Chapter 74) The ARRANGEMENTS

Watching the back to back breaking news, Eun Woo's face was grimmed as his brows furrowed deeply.

"What's going on here? First Ryan Cruz and his mother. And what's wrong with Daniel Cruz? Can't he control his lower body once in his life?", Eun Woo murmured coldly as his face ashen.

Suddenly, he felt a light pat on his shoulder. Eun Woo turned around and found Ulka Sen, his manager was standing behind him.

"What's the matter with you, Sir?", Ulka asked him but Eun Woo pursed his lips and did not say a word.

Ulka looked at the breaking news and then glanced at him.

"Do you know the CRUZs, Sir?", She asked and Eun Woo directly shook his head negatively, "No".

Ulka nodded her head and said, "Then let's go. You have to rehearse for your debut. After this debut of yours. You will get more opportunities in movies too".

Eun Woo smiled softly and then went to the rehearsal room but not before sending a message to Alden.

[I hope, Everything is fine with you & your mother]

Half an hour later, Eu
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