The Billionaire's Ugly Wife

The Billionaire's Ugly Wife

By:  Ximena West  Updated just now
Language: English
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"I warned you from the beginning. Don't marry him, but you wouldn't listen." She stood close to me and smiled with concern. "You are not a woman worthy of a man as handsome, rich, smart, and virile as Blaze." My whole body trembled at her words. "Have you no shame?" I asked in a quivering voice. "Take a good look at yourself, Heather." She looked at me in the mirror. "You can't even look at your ugly face. Do you think Blaze can endure a lifetime of looking at that face?" Heather Bailey had a surprise from her husband that night: a divorce agreement. After a year of marriage and facing ups and downs, she couldn't believe Blaze intended to divorce her. But she was devastated when she saw him gazing lovingly at another woman because that person was closest to her. Shortly after she put her signature on their divorce papers, shock waves caught her up. Her flower shop was severely burnt, beyond repair. Her father's company collapsed, and her parents blamed her. She struggled to rebuild her life from the ground up and became more successful than ever. Having many customers who came from influential families, she started her action against Blaze. She won the very thing he wanted. But that was just the beginning.

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Good story line and a lot of twist and turns
2024-02-18 05:21:21
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just started and so far its amazing. let's see how it goes but I hope the FL will be very strong cos right now she is continously going through hell.
2024-02-02 22:27:32
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amazing storyline.... waiting for update
2024-01-14 14:28:38
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Heather W
I tried. But the FL is painfully stupid with a masochistic streak a mile wide. Immeasurable stupidity in every chapter from a woman who fancies herself more competent than she actually is. Not to mention the weird obsession she has with relatives who hate her.
2024-02-20 18:56:04
81 Chapters
1|Anniversary Gifts
[Heather] I was so tired from my day’s work and hoped to find peace at the mansion. But when the butler opened the door, I felt the cold air of the residence. I had lived here for a year but had never felt the warmth of being at home. Blaze had been busy with the hospitality venture he started last year. Therefore, he was rarely at home and had many business travelings to meet his colleagues. Knightley Group added to his list of achievements after successfully growing Knightley Corporation, his construction company. As his wife, I was very proud of him. I hoped after that business trip, he would be home more often. I now understand Mom's feelings, living for many years with Dad, who was very busy with his work. “Good evening, Ma’am. There was an important document delivered by a special courier this afternoon. I put them in the study,” the servant reported politely. “Really!? Thank you.” I curbed my urge to go to my bedroom and walked towards the rarely used office. There must hav
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2|First Love
My eyes heated up at her insult. I held back my hand that used to touch my left cheek reflexively whenever someone mentioned the scar. I refused to be affected by people’s bad words about the condition of my face. “Blaze married me because he loved me. This wound was never a problem for him.” I defended myself. “You must have seduced him to fall for your trick.” In my entire life, I never dreamed there would be a man who fell in love with me. I even stopped expecting to marry a man who adored me. Little did I know that God was so good to me. He gave me a miracle named Blaze Knightley. I didn’t immediately believe all this was reality. His words of love, kisses, and hugs still felt like a dream. But his coming to our house and proposing to me in front of my parents dismissed all my doubts. Darcy cruelly told me to cancel our wedding at our big family dinner. Of course, I refused. I only had Blaze. He was a gift I would not waste, and I loved him dearly. She chuckled. “Love? Blaze n
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3|Business Proposal
“Good morning, Heather. I hope I didn’t surprise you by coming,” Cullen said as he sat back down. “We haven’t made small talk in a while.” I sat down on the couch in front of him. “What is it? As I recall, we don’t have any business cooperation.” He chuckled. “Is it because your sister and I are divorced that I can’t come as a friend?” “We’re not friends, Cullen,” I reminded him. “You’d rather hang out with a woman like Darcy than me, who doesn’t believe in myself.” I would never forget all those words he said that were demeaning to me, even though I had no malice towards him. I was getting along with him because he was my future brother-in-law. Yet he thought I was trying to snatch him away from Darcy. Who else poisoned his mind if not Darcy? He shouldn’t have just trusted my sister without asking for my side of the story. “I would like to make an offer of cooperation.” He sat back and looked at me seriously. “I know you and Blaze are getting divorced. They have betrayed us. Do
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4|The Downfall
Blaze stood up from his work chair as the door closed behind me. He sat on one of the couches, so I sat across him, with a coffee table between us. Kyle placed a cup of tea and a plate of cookies on the desk and then excused himself. “What do you want so my father’s company returns to it was?” I asked without preamble. He tilted his head, then smiled faintly. “You seem to have misrecognized me, Sweet Pumpkin.” “Don’t call me by that name!” I snapped. “Why?” He smiled seductively. “That name suits you. You’re so nice to everyone that you don’t realize they’re just using you. Darcy praised your marriage when, behind your back, she was flirting with me. Your father and mother asked for so much money, but you were unsuspecting and gave them everything they asked for.” He leaned closer, resting his elbows on his knees. “You even came here and asked me to save your father’s company. Where is George? It was his company. He should be the one to have come and knelt to me.” I laughed in su
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5|My Achievements
[Blaze] I saw her exit the taxi and enter the inn's lobby with her head held high. She was very good at masking her feelings by acting tough. I wouldn't have involved her in my grand plan if it wasn't for necessity. My phone vibrated for the umpteenth time, so I gave up and picked it up from the seat by my side. It was an incoming call from Darcy. There were tons of missed calls from her. I was about to turn off the gadget when it vibrated again, indicating an incoming message. I opened it and saw a picture of her in a very revealing evening gown. She smiled seductively at the camera. 'Come home and open your present. We need to celebrate our achievements today,' she typed. Our accomplishment. She did nothing but begging me to come back to her. How dare she say all my hard work was her achievement, too. What a strange woman. She wasn't at all sad to see the company she led go under. "Let's go home, James," I told my driver after turning off the phone. "To the apartment, sir?" he
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6|Learned from the Best
[Heather] "Good morning, Miss Bailey," greeted the employee who passed me as I walked towards my office. "Good morning," I reply with a smile. I widened my smile as I passed the sales department. All the flowers were neatly arranged in their places, ready to meet their buyers. The employees on duty were also at their posts. The police had finally found the arsonist of my shop, the man I didn't expect. The fire was difficult to extinguish because the alarm was deliberately set off, so the water sprayers didn't work when the fire broke out. By the time firefighters arrived, the fire had already spread throughout the building. He did it after all the employees had gone home. The whole thing was just because he harbored anger since I refused to raise his salary. He was divorced, and his ex kept demanding money from him for their children. That was why he needed a lot of money. Unfortunately, until the court verdict, he claimed to be the sole perpetrator of the fire. I didn't believe
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7|Pay for Her Crimes
She pulled her hand away so roughly that she hit me with the back of her hand. Several people gasped, so I knew we had attracted the customer's attention in the dining room. I had to be careful that no one recognized us. "After interrupting our conversation, you dare to demand my time to talk to you?" She spoke with her eyes staring at me sharply. "I don't want to talk to someone who has no ethics like you. Bailey failed to educate his two daughters!" "Please, leave us alone," I said to Mrs. Madden. "O-okay." She quickly drank the contents of her cup, then picked up her bag and walked past me behind my back. "I'll see you later, ma'am." I patiently waited for her to sit down. Once she relented, I sat down in front of her. The waiter asked me for my order, so I mentioned a special package on the menu. I could have them pack it for me to take home later. "I know you're active in social activities, but you've never had direct contact with the people you help." I started the conversat
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8|Hate to Lose
[Blaze] "I'm sorry, Mr. Knightley. We did our best, but he had chosen another candidate." Kyle gulped in fear, afraid of my response after hearing that bad news. "We lost meant we didn't do our best." I looked at him in the eyes. "It's the first defeat I have ever suffered since I started this company. Where did we do wrong?" He only bowed his head, looking at whatever was on my desk. Of course, he didn't know the answer because, besides me, he was also surprised by this final result. We'd been trying to get along with the target for over three months, doing everything we could to gain his sympathy, but we'd failed. I had been eyeing the company for so long to get a place in Las Vegas. After winning New York, that city was my next target. There were tons of people who visited the place every year. It was a perfect location for a hospitality business. I didn't have much budget to open a new building or buy an old hotel for sale, so I started by buying shares of the biggest hotel th
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9|Too Stunned to Speak
Time seemed to stop when I realized the woman's presence by my side was in danger. I shielded her as much as I could with my body so that neither the flames nor the car shards would hurt her. I should have realized sooner what that sound meant. We must have been out of range of the explosion. The atmosphere around us was suddenly as bright as daylight because of the explosion. The temperature around us was so hot that I didn't dare check the state of my backside. I hugged Heather, who got down on the pavement by my side. It wasn't long before there were shouts of people calling to put out the fire. Only then did I dare to turn my head and see several men running while carrying fire extinguishers. I puffed out when I saw every glass in the flower shop shattered. I hoped she insured the car and building. "Heather, are you okay?" I loosened my embrace and checked on her. From the looks of it, she wasn't hurt or exposed to the flames. I managed to protect her. But her body was shaking
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10|Failed to Recall
[Heather] Hot. I felt so hot. I forced myself to open my eyes. I saw fire surrounded me. I quickly sat up and looked around. I couldn't see anything except fire. I called for my sister because her bedroom was right beside mine. Hearing no answer, I called my mom and dad. I was so scared there was no one around me. Where was my family? Why didn't they come? Couldn’t they hear my screams? Did Dad and Mom abandon me? No, they wouldn't. They loved me. Darcy would have told them I was still here. "Daddy! Mommy!" I called as loud as I could. "Help me! Darcy! Help me!" My chest felt tight, and I started coughing from the thickening smoke. I could only cry, shouting for them until I lost my voice. Attempting to get out of bed, my foot burned as my sole touched the floor. So I stayed on the bed. I didn't know what was happening but knew I was in my room. I sobbed and prayed to God to help me. My teacher would be mad at me if I didn't go to school and submit our craft assignment. "Heather,
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