Chapter 79) Epilogue 1} SUCCESS

"Aim for the moon

and You will get

the stars as well"



Fifteen Days later, The stage lights dimmed, and a young handsome man's face appeared on the big screen.

A beam of light poured down from above, and half of the man's body was melted into the darkness.

With the light reflecting, only the man's nearly perfect profile could be seen.

PARK EUN WOO aka Euny {stage name} was written in a bold and italics letters that shone under the lights.


Someone from the crowd shouted and Eun Woo suddenly curled up the corners of his mouth, and the small black mole under his bright eyes looked quite seductive.

"My Lucky Charm", Eun Woo smiled brightly as he thought about the owner of the voice.

Alden who was sitting on the opposite side of the crowd, hiding his face under the mask and cap from the fans shouted enthusiastically.

Eun Woo could see Alden's smiling face under the mask that gave him another round of motivation to do well.

In the next instant, E
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