His Fiore

His Fiore

By:  Lauretta  Completed
Language: English
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I loved him for all the dangers he passed Aurora Martin, A charming sweet innocent girl with a beauty so bright it could blind one’s eyes, Taken away from prying dangerous eyes and never to be seen in the actual world! Aurora dreams of her Prince Charming in a white robe and white flying horse to take her away from the cactus. But what happens when her prince charming comes in form of a dying man...? This is a tangled inspired romance but with it’s own twists and turns..

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Charlaine Naomi Dikeocha
Best so far
2023-04-02 15:04:55
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Patty Mel
Amazing work Lauretta, This is your third book that I’m reading and I must say You are talented, keep up the good work and also We are waiting for book two !
2021-01-12 21:56:31
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Lucia Love
Good job, Author, I really enjoyed the read. Can't wait for book two.
2021-01-04 03:24:37
user avatar
Nice writting!
2020-12-17 21:38:13
user avatar
I personally liked the theme of the story . I love how the heroine is somewhat a naive girl. I liked it. ? Congrats, author!
2020-11-15 20:50:27
user avatar
Please leave an honest review I would greatly appreciate it Thank you
2020-10-29 23:14:46
37 Chapters
Chapter 1
"Aurora! Aurora!" I heard Ma Coco call out my name and i giggled slightly "Phew Aurora, come out, I give up" I heard her say and I came out from my hiding "I am here Ma Coco, You couldn't find me which means I won our game" I say excitedly and she nods tiredly "Come on Sweetie, its time for dinner" She says and i nod excitedly "Ma Coco, It's two days to Levare's candle light, do you think Ma and Pa will come?" I asked and she smiled faintly at me"I don't know Rory, but we would lit candles all over the cactus, wouldn't you love that?" She asked me and i giggled softly Levare's candlelight has always and will always be my best time of the year, seeing I get to lit candles all over the Cactus and sing, I'm Aurora Martin, Rory for shortI have a secret to tell you, I haven't been outside before, You see i have always wondered how it is in the actual world, I know there are people like me and Ma Coco everywhere but it wouldn't hurt to see another face apart f
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Chapter 2
Aurora woke up the next day feeling giddy with happiness, The Levare's candlelight was in a day! A wave of happiness filled her entire body as she got up from the bed, The smell of pancakes filled the entire air*Ma.Coco probably made Pancakes for breakfast, you see Pancakes is my favorite, I could eat it all day long* Cripsy snuggled closer to me and I chuckled softly, Petting her furr "I need to have my bath Crips, Ma.Coco prepared pancakes for breakfast" I say and stood up, Stripping off my clothes as I stepped into the bathroom but Cripsy wouldn't stop following me around "Cripsy would you stop following me around, I need to have ave my bath" I say and closed the door to the bathroom "Aurora, won't you get off that bed and come eat breakfast!" I heard Ma.Coco yell and I fasten my bath "Coming Ma.Coco" I yelled back and finished up with my bath, and went out of the bathroom.I went towards my closet and picked out a blue dress, using my buttermilk cream for my skin, I
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Chapter 3
My eyes wanted to pop out, A person like me was laying down beside the flower bed, Covered in mud from the head to toe, I slowly pointed a finger and touched the stranger slightly and flinched, Cripsy started to bark and i motioned at her to keep quiet, I slowly touched the person again but no movement from the person, I quizzed my head forward wondering why the person wouldn't move Cripsy looked at me weirdly and I shrugged "H-Hello?" I say but no movement came again, I looked around the Cactus wondering how someone could have gotten inside the Cactus, I proceeded to touch the face and i heard a low grunt that made me fall on my bottom, Cripsy start to bark again and I motioned at her to keep quiet "H-Hello" I say again and the person's eyes flew open, My eyes widen on seeing the person look at me "I-um-are you a person?" I asked and a grunt came from the person again, I flinched as i heard that again."Are you going to keep sitting down there or wo
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Chapter 4
I went back to the room withh Cripsy wagging her tail behind me "Aurora!" Elysian called out my name and I hummed, walking closer to him as my eyes went towards his bandaged wound, He was starting to sweat really much and I quizzed my eyebrows trying to understand why he was sweating when it's a little cold "Why are you sweating so much?" I asked but he shut his eyes closed instead "Elysian!!" I called out his name but he didn't respond, I touched his forehead and flinched, He was burning up pretty bad "Elysian!!" I called out his name again but I only heard him grunt Cripsy started to bark ans I hissed loudly "Shut it Crips" I say and she whimpered "Sorry Crips, I shouldn't have yelled" I say and walked out of the room *Uhh Ma Coco usually gets a bowl of water and towel whenever i get sick * So I rushed to the kitchen and got a bowl of water and clean towel.Cripsy was no longer following me around and I was grateful for that, Oh goodness I do hope Elysian is ok
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Chapter 5
Ma. Coco had now retired to her room and me, Well I am in my room currently looking at the man who was laying on my bed, I had no idea where I was going to sleep exactly. He had completely taken all the space on the bed, He was still unconscious but his high temperature had gone down now. I stood up and walked towards my closet to get a sleeping bag to sleep in. I saw him stir lightly and I paused, expecting him to wake up but Instead he continued to sleep. I sighed and laid the sleeping bag on the floor, I have never had to use this today but here I am using it because of a strangerI glanced over at Cripsy and saw that she was asleep already, I chuckled softly and laid on the sleeping bag, ready for sleep to take me away and it did.The next morning I felt something lick my face and I shot my eyes open immediately to see Cripsy slurring all over my face, I giggled slightly and sat up, petting her furr, oblivious of the person in the room with m
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Chapter 6
I already had my bath although I had to ask him to excuse me from the room, I could see his abdomen was getting better from the cut, I wore a yellow flair gown and let my hair down, I still wanted to feel better today even though Ma.Coco and Elysian are leaving me in the Cactus! I sighed and looked at the mirror again, I should be happy today, regardless of whatever happens today! I smiled and walked out of the room to see Elysian looking around the Inns of the Cactus. "You have a lovely place here" I heard his deep voice say and I smile, "Thank you!" I tell him and looked at him well, He was a very huge man with different drawings on his body, I furrowed my eyebrows as I looked at the drawings on his arm and neck "What are these?" I asked curiously and he looks at me before pointing to the drawings "These? You don't know what these are?" He asked me and I nod my head "They are called tatoos, you seriously don't know what these are?" He asked me again and I nod "I wo
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Chapter 7
Second person's POVTime was one thing we didn't have, Time! That one thing we didn't have.The day had gotten less sunny which means the time of the candlelight was fast approaching, Aurora had placed the candles where they belonged all around the Cactus while Elysian was asleep, She brought out the lanterns from the store where Ma. Coco had kept them after last year candle light. She started to hum her favorite song as she gently lit the matchstick unto the candles and lanterns, Her smile grew wider once she saw she was almost done with everything Everywhere In the Inns of the Cactus was lit up with the candles she had placed around, She glanced over at Cripsy and grinned "Would you look at that Crips? Everywhere is looks beautiful " She says and sighs as she took another look at what she has done, She saw Elysian move slightly and she raised her eyebrows, She could hear him muttering somethings but what was it that he was muttering? "Elysian!" She call
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Chapter 8
Aurora say down, there was a strange uneasiness in her chest, she couldn't phantom it but she knew something was wrong, The wind doesn't just show itself on the Levares Candle light, something had gone wrong, But what was it?Elysian watched as Aurora sat down, looking lost. He didn't know what was wrong but he knew for a fact that wind wasn't supposed to show itself on the candlelight's night, Aurora's face was stricken with fear, Elysian stood up and walked closer to her, his boots making little but no sound on the ground "Aurora!" He called out her name and she snapped her head towards him "A-are you leaving now?" She had asked but It came out more like a whisper, Elysian sighed because he didn't know if he could leave, surely he could leave and just say goodbye to her, but something drawn him towards her, He couldn't leave knowing she would be alone here so he shook his head"Not yet, Fiore" He says and she looks at him with her blue eyes and smiled at himA
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Chapter 9
Aurora could sense a strange air around her, Elysian had stayed a while with her although she knew he would be leaving soon "When are you leaving?" She asked him and his amber eyes bore into hers "I-uh will be leaving now" He says and she felt her stomach dropped, She nodded slowly and stood up to look at him properly. Her eyes slowly trailed his body till she met his eyes, Her eyes held sadness but she gave him a tight lipped smile "I guess It's goodbye now" She says and he nods at her "It's goodbye"They both stood opposite each other in an awkward pace "Goodbye Aurora!" He says and smiled at her, She watched as he turned to leave without muttering another word. He left the Cactus and didn't even turn to look at her, Cripsy started to bark and Aurora turned to look at her "I know crips, he's gone but we can still wait for Ma.Coco" She says and walks towards the kitchen to prepare breakfast, but her mind wasn't there anymore. She keot wondering what could have kept Ma.Coco f
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Chapter 10
Elysian waited while Aurora packed a few clothes with her, He knew it was dangerous to be seen with Aurora out but he couldn't help it, She can't be on her own in a strange world, Can she? He watched as she swiftly dumped a few clothes into a bag, He knew just how much She wanted to leave the Cactus and also now that her Coco is missing, It's a greater avenue for her to leave here.Aurora glanced at Elysian for a fee times while she packed a few of her clothes, She knew he was thinking about everything she said but can you blame her? Ma.Coco was suppoed to have been here for a while now but she has gotten no news whatsoever from Ma.Coco. She couldn't possibly stay here in the Cactus without trying anything, She could feel it deep within her that something was definitely wrong but there was no wah she could know what was happening "I'm done!" She says and Elysian lifted his eyes to meet hers, the bag was in her hands "Arr you sure about this, Aurora!" He asked her
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