Chapter 137 Natalie..

Dimitri couldn't believe his ears, his sister, Mila was in love. She was pregnant too. His heart ached thinking how all her happiness was taken away in one moment. He was going to be an uncle, and a small version of his sister would be roaming around. Not only did she lose it all, but she also died very painfully...

Adrian's eyes were teary too. Why did he ever help that man? Wasn't he the one because of whom he succeeded so many times. Why did he ever believe his father without thinking for himself first? He just was lost in the fact that he was his family. That his father must be right, he could have never thought that he was burning with envy for his own brother who actually helped him reach where he was today that he was so insecure about his position in the gang, that the post meant so much to him he could even kill his own brother.

Adrian was ashamed of himself, he always thought twice before trusting someone. But he was blind when it came to his father. And now he lost her he
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