14. Her Anger


My anger flared up and I grabbed her throat, not caring that my claws dug into her soft skin. I hate disrespect and I will not tolerate it from anyone. I warned her and if she thought I was playing, then she had a lot to learn. I slammed her to the ground, but at the last moment I found myself slowing down. I couldn’t. I don’t know why, but I couldn’t fucking hurt her the way I wanted. I internally felt the crunch resonate through me as she met the ground.

She gasped; her hands were wrapped around my wrist tightly as the smell of blood filled the air. I saw the pain that flickered across her face but it did nothing to lessen the burning flame of anger in her eyes.

“It’s all you’re good at, right? Do it again if it makes you feel better, but I am not scared of you!” She hissed.

Her words sounded distant, as all I could focus on was the blood that surrounded the ground around her. Fuck! I shouldn’t have done it. My heart was racing in a way it

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Cynthia Cirignano
really fabulous reading. Well matched pair.
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Samantha Gittens
Alejandro's math is finally mathing.........
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she is your mate Alejandro get use to it......

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