had been in this room were his shirt and dress pants, which were slung over the back of a nearby chair. I looked down and realized I was utterly naked, the memory of the night before lingering in my mind. Then I smiled in satisfaction: for as long as I could remember, I had dreamed of waking up beside him, and now that dream had finally come true. The sheets smelled of him: that pure, aqua scent that had driven me nuts since I was thirteen years old and I'd finally discovered I had feelings for him. As I rose from the bed, a sense of eagerness filled my heart. Today would mark a new c
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VALERIE~~My eyes burned with tears as I pushed myself into my silent home. It was one of the numerous things my parents had left for me before their death.The house was one I had grown to love and cherish. Even my friends, Analisse and Rendall admitted to how cool the building was but right now I'm alone and desolate in that very building which was once a lively place.I was totally clueless on what to do next. I can't possibly keep living here, around my friends after knowing the bitter truth but it wouldn't be easy trying to leave since the building was my parent's.I was still thinking about that when my phone beeped. It was a big announcement from the pack house. The Luna's coronation. My tears threatened to fall but I wasn't ready to give in to the torment.'I'll be fine on my own' I reassured myself as I gulped down a bottle of wine.My door suddenly barged open and a number of guards swam in, shocking me to the core."What the hell is going on?" I yelled but no one replied. T
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Let her go
VALERIE~~Blinded by tears, I raced out of the pack house and down the staircase in front of it. I could feel their eyes on me as i rushed out but I didn't turn. I didn't want to give them the satisfaction of seeing me totally shattered. He'd taken my virginity, my heart and even everything that belongs to me. What else?I stopped, then opened my mouth to speak, I wanted to curse at him so much but my sobs choked me. All I could let out was a pitiful whimper. My heart was like broken shards, piercing through my chest and leaving me gasping with hurt.I would never be the same again. I pushed the gate open and walked out of their lives. Forever!Immediately I stepped into the pathway that led away from the pack house, I broke into another run. The wind blew dust and dead leaves into my face but I didn't care much.The pain was too much for me. Questions and tears jumbled into one another in my heart. Salty streams gushed out of my eyes and the wind whipped them back as I felt all the
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You're Pregnant, Valerie
VALERIE~~I had been sleeping for an eternity. Or so it seemed.My consciousness was stuck somewhere between light and darkness. I was floating around in a deep, dark abyss, punctuated only by unrecognizable sounds and flashes of light.Voices swam in and out of my consciousness, and within those voices, I recognized the voice who had chased the rogue wolves away from me.My dreams were every bit as riotous as the life I'd left behind. In them I saw Adam in every stage of his life since I'd known him, and the dreams always ended with him sneering and rejecting me.I knew, even then, that the only way I could escape from those painful dreams was to wake up, but waking up was more difficult than I'd thought.Then something sparked in my head, kick-starting my consciousness, and I woke up with a gasp.Tears stabbed at my eyes the moment I opened it, and a sob escaped my lips. The trauma and pain from the past hours— or days, or weeks, I couldn't even tell— poured over me in one overwhelm
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By her side, Forever
Valerie's POVI couldn't stop my tears from flowing down my face as realization dawned on me without sparing a little of my long time believe. My whole body trembled with fear as my hands found their way to my tummy, clutching it tight and protectively.I had no idea what to do next. I was helpless and restless and..."Kenneth, I can't be pregnant, I mean, I'm all alone, the person responsible for this clearly rejected me and banished me. I don't know what to do in this strange world. I, I" I stammered as more tears escaped my eyes. "It's okay, Valerie, you'll injure yourself" Kenneth tried holding me but I eluded his grasp."It's not okay! Nothing's okay here. I have no idea how to navigate my way in this human world. It's my first time here, Mr. Kenneth" I found myself yelling in despair as I cried even harder.All my joints were aching, my head was splitting with unbearable headache but I'd rather just pass out and wake up from this terrible nightmare.I needed someone to wake me
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Movie date
EIGHT YEARS LATER~~Valerie's POVHappy birthday to you,Happy birthday to you,Happy birthday to you, sweeties!Happy birthday to you!!!!"Hurray, my cutie pies are seven today" I said in excitement, taking turns to hug Jaden and Jordan as a cute smile formed on their faces making them look irresistible.Tears welled up in my eyes as I recalled eight years ago when I had clearly denied the fact that I was pregnant. Back then I never knew I could pull it off but I did, thanks to Kenneth by our side."Kenneth planted a little kiss on my lips before scooping up Jaden in his arms. Jordan pouted as he clung jealously to my legs."Should I do the honor of lifting you up, Mr. Jordan?" I teased and he stretched out his arm, nodding quickly with a smile.Seven years ago, the scan said I'll be giving birth to a boy and a girl but it seems fate had something else in store for me. It turned out to be two beautiful boys and as they grew I couldn't fail to notice the strange similarities between t
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Missing twins
*Valerie *My whole brain was in turmoil, I couldn't think straight as I feared that something out of ordinary might have happened to Lily and my sons.I hope not! I really hope not.I dialed Lily's number still and this time I could hear her breathless voice on the line. "What's happening, Lily?" I asked with fear-clouded mind and she struggled to catch her voice for a second or two , making me lose anything they called patience."What the hell is going on!" I yelled as my tears threatened to fall. Nothing must happen to my sons and their nanny.Nothing at all!"The man... the mansion was raided by some unknown people" she managed to say and my heart raced hard against my ribcage, sending tremors and waves of fear down my bloodstream."And?" I asked as calmly as I could but all I could hear was an inaudible stammer."Then what the hell happened to you? Where are my sons?" I yelled again but I couldn't hear a single more sound."Jaden, Jordan... Lily, please be okay" I muttered despe
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*Valerie *"This isn't a mark from any weapon, Kenneth" I said, taking a closer look at the marks on her wounded arms and neck."Yeah, it isn't. It's probably from the instigation of a person's nails or worse... claws" he replied with hesitation and my eyes widened.Kenneth touched the injured part of her neck and it stopped bleeding immediately. He couldn't heal her completely, probably because he wasn't a healing breed of the werewolves. He only shared a bit of his energy with her.She opened her eyes slowly with fear evident in her eyes."You'll be okay, Lily" I encouraged, holding tightly to her hands."What happened?" Kenneth inquired without much patience."Jaden and Jordan told me they craved for noodles and I came in here to make it for them as they kept checking out their gifts but all of a sudden some unarmed men barged into the kitchen... one with Jaden's limp body and another with Jordan."I was scared and I immediately tried to dial your number but the phone flew out of
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The last choice
*Valerie *"Did you get them?" I inquired, immediately facing Kenneth as he walked into the hallway where I had been parading."No Valerie. They were stronger than I thought and when I tried attacking, they threatened with the boy's lives" he explained and I turned away immediately."God.. this is absurd, totally unthinkable. Who would want to do this to me?" I cried and I felt Kenneth's arm around me.He pulled me out of the hallway, picking up my phone with his free hand as he guided me to the van. He made me sit at the front seat and he clasped the seat belt around me before hopping into the driver's seat."All would be fine, Valerie" he whispered, glancing towards me every now and then. This isn't about being fine. My sons life are in danger and I'm here being soothed that everything would turn out well. "I really hope so, too" I clasped my two hands tightly, gazing out of the window as I started recalling how I had lived my life.. and if I mistakenly made an enemy that'll event
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