Chapter-3 I am really very hungry

Arjun looked around to find his aunt, he had recognized her voice but he was unable to find her anywhere. 

' Aunt probably turned the wrong way.' 


" Caught you…. But.. , hey.. where am i now?" 

While RH18 was trying to catch his electron, he too went inside the mobile cover, with the chip.

He thought.. 

' But, which surface can bind me'.

 Then he came out, proudly through the cover. He flew towards Arjun, who was trying to look for his aunt. 

Arjun got startled .

 He realized, he was.. actually hearing the little light dot that was going all around him. 

The little light dot came towards his head and sat there. 

'' 7 billion neurons, a human! '' 

Listening to him, Arjun smiled. 

'' Ohh, I haven't heard such a weird introduction of myself before."

"Will you mind coming towards my hand? "

Arjun opened up his hand before him. As if, he was creating a landing base for RH18. 

The little light dot came towards his hand. 

" So, yes i am a human. What about you?Are you a ghost? Or 

Are you an alien who lost his ship?"

The little light dot, It turned blue. 

" What are aliens and what do you mean by ship? What does a ghost refer to? ." RH18 was looking intently towards Arjun. 

" You don't know about any of those things. Hmm then let me think.. "

Arjun thought for a moment and.. 

'' Hey, Are you really.. really.. an atom? '' 

RH18, although he can't understand the terminology. He had started to have idea of what Arjun is referring too. This is all because of his connection to him that just got made, recently. 

RH18 nodded  " Maybe yes, I guess". 

Arjun again heard the familiar voice calling his name. He looked around. It was his aunt. She was trying to find him. As he didn't reach home. Although Arjun's parents had visited this place many times with their son. His Aunt hadn't been here. So, it took her some time to reach him. 

Arjun was surprised, he felt a little bad understanding that he doesn't have much time now. 

'Do I have to leave already?' 

" Seems like, I don't have much time. But i must ask you." 

"RH18, I didn't knew atoms are so cute and intresting. Do you want to continue staying here or do you want to come with me to my home?". 

" You can return here anytime, I promise." 

RH18 asked " You mean you are taking me outside this place ". 

Arjun nodded "yep". 

"Yes I want to go. I have been here for a long time. I want to explore the outside world." 

Arjun was very happy to find a new friend. 

" Then go inside my bag, let's go back to our home together." 

 RH18 went inside his backpack. 

He waved to his aunt, who was looking for her. She was on her bicycle. They both approached each other. Marry stopped her bicycle and placed it sideways so that it didn't fall down. 

Then She went towards Arjun and bent down to his size. She noticed his dirty clothes. And She hugged him. 

" Are you alright?" she asked. 

"Yes I am" Arjun said. He was a little surprised. 

" Sorry to make you worried Aunt." 

" It's okay as long as you are alright." Mary said with an asurring smile. 

Mary went to pick his skateboard. 

" By the way, how did you find me aunt?" 

Mary came towards him and while pulling one of his ears she said " I think, I should be the one to ask . Don't you think so ". 

" I am really sorry" Arjun replied  apologetically. 

" Let's get back home first." 

Mary released his ear and handed him his skateboard. 

" What were you doing here? "

"I saw a bus went past our home. Then your phone was unreachable too. "... 

While walking out of the forest area they talked about everything that happened today.The forest area they were in holds a strange magnetic 

field . Because of which many  network problems had been reported here .It is almost obvious for anyone to guess, where a person would be if he or she lost their network nearly . 

Meanwhile RH18 didn't like the inside of the dark backpack. On above he can sense another human. But he couldn't understand anything that this other human was speaking. He came out. After all he didn't decide to come out of the forest area just to stay inside something like that. Until now,Arjun and Marry had reached the road side by then. They were on their respective bicycle and skateboard.

 RH18 went to Arjun shoulder and then to Marry bicycle. He came back to Arjun skate board then wheels of bicycle then back to Mary handle and sat there. Arjun was watching all that. At first he felt worried for him but seeing him playing around. He was enjoying it. He felt to turn as tiny as this little light dot and to play along with him. 

He thought 

'who gave you such an annoying name as RH18, I feel as if you are a little note playing all around. As if a symphony is surrounding you. From here on your name is Rhythm. Yes, This sounds better. So RH18 if anyone asks your name it's Rhythm okay.' 

And he got his answer inside his head. 

' okay ' Rhythm replied he didn't care much about his name. But he can sense happiness. 

Arjun almost tripped from his skate board hearing him. He still have to be accustomed to receive answers directly inside his head. 

"What happened?" Mary asked looking back towards him. 

" Nothing, Nothing aunt, I just encountered a stone" Arjun smiled, hiding the real fact while getting back on his skateboard. 

They reached their home in the next few minutes. Mary went to the kitchen to get their lunch ready, while Arjun went to change in his room and Rhythm followed him. Everything he saw felt new to him. He was flying all around Arjun's room. Arjun showered and changed into a dark blue t-shirt and black lower. He asked Rhythm to come over towards him.

"Rhythm come over here." 

He extended his hand like a landing base .

" Hey, I don't know what you like to eat. Let me know, I will get it for you. You must be hungry

too ". 

Rhythm came over to his hand and turned purple. And as if he was scorching his head. 

" I don't  know what you are talking about." 

 " Don't tell me Rhythm, you really don't know what it means to eat? "

" I am talking about food " he said while extending his other hand towards his mouth.

" Like this. " 

On receiving no answer. He went towards his window. 

" Do you take sunlight? "Arjun said while opening up the window of his room. 

Rhythm denied. 

" Arjun, Come over to the dining table, Lunch is ready. "Arjun heard his aunt was calling him. 

" Yes aunt, coming. "He replied from his room. 

Arjun was looking at Rhythm helplessly. He accepted his defeat. 

" Okay, still you can try my food. I don't know about you, but I am really very hungry. "

They both headed to the dining table. Mary had made potatoes and curry along with chapatis. 

Arjun started eating his food while Rhythm was fascinated by the curry. At first he was going all around it. Then he directly went inside the curry.

Seeing that Arjun coughed, the food got stuck inside his throat. He picked up the glass of water that was placed in front of him. 

" What is wrong with you today? You are really behaving weird today". Mary said, while having her lunch. 

Arjun kept drinking water, he really didn't know what to reply. 

But his eyes were fixed upon the curry.

Meanwhile.. Rhythm was feeling great inside the curry he felt warm. 

He was feeling as if he was sitting at the tallest tower and watching a great network of roads with a large number of intersections. The roads which were going anywhere to everywhere. And many atoms like him were travelling through them. But, there was no way that any of them would collide with each other. Rather, none of them had any idea, that they were part of the food. That they are going inside the human body. They were all completely busy with what they were doing. 

Rhythm was enjoying watching them. But then he heard. 

" Hey rhythm, I know you are enjoying inside but please come out, I am really very hungry?" 

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