Hunter's Mistakes

Hunter's Mistakes

By:  DenvyRyzen  Ongoing
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Between his high life and his unwanted marriage, Hunter is more than happy to let his wife home, ignore her, mistreated her, and cheat on her with hundred of women because he thinks he is better than any other person. But when Crystal is throwing the divorce papers in his face and she disappears from his mansion and his life, Hunter realizes that he did a huge mistake. What was the big mistake he did? He realizes he fell in love with his now ex-wife. He fell in love with her beauty, kindness and her patience. But maybe will be too late for this billionaire to gain the trust back of Crystal. Or maybe kind-hearted Crystal will give a second chance to her ex-billionaire-husband? But the most important will be they are able to pass all the obstacles coming now from life itself. They will fight with each other, gain new friends and enemies and the danger will be something they can't ignore but bring them together and closer every single day until they will end up happy ever after or their ways will split forever.

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Hunter's Mistakes is a romantic drama that deals with reconciliation and second chances. Crystal is a beautiful and kind-hearted woman enduring the ridicule of her husband. Her billionaire spouse Hunter has done everything in the book to upset her. From mistreatment to cheating, he has done it all. Crystal is fed up and demands a divorce. Hunter agrees and begins to live a life without her. Somewhere along the way, Hunter longs for Crystal and wants her back. Hunter must find a way to get another chance. Because Crystal is too hurt to forgive him easily.

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Leaving you
Crystal Snow POV I tried my best to show him, love, to show him that for me, he is more important than his money. But it did not work. Hunter was and still is the most hunted man from New York, a billionaire who can have everything and anything at any time. He was forced to marry me, a simple woman just because he needed to look good in papers like a married man and a loving person. I was easy prey because of my red and long hair like fire, my blue sparkling eyes and my slim body. I was just the perfect wife but in reality, for him, I'm nobody. I fall for him like an idiot obviously, and I tried my best every day to show him that he can trust me and he can give me a chance. But the big Hunter just ignored all my prays, all my tears and all my pain, and now I am ready to throw out the towel and leave this marriage before is too late for me. Maybe you will ask why I want to leave this marriage with a billionaire, where I can have everything and I can have an amazing life which most
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The same Hunter
Crystal Snow POV I can't recall too many nice memories with Hunter, but I can recall his voice, his posture and his smile in front of the camera. I was the perfect wife for the papers, and now I'm just a bartender in a local restaurant close to my small apartment where I'm living now. After this divorce, the clause on our contract marriage was to stay three years together before I can leave and have some money from his millions, but because I had the balls to leave early, I did not receive anything. And to be honest, I don't care. I did not care when I married, and the only thing I carried the most was Hunter. I am trying to have a normal life, I'm earning some money, and besides that, I am back to school, medical school trying to have a nurse diploma so I can have a career after. Do I still feel the pain? Yes. Is still hurting because Hunter is everywhere in papers, tv and radio. And every time is with a different woman. The tabloids take his divorce like a nice juicy story wh
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"I'm sorry"
Liam Hunter POV I saw her leaving the mansion with tears in her sky-blue eyes, and I was unable to stop her. I deserve this entirely. I deserve to be deserted by such an amazing and kind-hearted woman. When I married her, we shared just a small kiss which told me how pure and shy she was. But I did not want this. I did not want to be married at twenty-five years. I am the CEO of my parent's business, and for me was more important to live my life at maximum and not let any woman control my life. I did not want a burn in my life and did not want to care for somebody else. She did not deserve this pain, and clearly, she was sick enough of it, so she throws the white towel after two years. I was amazed that she survived so much but maybe was for her good. But something there is still bothering me. I think thought where Crystal didn't care about my money all along this journey. She did not request me anything in these two years she was not fussy and full of herself being married to a
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The old friend Seth
Crystal Snow POV I can't believe I just heard Hunter saying he is sorry for something. This big man never said anything like this to probably anyone in his life. And I can't believe I'm falling for this crap again. But I manage to keep my shit together, and I helped him to get up, and I manage to put him in a bed over the ER room. It didn't take too much to see people noticing him very easily. He is Liam Hunter, the youngest and the biggest billionaire in America. He has his name on brands and any tv stations or magazine covers. He has a private jet and tons of money and women. It's easy to notice somebody like him. And I know from my experience. The bad part of this is people noticing me as well. I hated that so much. I hated so much to be in the spotlights. I left him on the bed, and I rush back to close the door and the curtains in that room. People become noisy, and quite frankly both of us needed some private space now. "What is wrong with you? Why are you going around the
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Two different ways
Liam Hunter POVI was expecting a lot from her, but not this attitude.To be honest I kinda deserve it. Crystal has all the right to be mad at me and treat me like crap because I cause her so much pain. Ending up in the hospital was not the best idea for myself and my reputation. Now I needed to somehow go out of here without being seen. And this will not be easy knowing a lot of people have seen me collapsing in the ER room.So after Crystal left I phoned my best friend Seth. He was the only one I trust in my entire life, and I knew very well he is my right hand, helping me with anything I need usually. He was, and it is like a brother to me, and we know each other since middle school. His parents are friends with my parents, and we meet in a private middle school where both were some pain in the ass for the school teachers.He grows different from me, and I have short moments where I'm the envy of his life. He has his own business, a very powerful one but the difference between us i
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Bad memories and surprise?!
Liam Hunter After a few weeks, I was still questioning myself about Crystal and this situation. I sigh slowly, and I opened my drawer from my office desk and pick up a few papers. I was looking at that piece of paper, and I throw my hand in my hair with a long sigh this time. Those papers were our divorce papers. My signature is clear there, and my pride is coloured in that black pen signature. Yes, my fucking pride was the one signing these papers. On a different signature is the broken heart Crystal left off with that handwriting. I studied those papers for hours and days now, and I can't find the real reason I sign that. I heard my office door opening, and I look in that direction with my cold dead eyes. I was not in the mood for visitors, investors or any stupid people hanging in my office. I had a terrible few days and weeks, and I did not need anyone or anything to disturb me now. "Hei mate, ready for tonight's party?"I softened my glare when I see Seth and Angela, both look
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She needs to be mine
Crystal SnowI can't believe I let myself dragged here. This party should be just for wealthy people, not for all of us. While I was married to Hunter I experienced a few parties where the hostess invited people with not the same money as the others with booming businesses and was a disaster.Wealthy people don't respect anyone, just themselves. Many times neither themselves but who I am to judge? I am a simple woman, and my colleagues convinced me to pop in for this party, not only to have a little bit of fun but because all knew I was Hunter's ex-wife and in their stupid minds have the impression that I knew a lot of people and I have a lot of connections. But nobody knows this thought is just a myth. While with Hunter I didn't make too many friends besides Seth and Angela, more because Hunter was not so impressed with me and he didn't want me to speak with people too much, being convinced that I will embarrass him.So I was in a corner most of the time to special events with him an
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That's my wife
Liam HunterI parked my car in front of the building where the party was going on. I breathe long after passing my car keys to the valet outside. He signs "Yes" from his head and left. I tried to avoid media waiting on the door, and avoid a fuss. I wanted to go in and out fast, just to tell Crystal about the marriage and resolve it.Usually, I will not give a crap of anything, but because this girl just somehow destroyed my thoughts I needed to be honest with her one time in this life. Because I knew very well I was not honest with her all these two years. And she deserves this at least.I manage to go inside and after I passed the big white fancy door I can see a lot of people, many sitting at the tables, drinking and having a good time. Other ones have a nice dance, interacting with each other. You can see very well the difference between the people full of money and the false ones, trying just to show that they are wealthy. It's very easy to see everything. But I did not want to st
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