Chapter 141 A Flirt

3 years later

Natalie hesitatingly looked up from the ground into Thomas's eyes. She finally gathered the courage and told him everything about his real parents. Her heart was thumping loudly as she waited to hear him but he was blankly gazing at her. He was just nine years old but probably more mature than an 18-year-old today.

Thomas sighed almost in disappointment making Natalie hold her breath as negative thoughts started coming into her head.

Was he blaming her? Did he not see her as his mother anymore? Did he not love her anymore? Would he not want to live with her anymore? What if he started hating—

She was pulled out of her thought as she felt his finger wiping a lone tear that fell from her eye without her even realizing it. A frown was visible on Thomas's face as he wiped the tear away and then looked at Natalie with a small scowl.

"Did you really think I would blame you for something you were never at fault for?"

Natalie could hear the slight anger in his voice, sadne
Andra Jonas

Okay just 2 more to come this week…❤️

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