Chapter 73) Intense LOVERS


"Tsk . . Tsk . . You could've just asked me".

Dennis spoke in a hoarse voice and his eyes were diluted with unbearable pleasure.

"Let's try something new", Dennis said as he turned off the shower and quickly stepped out of the bathroom and carefully put Alden on the bed.

"What's going in your head?", Alden asked him and Dennis replied in two words, "Trust me".

And Alden did trust him.

Dennis took a rectangular shape cloth and covered Alden's eyes. Alden's mouth open as his heart quiver slightly.

Alden laid there on the bed when he felt Dennis's fingers on his wet boxer as it pulled down and gave a cold sensation on his body.

Dennis brushed his lips over Alden's nipple, flickering a quick gaze up to the tied and blindfolded Alden, attaching his lips around the sensitive area.

Dennis was happy to see Alden became so flustered and needy after a simple action.

Alden moaned as his tied hands balling up into fists and he rattled at the chains hoping they would com
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