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Chapter 1) Memories And Realities

In the midst of pitter patter, it was raining heavily outside in the middle of the night and the temperature dropped due to the excessive rain but there was someone inside the house who was burning with the heat.

"DENNY", The deep and moving voice whirled in Alden's ear intimately with a touch of gentleness.

Long slender fingers were clutching the long hairs of him. His hard muscles were poking his soft body.

"KANG", Alden's breath was like erupting volcanic magma, hot and scorching.

The surging enthusiasm swept Alden's whole body like a surging wave.

Hot kisses fell on Alden's face and lips like dense raindrops. Grabbing Alden's jaw with his two fingers, Dennis showered hot kisses on him.

Alden arched as his fingernails slammed into Dennis's shoulder blades, and the grunting like a little titty cat resulted in a pleasant chuckle.

Two naked bodies entangled together under a sheet and was burning in heat. His each thrusts were making him crazy.

Dennis whispered softly in Alden's ear, as if it were love words, and also as if proclaiming, "Denny, You Are MINE. ALDEN, You Belong To DENNIS"


Alden said right after him and Abruptly, Alden was awakened from his dream, covered in sweat. His entire pajamas were soaked with sweat.

He blinked blankly and stared at the ceiling vainly, as if he hadn't fully woken up yet.

In the dream, those eyes, which were as deep and charming as cold stars, were so clear that they were still in front of him.

When Alden saw a room of stars, he knew clearly that everything just now was just a dream.

But even though it was a dream, the scene in the dream just now actually happened in his life.

It was the clashed of his memory and reality. He fell in to a deep thought. He could still feel the burning sensation, Dennis's touches and his hot breathing all over his body

His room seemed cold and quiet.

"It is probably still late at night", Alden thought as he removed his duvet and sat up. He snapped on the lamp on the bedside table.

Warm orange lights flooded every corner of the room, all of a sudden warming this cold rainy night.

Because of his movement, he awakened the white dog who was lying in the dog house in the corner.

White dog raised its head in confusion at first, and when it saw Alden sitting on the bed, it shook its furry tail, cheered, and jumped onto his bed as he trot.

Alden moved gently to touch its head.

PEACH was a white dog with pure gray eyes. Because of his eyes, Alden wanted to him named 'GRAY' but someone else chose PEACH for him.

And that someone was Kang DENNIS , His Ex-boyfriend.

It happened six years ago. Six years ago, Dennis gave PEACH name to the white dog and it had now been four years since their separation, that still left his heart wrenching.

Alden scratched its chin, his tone was a little irritable, "Peach, I just dreamed of your Daddy."

After speaking, Alden realized that his statement was wrong. Not "Daddy", it should be "former Daddy".

PEACH seemed to be able to understand what he said. After he said it, the white dog became excited.

It jumped out of the bed and ran frantically around the bed, shaking its big tail from side to side.

He even bowed softly at Alden a few times. As if asking him, "Where is Daddy? Where is my Daddy?"

Alden couldn't help rolling his eyes and snorted coldly, "I raised you for four years but you still like him more than me? Okay, then no more chicken for you".

Peach was a cool and calm dog who never bark at anyone. He loved to enjoy eating chicken, milk and watching hot male leads on TV.

Sometimes, In many cases, PEACH proved that he seemed to understand human words and lives.

Right now, When Peach heard that he could not eat his favourite chicken, his inner dog became frustrated as he bowed its head, walked back to the doghouse in silence, lay down, and then pretended to be dead.

But time to time, This white dog raising its gray eyeballs stared at Alden's direction unblinkingly.

Appearing poor, weak, and helpless.

Alden laughed mentally as he rolled his eyes and felt that his dog was about to become refined, and his acting was getting better and better day by day. Alden didn't know who he learned from.

Alden picked up the phone on the bedside table and glanced at the moment. It's only five o'clock in the morning.

The sun in winter always rises later than the sun in summer. Even though it was five o'clock in the morning, it was still dark outside.

It should have just rained outside, so the temperature has dropped by two degrees.

After Alden woke up, he didn't intend to go to bed again. He got up, put a thick coat on his pajamas, and prepared to go to the kitchen to warm a glass of milk.

Before leaving, he glanced at Peach, who was still pretending to be sympathetic.

Alden snorted and said, "Hey, Do you graduate from the Dramatic courses of Acting Academy of Animals?"

Alden shook his head and moved out while thinking about Peach. He knew that Peach was excited just now because of hearing that person's name.

He sighed weakly.

Obviously, Alden was the one who raised it for the past four years. But the person closest to it seems to be the owner from the very beginning.

PEACH owner was someone else. Peach was a gift to him. Alden got Peach from Dennis.

The gray eyes of Peach were so pure and impurity-free that turned around and looked at him pitifully, but still made no sound.

Alden ignored Peach's over acting and walked out directly of the bedroom.

As soon as he came to the small living room room, some of the misty light illuminated the entire room.

Because of this sudden light, his heart thumped as he was forced to stop in the next second.

Alden saw the familiar figure in front of her. He squinted his eyes and the strangeness in his heart became more obvious about the thief.

That thief had sensed Alden's presence behind him. He turned around and winked viciously at Alden.

"Oh My , The Young Master of RICHARDS Family is awake now. So, sorry to disturb you", There was a hint of mock in those words.

Alden's face turned pale after listening to his words.

Yes, There was a time when Alden used to be the Young Master of RICHARDS family. RICHARDS was the name of wealth, status and sparkle.

Katherine Richards, mother of Alden made a blunder in her decision two years ago, and she lost several hundred million dollars at a time.

Now Katherine's jewelry company was struggling each day to recover from the loses but the truth was that the famous Jewellery Brand named 'The Crown Of Love' of America was on the verge of bankruptcy.

Several luxury homes and all luxury cars in the family have long been mortgaged to the bank. But there was little money that his mother sent him for livelihood.

Now, His mother and Alden was living in nothing more than a house with a monthly rent of 450 dollar.

But even for such a house, Alden could hardly pay the rent.

When Alden was in deep thought, that thief came closer to him and started touching his body improperly. Alden pushed him and beat him for trespassing and stealing in his house.

That thief always had his dirty eyes on Alden as he also marched onto him. In the middle of struggle, the glasses fell from table to the floor.

With a "bang", a crisp explosion engulfed and the living room was

suddenly messed up as the shards of glass and the waters spilled all over the floor.

PEACH heard the movement and came out while barking that diverted Alden's attention and at this moment, he was thrown to the floor by the thief. 

Unfortunately, Alden fell on the glass shards on the floor. Thief ran out of the house without looking back at him. He stole a silver bracelet of Alden. 

PEACH barked angrily, and it rushed forward fiercely to attack on the thief but thief hurriedly opened the main door and fled leaving Alden in pain.

"PEACH Stop", Alden moaned in pain. The glass plunged into Alden's flesh was constantly bleeding out.

Peach stopped running behind the thief and came back towards the Alden.

"Be Careful of the glass pieces", Alden said and Peach tilted his head in understanding.

Alden felt pain in every small movement as he called Peach, "Bring my mobile phone"

Peach heard it as he hurriedly ran back into the room with his tail, and then ran out with Alden's mobile phone in his mouth.

Alden endured the pain and picked up the phone from Peach's mouth, and then made a call.

Five minutes later, a boy same age of Alden walked in violently from outside the door. The door was not locked and when he found Alden lying on the ground with blood all over, PARK EUN WOO yelled, "Hey, Alden, Are you okay? How did you end up like this?"

Alden tugged the corner of his mouth as he was fighting with pain.

Park Eun Woo immediately called the ambulance and fifteen minutes later, ambulance arrived and both boys went to the hospital, leaving the anxious dog behind.

In the ambulance, the doctor and the attendants first gave Alden an emergency treatment of the wound.

Fortunately, most of the glass was not embedded deep enough but still the wound looked serious. Due to this accident, Alden shed a lot of blood, and needed to make up for the next few days.

However, some wounds on Alden's body still need to be dealt with in the hospital, so as not to leave scars.

While getting the treatment, Alden told Eun Woo about the incident.

Park Eun Woo was filled with indignation, "That bastard, I will not spare him"

"Don't do anything. You are about to get leading roles in the movies", Alden said in a concerning tone

Eun Woo blinked evilly like his sexy mind was planning something wicked.

"I will not spare him", Eun Woo said and at this moment , ambulance stopped outside the hospital.


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