The Abandoned Bride: My Baby's Daddy Is In Love With Us

The Abandoned Bride: My Baby's Daddy Is In Love With Us

By:  Dinnah  Completed
Language: English
78 ratings
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"Stop the car!" Shouted Albert "Boss!" "I said stop the car or you are fired!" Albert said coldly. 'Screeeeeeech' the driver stepped on the emergency break. Before he could react, his boss had already flung the door and was running towards a certain direction... .... "Let's go home." Hearing the word home, Velma looked at the man before her dumbly. "Let's go home..." Albert repeated himself. Before waiting for Velma to reply, he took her hand and led her to the car.

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user avatar
Desiree Burch
Cannot wait to see how she get revenge.
2024-02-27 01:36:04
user avatar
Desiree Burch
Great read
2024-02-23 04:48:21
user avatar
Ester Salagubang
Tagalog po wala story?
2024-01-27 17:49:37
default avatar
Nichola James
I would definitely recommend this book to anyone. Each chapter I read I enjoyed so much. Keep up the good work author....️
2023-10-13 13:21:02
user avatar
'Mannete Letsoela
Totally a page turner. Im unable to put it down. very interesting story but the writting is a bit of a turn off.
2023-07-07 02:01:50
user avatar
dorothy michael84
good story
2023-06-20 18:19:02
user avatar
Archna Maru
looking forward to reading through the full book.... Best read so far
2023-06-08 05:42:49
user avatar
good reader
am reading the book the story is good but the writing needs to be improved a lot
2023-04-26 03:10:54
user avatar
Jeanne Niskiewicz
absolutely love the book. Perfect length and story was so good!!!
2023-04-01 14:52:18
user avatar
Queen Harvey
Second read, still loved the story?
2023-04-01 14:32:18
default avatar
Mon Chan
I finished redaing,,, very nice storyline:: just right not OA* Simple but exciting, I love itthank you Author
2023-01-25 20:34:41
user avatar
Lorie Turnbull
love the story thanks Author
2022-10-20 19:02:02
default avatar
Adetokunbo Victoria Lawanson
Beautiful story
2022-08-24 22:39:50
default avatar
Great story. Not dragging. Pure love. Unlike other novels that has dragging, repeated issues and with 1,000+ chapters, this one is different. Gives warmth to heart, my favorite so far.
2022-08-10 22:37:01
default avatar
Rita Price
Great story. Not a lot of unnecessary misunderstanding and didn’t drag the storyline.
2022-07-20 05:25:20
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62 Chapters
Chapter 1
"Give it to me. Don't deny me the pleasure." Velma moaned as she clutched the stranger's shirt. She did not know what was happening to her body. She just felt hot all over and the touch of the man before her increased the intensity of the fire in her body. "Are you sure?" Asked the man in a hoarse voice. Velma clutched his neck tightly and kissed him. She was thirsty and her body needed relief. It appeared as if her life depended on that one kiss. "Don't regret it then. You asked for it." Said the man as carried her towards the bedroom. The sounds of clothes being torn could be heard. The hurried breathing of the two people in the room made one's heart race. Albert landed a kiss on Velma's collarbone. She moaned in pleasure as she asked for more. Not being able to hold back anymore, he threw her on his body, and his heavyweight followed her. ..... Waking up in a daze, Velma felt her whole body aching. Seeing the unfamiliar environment appears in her eyes, she was immediately a
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Chapter 2
9 months later...."Mom I think my water just broke. Can you help me. I have to go to the hospital." Velma said to the woman sitting on the sofa busy trimming her nails.Her forehead was covered in cold sweat as she struggled to walk down the stairs."What! Now you know how to call me mom. When you messed around and got yourself pregnant, did you ever think about this family? About your dad's reputation?" Susan howled."Just help me call the butler. I want someone who can help me go to the hospital." Velma said as she tried to endure the pain she was in.She did not have the time to quibble with her stepmother.She has had enough for the past nine months she has been pregnant. Only her father had supported her whole heartedly. After the night with that stranger, she had unfortunately gotten pregnant. Not wanting to have an abortion and kill the innocent child, she decide to keep her baby.But her stepmother was against it
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Chapter 3
It was late at night. Velma was alone on the streets with a new born baby. She had nowhere to go or no one to call. Her only friend Brenda was out of town and she could not reach her."Your dad left you after knowing that you are not his daughter. Now you have no one to help you and take care of you. You are all on your own." Her head felt like bursting when she remembered her stepmother's word. She did not believe that Martin was not her biological father. She did not have the energy to call to him because she knew that he was not willing to see her now.Her mother died when she was young, from a car accident but they never found her body. Her father had investigated for a long time and he already gave up.She has grown up with the love of her father and never felt like she missed her mother.Her father's endless love and pampering made her not to crave for her mother's love.Now her only pillar and support had left her. Velma was in
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Chapter 4
When Martin reached home, he went directly to his bedroom, opened the drawer beside his bed and took out some stuff.  Those stuffs belonged to his dead wife that is Velma's mom and he treasured them like they were some priceless treasures. When he met Velma's mother, he had just graduated from college and was struggling to start his own business. He was not from a rich a family where children could just inherit their family business after they came of age. He started from the scratch and build his way up to where he was today. Velma's mother, Christine was good at designing jewelry and when they met, she suggested to Martin that they start a jewelry company and she will be the chief designer  and she will also teach people so that when she was not around, they will keep the company going. Since both of them liked each other at first sight, they did not waste time and immediately registered their marriage. Their relationship was great
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Chapter 5
The following morning, Velma woke up with a start. Remembering what has transpired since she gave birth until now, she felt a headache. When she was pregnant, her father had tried his best to block all the news concerning her. She also stopped going to the company. Her father told her colleagues that she had fallen sick and had gone overseas to recuperate. Thinking about her father, Velma's heart hurt so much that she could not even breath. Will he ever forgive her. Her father had been looking forward to the coming of his grandson, she did not expect that something like that could happen. Suddenly the door was pushed open. Albert walked in the room wearing a plain t-shirt and loose pyjamas. It seemed like he was not going to work today. "You are awake." His face bloomed with a happy smile when he saw Velma. Velma looked at him and said nothing. She only cared about her baby and if he was okay. "Where is my baby. I want to see h
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Chapter 6
When Martin opened his eyes, he felt a splitting headache. He could not even lift his eyelids. They were so heavy that they hurt when he tried to open them. He felt something moving on his side. Looking over he found the he was hugging something soft in his hand. Martin was startled. He even forgot about his hurting head as he looked over in an instant. Lying before him was Susan. Her face was flushed and several hickeys could be seen on her body. She was sleeping peacefully and clutching on his arm tightly. "What did I do yesterday? Did I sleep with her?" Martin thought as he removed Susan's hand that was clutching his. He was not at all gentle. He used a lot of force which made Susan to wake with a start. Her gaze was still dazed as she tried to remember what happened yesterday. Seeing that Martin was looking at her coldly,  Susan felt a chill in her heart. "We have already slept together. What was with that gaze of his. Shouldn
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Chapter 7
Back at Martin's house, After Susan made sure that Martin was gone, she dialed a number that had not been dialed in a long time."Hello, the mission is done." Susan said the moment the phone went through."Good. Although it took you long enough." A reverberated laugh was heard from the other end of the phone."Try to take pictures of you two being intimate. I think that will be the torture to her." "Okay. Rest assured I will not fail you." Susan said and hung up the phone....Meanwhile, in Albert's study room... "What happened that night 9 months ago was a mistake." Velma stated.  "How could you know that it was not fate?" Albe
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Chapter 8
Albert was startled when Velma fainted in his arms and immediately called the doctor.They gave her a IV drop and after confirming that she was not in any dangerous situation, Albert was relieved.Gift might have felt the distress of his mother and he too started to cry. The baby sitting nanny tried to calm him down by giving him milk, but he could not stop crying."Master, young master can't stop crying. I have changed his diaper, washed him and even gave him milk, but he is still crying." The nanny's voice reached Albert's ears the moment he stepped out of the room.Albert looked at the little dumpling crying hysterically in the nanny's hands and felt a headache."Let me hold him." Albert said as he stretcher out his hands to hold his baby.
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Chapter 9
In the car, looking at the woman whose face had turned pale, Albert knew that she had suffered. "What happened?" He asked softly as he helped her fasten the seat belt. "Nothing. I thought that my dad would at least want to see me but I was wrong. Maybe the affection we've had for each other died that day. He wants nothing to do with me." Velma said, having a complicated feeling in her heart. "I'm sorry, this is all my fault." Albert said, blaming himself. If he had controlled his desires, this would not have happened. "It is not your fault. You actually saved me in a way. If it had happened the way Winnie had planned, I'm pretty sure I will be dead by now." Velma said. "Don't worry about me. I will get over it soon. It is just that I don't know where I can start looking for a job." Velma said, closing her eyes. Just then her cell phone rung. It was Alvin calling. "Hello, dear. Where are you?" Alvin's gentle voice came through t
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Chapter 10
Arriving in the car, her face was as white as a sheet of paper. Albert was worried as he handed her a bottle of water."What happened? Why do you look so pale?" He asked, his voice filled with concern."Just drive." Velma said in  a weak voice. Albert did  not say anything else and started the car.Back in the hotel. Alvin did not know why his heart was stuffed the moment Velma walked out of that door. He could not bear to see her heartbroken but Winnie was holding onto him tightly and refusing to let go."Now that you have ended things with Velma, we can officially be together without any problem, right?" Winnie said lightly, fearing that she might hurt Alvin's feelings."Mmmm." He said absent mindedly.He did not know what he was feeling but he knew that his heart was filled with regret. He did not know if he has made the right decision. He actually knew Velma better than anyone else and she will never do anything to
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