Chapter 76) SEALED

"Will you tell me now Where are we going?", Alden asked Dennis who was sitting beside him but Dennis's fingers were tapping fastly on the keypad of his laptop.

Alden's cheeks bulged annoyingly as he looked away from Dennis.

The driver took a quick glance at the couple and continued to drive to the destination.

At the next second, Dennis closed his laptop and pulled Alden's hand and entwined their fingers together, "Don't sulk, Baby. You will know when we will be there".

Alden rolled his eyes and at this moment he got a call from Park Eun Woo.

Alden picked it up instantly and talked to him.

Dennis stared at his face. Alden was chatting happily with Eun Woo. Dennis took out his cell phone and took a picture of Alden while he was busy talking with Eun Woo.

Alden frowned slightly when he glanced at Dennis and caught him taking his picture. Alden wriggled his brows and Dennis shook his head negatively.

"Yeah ! Peach is good. He found himself a girlfriend. He forgets about his fathe
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