Chapter 4

I went back to the room withh Cripsy wagging her tail behind me "Aurora!" Elysian called out my name and I hummed, walking closer to him as my eyes went towards his bandaged wound, He was starting to sweat really much and I quizzed my eyebrows trying to understand why he was sweating when it's a little cold "Why are you sweating so much?" I asked but he shut his eyes closed instead "Elysian!!" I called out his name but he didn't respond, I touched his forehead and flinched, He was burning up pretty bad "Elysian!!" I called out his name again but I only heard him grunt 

Cripsy started to bark ans I hissed loudly "Shut it Crips" I say and she whimpered "Sorry Crips, I shouldn't have yelled" I say and walked out of the room *Uhh Ma Coco usually gets a bowl of water and towel whenever i get sick * So I rushed to the kitchen and got a bowl of water and clean towel.

Cripsy was no longer following me around and I was grateful for that, Oh goodness I do hope Elysian is ok

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