Her Duplicate Luna

Her Duplicate Luna

By:  Kate Granada  Completed
Language: English
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*COMPLETED*Ariana Ferrer served as the King's Concubine assistant in the Arcadia Kingdom. Her parents sent her to work at the palace without celebrating her eighteenth birthday. They cast her out like she's not part of the family. One night, when Amaya, King Markus' concubine screamed in her bed and died when someone slashed her throat without mercy, they took Ariana from her room and force her to pledge herself as guilty for killing Amaya. King Markus agreed to kill her in the Kingdom hall outside the palace. Ariana did nothing but to prove her innocence to the King by begging him to set her free and Markus accepted and forgave her in just one condition. She would be his new partner in bed every night and Ariana accepted his offer even she's innocent about it. After one month of being the King's slave and concubine, the Kingdom of Arcadia had been attacked by the savage Rogues. Everyone weak got killed but Ariana managed to survive. King Markus died because of illness. After two months, Ariana found a guy named Arem and they fell in love and got married until one night, under the full moon, she found herself under the thick white fur of a wolf. She got scared and ran away from her husband. The scared She-wolf ran away from her said Kingdom and she was never been found until Anika Perez appeared in the present time. She's dominant and possessive you'll ever know as a Luna. She's stone-hearted until she met Argus Mateo, a man with a kind heart and willing to do anything just to tamed his found mate Anika. Will Ariana, a soft She-wolf be seen again from the past or will she forever be the duplicate luna of the modern time?

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Leslie Hutton
awesome book so far. way to go writer
2022-09-02 10:34:36
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Hunnii Bunnii
stink story
2021-02-21 10:11:15
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nice story about two empowered women in different eras! ❤
2021-01-08 23:30:53
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Glory Mae Quilino Cruz
Its really good story... ❤️❤️Amazing
2020-12-06 16:09:09
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Cc Lopez
A must read!! you wont regret it!!
2020-11-24 23:18:52
48 Chapters
The concubine assistant
" If I'm an animal, I'd rather be reincarnated into a werewolf. "The year 1975"Wake up Ariana, time to pack your things! The King's Butler is here to take you!" A roaring sound like thunder hit Ariana's ears. She groaned in her sleep. She's still not in the mood to open her eyes but when she felt a rough hand-shaken off her shoulders, she has no choice but to get up. " Is this my birthday gift mom? To be sent in the palace?" She asked her mother Mira while her eyes weren't opening yet. " Yes! It's the only way to pay off our debts. You're now eighteen and I told the King to select you as his concubine assistant!" She said she doesn't care about her feelings. Ariana frowned and set a moody face to her mother. Today is her birthday and some parents throw a big party for their daughter but she's not one of them. Her family was very poor and his father was a shoemaker onl
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The packs party
Ariana PoV" Hey, what's wrong with you?" Amaya asked me when she woke me up. I'm still half asleep while she's talking to me. " What?" I said. I don't know what happened. I just woke up and saw her in front of me. She frowned and stood up. " You're talking in your sleep you know. Hurry! Quick! Today is the grand day so you have to hurry and prepare my things and dress for the party tonight" she said and left me alone in my room.I took a deep breath. Today is my second day in the palace and I felt like this is my last day. I want to go back home with my parents because I miss them already but I think they're not happy to see me.I got up and quickly took a shower when Amaya called me. " Ariana, I'm going to take a bath now! Hurry!" " Coming!" I said. I hurriedly put on my maid dress and walked inside her room. While I'm on my way, I saw some concubines in the hallway on their own without an assistant. I thought to myself, Amaya
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The dead girl
Ariana POVI heard a sudden whimper just beside my room. The party was over and I knew what comes next even I'm new to this place. King Markus was inside Amaya's room and they're making the night more sizzling and sleazy. I just closed my eyes and covered my ears to get a goodnight's sleep but I was startled in my sleep when I heard a loud knock outside my room. I quickly got off from my bed and hurriedly walked to check the visitor in the middle of the night. I'm so sleepy that I'm not in the mood to entertained someone. After opening it, I'm surprised to see the King's armies in front of me. " What are you doing here?" I asked them but they quickly pulled me out from my room and accused me of something I didn't know. " You're under arrest. The king's mistress was dead and someone saw you entered her room. I froze and I didn't know what they're talking about. " What? Wait! Let me explain! I'm not a murderer! " I protested while dragging me on the hallwa
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The Lost Girl
Ariana PoVThe Kingdom was in chaos. Screaming, weeping, and howling of everyone echoed in the whole Arcadia Kingdom. With only myself, leaving behind my things, I ran as fast as I could, afraid of looking back to the desolation palace, I gathered all my strength and courage to be lost around the wilderness.I heard the screeching sounds of the invaders. I quickly hid behind the huge trunk of a tree near me. I peep with my other eye to see who's approaching. I covered my mouth with my palm, trying to decelerate my breathing. It's coming to my location. I saw bushes of leaves moving with h
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A New Found Love
From being a King's slave and lost in the wilderness, Ariana finally found someone who she may call her night and shining armor. Amer came into her life unexpectedly with a very hilarious meet up from their past. She thought he's going to kill her and she ran like the wind but it's the opposite, the guy saved him from being alone and in danger. " We're going to my tribe! I knew they would like you!" He told her happily. Ariana's face brightened after she heard it. It's her first time to be treated so special by someone. She was very happy that she found him. They both went together to Amer's location a
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Running Away
She ran as fast as she can! Ariana ran in the form of a white wolf. She was afraid that her husband might kill her if he finds her in her wolf form. Today is her wedding day but at this moment, she's been running from her husband. Her heart broke into pieces to think that when Amer woke up the next morning, she's nowhere to be seen nor found. She wanted to ask her parents about this. She's now heading to her hometown where she lived with her parents. She wanted an answer.She felt like she ran for years. She heard howling of her same kind calling her presence. She saw a black wolf where she saw from the Arcadia Kingdom six months ago. She hides behind a big trunk near her. It's her first time to be alone in the wilderness with no one beside her. It's her fault why she didn't think at first before leaving Amer. It's freezing and she shifted into a she-wolf and until now, she's still covered with white thick fur, with sharp-pointed
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The Alpha Female
Since her parents abandoned Anika, she learned to live with herself not depending on anybody. When her adopted parents passed away, all of their properties was been transferred to her name and even their businesses. She's their only child since they had no children when they adopt her. Now, Anika Perez is the CEO of their company, Perez Hotels, and Resorts. Today, she has a meeting with the new shareholder named Argus Mateo. He's one of the most richest bachelors in the whole of Florida in the U.S state. Anika set off her heels inside the meeting room with her cold presence. She came first and the person she would meet this morning was still on the road." Ma'am, Mr. Mateo just called that he'll be late a little because of traffic" Denise, her secretary reported to her about their client. She hates lazy people. She sighed in dismay and crossed her arms in front of her chest. She's not in the mood to be angry right now.
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Ariana's Disappearance
200 B.C  Arem and Ariana just got married. They spent their honeymoon at Arem's house. Everything was perfect that day until one morning after the night of their honeymoon, she vanished without traces.  -------Arem POV I was still dreaming about my lovely wife even she's now on my side. My eyes were still glued together when my hands traveled beside me. I want to check if I was not in a fantasy world, that all of these were real, my new life as a married man with a pretty and lovable wife Ariana. I frowned when I felt that my hands were touching the mattress but my wife wasn't here. I forcibly opened my eyes to see if she was just going to the bathroom.  " Ariana? My love! Are you in the toilet room?" I called her but when I got up to check if she was inside, I began to panic.  " honey? Please get out now, don't scare me as that " my lips
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The Modern World
October 2020 (Present)Sometimes, Anika feels empty. She's wondering what she wants that could make her happy. She had everything, power, wealth, beauty, and brain. She's a perfect example of an Alpha woman in the Society but she thinks something is missing. Her true identity. Her real parents and where she came from. A dark grey sky could be seen from her window. Anika rose from her bed and welcome the sunrise from her big mansion in Manhattan. She keeps yawning even it's already six in the morning. Maybe she sleeps late last night because she fond of watching a Documentary of our daily lives entitled " Alone in the Forest". She was a fan of that channel.She went back to sleep after.One hour laterShe yawned while stretching her body together with her arms and legs. She slowly peeled her eyes open and looked around. She's still sleepy and wants to go back to sleep again but having the CEO of your own company was tiring. Y
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A modern Luna meets the ancient Luna
Ariana saw darkness everywhere. She called someone but nobody is answering. " Hello? Please answer me!" Her voice echoed in the wilderness. After her fall, she woke up like this, trapped in the darkness. She walked to find a way out until she saw a huge circle of light located at the edge of the dark place." At last, I found a way out," Ariana said happily. She quickly ambled towards the wide glimpse of light inviting her to come and follow its reflection. She traveled for about an hour but it feels like she's strolling the light pathway forever. She wipes the sweats rolling down her face down her neck. She roams her eyes around her but she can't see anything like this place was only covered with a bright glint all over. " Anyone heard me? " she started to panic. She's alone and nowhere to go. She's back to her body and she wants to go back to her husband Arem but how now she's in the middle of nowhere. If she
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