His Precious Gem

His Precious Gem

By:  Rabia Sajal Niazi  Completed
Language: English
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He is Musa Khan. Belonging from a Royal family, he is everything you can expect from a man belonging to such status. He is a businessman, not only that he is also a Cardiologist, most famous Cardiologist. With a handsome face and charming smile, he has stolen many hearts. He is Nawab of Raipur. There was no woman who didn't attempt to make herself prominent in his presence till her....Nayyab Rehman is a postgraduate Doctor. With no father on her head and only a mother who support both of them financially, she is introverted. With so much trouble and crisis, she is dead set on making her mother proud. She is shy and reserved and fiercely daring, something Musa Khan finds amusingly appealing......An accident caused both of them to meet in unexpected circumstances that cause a spark? Will that spark burn them to be repairable or will it led to something beautiful? Something that both are unfamiliar with...Join the spectacular voyage of Musa Khan and Nayyab Rehman to experience a boost of emotions that will make you grin in excitement and next moment to pull out your hair frustration.

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40 Chapters
The wind blew as it slaps the leaves harshly, making them to leave the lively life on tree to fall on ground lifeless. The half bloomed flowers shed tears of their own with rain water as its petals now lay dead on the mud. The lightning again roared in sky, making the poor cat frightened back to small bin, that was it's shelter.Her pillow soaked her tears as her mind replayed the earlier events of the night. Her eyes tightly shut as she gripped her pillow harder in order to not scream out loud. Her mind was numb. She was in pain both mentally and physically.....She didn't wanted to believe what happened to her earlier.....She wanted to forget it like some bad nightmare....Yet she knew she can't escape the bitter reality.....She opened her drenched eyes as she looked disgusted at the purplish blue bruises marks that adorned her pearly white skin of her wrists.....Her mind replaying ruthlessly the painful memories of tonight events....._________
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Sweat dripped down his body as he further increased the speed of the treadmill. The gym room was blazing with the noise of the song 'believer'. He had been doing the treadmill for forty minutes now when his phone suddenly rang. He paused the treadmill which came to halt in a few seconds.Maham calling....."Hello? Yes Maham?" He asked his younger sister who was calling him from her room which was just a few rooms away from the gym room."Musa Bhai! Ammi is calling you downstairs for lunch." Maham said a little too excitedly making Musa frown in confusion."Okay." He said in a serious tone and cut the call. Getting off the treadmill, he grabbed the towel and wiped the sweat off from his chiseled chest and abs.His mind, again and again, recalling the moments that he had with that hazel-eyed girl...Illiterate girl....!!!Jerking his head, he lowered the temperature of the air conditioner and waited for a few minutes for sweat to be com
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3 hours ago...Musa was listening to report of patient on his phone from another cardiologist consultant while driving. There was a slipperiness on the road and muddy water puddles into the holes on road. He was not focusing on the road as his attention was on the road. His took a sharp turn causing a lot of muddy water to splash on the foot path and a pedestrian. A irritated sign escaped from his mouth and he cut the call. Reversing the car back till it was in front of the pedestrian on whom he unintentionally splashed so much water. Sliding the window down he called out for the person who was covered in black cloth covering his whole form.Nayyab was returning from her friend house after learning the good new of her selection at a very good private hospital, Nour Hospital.She was walking slowly with head completely occupied with different thoughts, when a car passed so speedily causing all the muddy water to fall on her, jerking her wildly out of her daydream
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"Ammi how am I looking ?" It was the first day of her work and she was very excited. Her mother bought her a new dress and a new bag to wear on first day. The mother glanced at her beautiful daughter and prayer left her mouth.May Allah bless you..."Very beautiful! May you have all the happiness in the world my loveliest." The mother said as she recited a few verses and blew on Nayyab face for her protection.Nayyar smiled and hugged her mother. She was indeed looking very beautiful. Wearing a white shirt and cigarette pants with white embroidery and a white scarf that was placed on her head allowing only her few glossy brown hairs to be visible, she looked like a lily. Her hazel eyes were beautifully adorned with Kohl making them look bigger than they were. Her cheeks tinted with pink and pink lip gloss adorned the already pink lips. Wearing the lilies scent, her cousin Faryal gifted her, she was ready."Okay, Ammi now I am going. Wish me luck." Nayyab
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Musa was shocked to see the ill-mannered girl from yesterday in his office. His confusion vanished when his eyes took in the lab coat she was wearing.So she is the new doctor.....he thought interested as he stared at her with a smirk. He knew she was scared but he was hell bend on making her more scared. After the introduction, he smiled at everyone, and then with a polite expression, he said something that made the new doctors smile to vanish."Now all of you place your mobile in this drawer and jot down your mobile model and color on this paper. But before that save my number on mobile. My mobile number is....."He pointed at the drawer and everyone took out their mobile. They all typed his number and saved it. They looked at their mobile and then placed their mobiles in the drawer, unwillingly.Followed by jotting down on the paper, they waited for the next order. "Miss Isma, Amal, and Mr. Muneeb you are in fo
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After that, it didn't take a second for Nayyab to rush out of the office. Musa didn't even blink and she was out. After ten seconds, he realized that she has almost flown out of the room.He chuckled and muttered 'stupid girl' under his breath and sat on his chair. There were seventeen appointments today and all of the patients above sixty. Some started facing heart recently and some were coming for their regular checkup.He picked up the file of the recent patient who is a 22-year-old girl and admitted to the hospital a few hours ago and much to his dismay she had a cardiac arrest and was in comma right now. Reading the reports further he realizes that the girl was mentally healthy and there were no signs of depression. The fact that a 22-year-old had cardiac arrest was itself very disturbing."Sir...!" A nurse came rushing in with a bewildered expression "the girl patient...." Musa got up from his place and hurried to the patient room. Checking breathing that
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 Nayyab felt someone looking at her and on instinct she looked up and saw Musa staring at her without any shame. She frowned thinking he will look away but was amazed when he started walking towards her.....She looked at him wide eyes while he neared to her. He was now in her personal space. Nayyab looked at him shocked as he leaned a little closer to her.....He stared in her hypnotising hazel orbs and leaned further towards her."W-what are you doing?!" She stutter and tried to step back only to hit in the sight table beside patient bed. As Musa took one more step towards her, she instantly closed her eyes.Musa looked at her amused and then picked up the file from the sight table and stepped back, and then cleared his throat for her attention.She looked at him and then the file with bewilderment. " I came here to grab the file Dr. Nayyab....what did you thought I was doing?" Musa was really enjoying her discomfort. He knew what sh
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How dare she!!!I will fucking kill her!!What does she think?! That she can mess with Musa Khan and get away with it?!Disrespect me and getaway?! Call me frog?! And get away?!I will teach her a lesson she will never forget!Musa was fuming with anger. No one had ever disrespected him as she did. Not once but she has done it twice now! He was hell bend on teaching her a lesson. With anger high on his head, he headed out of his cabin to the emergency ward.He was more enraged on seeing the view of the emergency room. Nayyab was laughing at something Arham had said and was smiling again and again at Arham.She never smiled at me!! Always glaring or frowning!! And now she dares to smile at other men!!!Irritated, he marched to them. Their smiles vanished the moment they saw angry Musa strolling toward them."Dr. Arham and Dr. Nayyab I assume I have given all the doctors a task. While all of them doing it and you two are b
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After taking out all her frustration, she looked at both women who looked shocked. She thought they were shocked what he did to her. "It was really nice to talk my problems to someone. I will be leaving now. Thank you for your concern." Nayyab said as she got up. Both the women were looking at her when the granny asked."Dear, what's your name?"Nayyab looked at her and then said smiling "Nayyab. Nayyab Rehman."Both women looked at each other then back at her. "Oh okay... the very beautiful girl I must say..." Nayyab blushed at the compliment and then looked at the watch and her eyes widened. It has been half an hour since she had not returned to hospital."Goodbye Aunties! It was really nice meeting you." Both women's smiled and just as she was out of sight, the lady in fifties looked at the old lady and asked "what do you think?"The older woman kept on looking straight as a smirk formed on her face._________________
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"You know it was rude?" Musa questioned Hira as they sat in his office."What is rude?" Hira acted innocent as she placed her expensive Gucci bag on the floor."You behaved rudely with doctor Nayyab. You didn't reply to her greeting." He points out. He don't want his cousin but he didn't like the way she was. She was a real spoiled brat. She is very liberal for his liking. But he knew it was not her fault. Her lifestyle and her circle had an effect on her. He considers her as his younger sister but her arrogant and over attitude sometimes offend him. He noticed how she behaved so arrogantly with Nayyab and was disturbed. No one has the right to behave arrogantly with anyone in this hospital except him."Oh common Musa who cares?! Anyways leave her. Now tell me why didn't you come to the brunch at our place?" She waved her hand as she smiled at him. She was different from him. She was polite only to her parents and his family whereas she was rude and snappy to ev
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