Hello, My Love!

Hello, My Love!

By:  BlackSwan  Ongoing
Language: English
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Graciella and Zachary got married because of an unexpected one-night stand that made her pregnant, but unfortunately, the baby died in her womb. After more than one year of marriage, and the death of Zachary's grandfather who arranged their marriage, he asked for a divorce to go back to the love of his life.  It was hard and heavy for Graciella, but she has nothing to do because she knew that Zachary have no feelings for her. She moves to another city with her grandmother, and there, she learned that she is pregnant again.  She thinks of going back to Zachary, but she realizes that she has nothing to go back to because Zachary and his girl are already together. Graciella did everything for her son.  She gave love, care, and the basic needs of her son.  At first, she worked as a nanny to a disabled man until the destiny played their feelings. What if, They accidentally see each other in an unexpected time and place, because of their son? What if the true Identity of Graciella came out? What will happen to the them?

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3 Chapters
Chapter 1 : Is this what you really want?
'If you know the person you love doesn't care about you, stay away from that person.' 'If you know you're not getting love from the person you love, set yourself free.' 'If you can't handle the anguish you're feeling because of the person you love, embrace the truth and start over.'The light from the full moon shines on my face. As a result of the frigid air contacting my skin, I get a shiver. The insects' chirping reaches my ears, and the rest of the surroundings are so peaceful that it puts me at ease.I haven't been able to sleep correctly since Zachary told me that Amelia, the woman he truly loves, had returned.I found breathing impossible when he indicated that he wanted a divorce. I watched the type of man he is after being married to him for more than a year. He is pompous and self-centered since I know he does not love me.We only got married because of a single mistake, a one-night stand that caused our lives to diverge. We decided to marry as a result of this blunder. I hav
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Chapter 2: Can I ask you something?
Graciella's Point of View: As I stand in front of him, I recall numerous recollections I have of him. Everything about our relationship in more than a year, from the moment we met, which flipped my life upside down, to the day of our wedding, which I never imagined I would experience.Everyone was raving about our wedding and how wonderful it was a year ago. I realize it was a hasty wedding, but given the circumstances, which included an unexpected pregnancy, I didn't have many options but to marry him.Even though I knew it was all a ruse to avoid the embarrassment caused by their name, and even though I had long since given up hope that the two of us would ever have emotional touch or affection for one another, I will never forget that day. I was in a good mood, and I wished that my future family would be as well.Because I grew up without parents, my grandmother was the only person in my life. When I asked my grandmother, Nana, where my parents were, she told me they had died in an
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Chapter 3: Is this my Lucky Day?
Graciella's Point of View:"I'm sorry, but we are not accepting applicants at this time.""The position has already been filled.""We cannot recruit you because you have not worked at your current position for more than a year."I drank a little water from my tumbler. These were just a few of the things I learned about the positions I went to apply for, hoping to be accepted and find work.It's been two weeks since Nana and I said our final goodbyes to Sunshine City, our home for the past two decades. As I was leaving Zachary's mansion, I told Nana how I wanted to go to Sunshine City to start again, to forget the sorrow I felt as a result of Zachary's decision to spend his time with his ex-lover Amelia, and to begin a new chapter in my life.Moving was a difficult subject for Nana and me to discuss. She had no desire to uproot her life and relocate because she was so acclimated to living in Sunshine City. I told her about my current emotional state, and she eventually came around to th
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