Human Kid

Human Kid

By:  Tega  Ongoing
Language: English
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Suzanne O'Izzy's journey still continues. New year, new rules, new things, new team mate, new .....feelings. Jump into a crazed world in Herotapolis where you can sign up to be a hero just like every other job but be can get more than what you bargain for at Hero league.

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Princess Galaxiana
great job urhobo. I love the book. nice cover too. more strength to you
2021-12-05 03:16:31
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the synopsis got me hooked already great job author
2021-08-17 20:01:18
user avatar
Amazing cover Awesome plot. Good job author
2021-08-02 23:06:20
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Aarti Shankar
Captivating book, i loved the plot so unique and interesting. Author is doing great job. All the best author.
2021-08-24 16:37:45
70 Chapters
Chapter 1
The alarm clock beeped. A brunette stirred lazily on the bed. She tried to find the snooze button all to no avail. She clenched her hand into a fist and knocked the alarm clock away from her bedside table, sending it up in the air and crashing into her room's wall, making a big dent and destroying the alarm clock along with it. Suzanne turned to her other side to resume her sleep. This was Herotapolis, where the heroes lived. In this city there lived real, breathing heroes. You could tell already by the name of the city right? Hero League was an organization that pooled together normal people and trained them to become heroes. From chasing of bank robbers to extinguishing of fires in burning buildings, to serving as body guards to important people as well as getting stranded animals down from trees, or odd places, the heroes were ever available.&
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Chapter 2
"CIN! CIN!!" Ethan shouted in an excited tone. Aiden faced him. "What?" he asked indifferently. "Say, when do we get our first mission?!" Ethan asked with a big grin. "That's right!" Suzanne stood up from the desk she sat on. She moved to where Aiden was seated. "When's our first mission CIN?!" she asked leaning a bit closer to him. Aiden rolled his eyes. "Back away," he told her, frowning slightly. She laughed nervously and stepped back a few paces. Andrew continued using his laptop, unconcerned. Ryan rolled his eyes. "Suzanne, you act like you'll even add any good contribution when we're given a mission. You know you're quite a disturbance," he said. Ashley turned to him and clasped her hands around one of Ryan's. He raised a quizzical eyebrow at her.&nb
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Chapter 3
"Good morning LIN!" Ashley bowed shortly. Alex patted her head as he walked by. The rest greeted him with less vigour, Andrew way less than the others. "I suppose you are Squad 10, aren't you?" he looked at them. "Yup! That's us all right!" Ethan affirmed, smiling widely.Alex adjusted his glasses and smiled back at him. He turned to them all. "Okay then. Let's get down to business as I have somewhere else to be." Suzanne moved a little closer to him. Andrew rested his chin on his palm. Alex looked very serious now. "Squad 10, you have been assigned a class C-mission file!" He brought forth the file he was holding. Ashleys' eyes glowed with pride. She and Ethan exchanged excited looks. "All five members are needed for the total completion of this mission. A report on the mission must be mad
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Chapter 4
"Here!" Ashley closed her eyes and smiled as she handed over an ice cream cone to Ryan. He looked at the vanilla flavored ice cream she held out for him to collect. "What?" he asked in confusion. Ashley was one human being that confused him so much. She opened her eyes and blinked, "It's yours!" "Why?" Ryan questioned her, annoyed. They came to the park to solve a case not to bask in the warmth of the sunshine. "Cos I got it for you, silly!" She laughed. "You wasted your money," he snorted coldly and looked the other way. Ethan folded his pants up to his knees and plunged into the frosty fountain water. He folded up his blue shirt sleeves and crouched to pick the pennies that had been thrown into the water. Andrew was already using a device to track footprints beside the berry
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Chapter 5
Andrew narrowed his eyes at the woman who sat at the table opposite his. The small café had a tinted glass window which he sat beside. He could watch people come in but they could hardly notice him where he sat even as they came in. The café was a street across Green hill Park. The woman smoothened her straight black skirt and glanced at her wrist watch. Not too long after, a small, bubbly girl putting on all pink and holding a lollipop, raced over to the woman as soon as she sighted her from the entrance of the café. The woman bent and scooped her up in a hug. Then she tickled the girl. The little girl's squeals and laughter rang out around the small and cozy café that smelled of minted syrup. A teenage girl of sixteen years strolled in leaisurely with a fake stroller that obviously held a
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Chapter 6
"And then we went to the kiddies pool but Sally won't let me take a dip cos I didn't bring my swim suit along but I insisted and she gave in," the small girl narrated in an excited happy tone as her mother's car parked in front of their driveway. Linda laughed at her daughter's enthusiasm. "Settle down Betty," she chided as she turned off the engine. Soon enough they made their way inside. Linda unlocked the door while Betty pushed her doll stroller inside the house rather cheerfully. "Well, well, well," came a rather cold voice from the middle of the room. A curtain was raised and light flooded into the small apartment. Betty stepped near her mum who clutched her shoulder with a protective hand and she held her phone on the other hand in a tight grasp. "Who are you?" Linda asked, a bit tensed. Ryan whirled his chair
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Chapter 7
Alex smiled."I'm glad you completed your first mission early; it'll be put down as a good record for you guys. I'm guessing you're free for the day. Maybe you should train; your Coach did inform me that you are facing your CIN some weeks away, is it?" Alex said as he brought out a document. "Here, sign this, all of you." Suzanne picked up the pen and signed underneath her name, the others did too, one after the other.It was the documentation of their mission file. In it was the evidences gathered on the case and the way it was solved. Also short personal statements of themselves were written down. "You're right; we should train." Ryan nodded curtly. "Alright, I'll leave you to it. If there's a new mission, I'll let you know." Alex nodded at him and walked out of the empty classroom. "Ashley what's your skill?" Ethan asked as he turned to her. 
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Chapter 8
"You work at a dog shelter Ashley?!" Ethan asked with wide eyes. Ashley laughed lightly as she replied him, "It's actually a volunteered act, and I don't get paid. Besides, It's only on weekends." "Cool! Can I volunteer too?" Ethan asked her eagerly."Sure! The more, the merrier!" Ashley nodded as she beamed him a wide smile."Anyway," Andrew said and all their attentions returned to him."That was when Ashley suggested we went to the park to look for clues, I needed to check out some things so I agreed to it. The thing I didn't know was how Sally and Betty took the dog from right under the owner's nose, so I wanted to find out."Suzanne adjusted herself in her seat. "Wait a minute, you mean you knew all this before we headed to the park and you didn't say a word about it?!" she asked Andrew incredulously.Andrew shrugged."It was a hypothesis. I had to be exactly sure and as I was still missing some
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Chapter 9
"Heh....if it isn't Squad 10," a voice scoffed.They all looked in the direction of the voice.They saw Luke approaching with his Squad mates some distance behind him."Hey Luke!" Suzanne waved gaily at him. He had on a pompous look as he addressed Ryan and ignored Suzanne. "Pity you didn't stay long enough in the E-rank exams; you'd have witnessed me being victorious," he smirked, as he eyed them all in derision. His focused attention settled disdainfully on Ryan. "Anyway, it's a good thing you were rushed to the hospital, everyone saw how weak you were. I bet if it was me, I could witstand a bullet or two." Luke bragged as he poured his mouth at Ryan dismissively.Ryan just gave him a cold look, then ignored him."There's Luke, bragging away as usual," Ava snorted as they arrived at the spot where Squad 10 was."How's your arm Ryan?" Snow asked, as she looked at Ryan and smiled briefly at him."It's fine," he re
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Chapter 10
"Bye guys!" Ashley waved.Ryan replied with a mumbled grunt and Ethan laughed again as he looked Ryan over. What had happened there that afternoon was still extremely funny to him, though Ryan would not readily agree with him."Hey, Ethan, is anyone picking you up?" Ashley asked as she got out her bicycle.Ethan made a sour face as he looked her way."My big brother's picking me up; he always does," he replied."Okay! See you tomorrow then!" Ashley said cheerfully as she hopped on her bike and pedaled away."Bye Ashley," Suzanne smiled and waved nimbly as Ashley rode off.She and Andrew turned to start walking towards the bus stop.Ryan's butler, Greg, zoomed in. He alighted from the car."Master Ryan," Greg said as he opened the back seat of the limousine for Ryan."Thanks," Ryan replied curtly as he entered.Greg went to the driver's seat."Ryan! Wait! Don't leave!" a girly voice shrieked behind th
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