If I Take a Chance

If I Take a Chance

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❝and like clockwork, she always found her way back to him❞Noorul-Huda Al'amir Belko has always viewed life with indifference after an event that changed her life. She is given a chance at redemption after a handful of scandals that led her to a downward spiral.After a chance encounter led to an inevitable heartache, she's faced with a dilemma; choosing between two men she cared about without destroying them all.

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It's a great start for an amazing story
2020-10-07 14:28:36
0- Asteroids
Summer, 2007 Ecuador Sun rays shone on her olive skin as she twirled around in the sand, her pigtails bouncing along with her, a broad smile adorning her face. Farther away from her sat a petite woman on a lounge chair, sipping cocktail while conversing merrily with the people around her, every once and then glancing at the spot her daughter played, offering a smile to her before returning her gaze to the women.A mischievous smile broke on the little girl's lips as she glanced at her mother whose gaze now lingered on her phone, halting her dance. She bounced off to a little kiosk by the side of the beach, bought a blueberry cone ice cream then took off towards the dock.She sat on the dock, her feet dangling off the edge as she licked her ice cream, wishing she could go into the water instead but she knew not to—it was strictl
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1- The Belkos
The silence was comforting to Noorul-Huda as she sat atop the window bench, sketchbook on her lap and a pencil caught between her index and pointer finger, staring intently at the boy on the paper. She worried her bottom lip with her teeth, wondering what to make of the sketch.His grey eyes stared back at her with such intensity she wondered if he was real and could see through the protective layers she had enacted to hide away her scars. Those grey eyes haunted what little dreams she got, recurring every single time she let her inhibitions down. She wondered if somewhere out there, the owner of said eyes also had dreams of her. It was a foolish thought but a thought nevertheless. Nothing of such could happen but still, a girl could hope. And hope, she did every day of her life.The dreams had begun last month when she had taken a vacation together with Nadia and her brother. They were good dreams so she never made a fuss of them.
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2- Three is a Crowd
Nadia was livid, putting some distance between the two of them hadn't worked at all. Her hands shook as she tried to even her breaths, fumbling with the tap. Her back was to him, watching the crimson droplets trickle down into the sink as jets of water began to sprout out of the tap. She watched as the last evidence of the blood wash off her hands before she spun around and discarded the blood soaked wool into the dumpster. She picked up a spatula to check the sauce brewing on the stove, not meeting his gaze. "Will she be joining us?" she questioned, stirring the sauce. "No," he shook his head even though she couldn't see him. "She's busy." "Of course." A smile lit up her face but it was quick to die down when she remembered that she was still angry at him. Saturday night dinner was their thing, even though Khaleed was dating Benazir, she still couldn't envision her in their dinner. It was a family thing, just t
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3- Collision
Noor hated nights like this. She had a strong distaste for the charade, the fakery lying thick in the air beneath fraudulent smiles and pompous conversations as everyone bathed in the same pool of self-importance. Her fingers curled on the railings as she looked around the room which was buzzing with excitement, trying to find the reason to be as excited as they were but couldn't. She stood in a corner of the room in her black dress looking as regal and beautiful as she'd always been, isolated but not totally isolated as she turned heads towards her men and women alike. She didn't notice the stares and if she did, she was trying her best to not look affected by them, her poker face set in place. "Try not to look so miserable," Nadia teased, nudging Noor's shoulder as she took in the vibrant colors decorating the hall. "I am miserable," she replied nonchalantly, raising her Chapman flute in mock
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4- Gilded
She sat in the middle of the studio lacing up her ballet slippers, her thoughts running amok. The overhead lights reflected in the mirrors lining the walls and the sight of herself in her red leotard and matching pointe shoes was comforting, filling her heart with a particular safety she only felt while within the confines of the studio walls.She stood up and tied her braids into a ponytail before approaching one of the mirrors and which each step she took, the unsettling feeling in her stomach lessened till it was only a thought in her mind. She reached out and gripped the barre, running through a series of stretches and warm ups. With each stretch, a feeling like home exploded within her chest. The soles of her feet burned, her thighs quivering with the strain she was putting them through but she didn't stop, couldn't stop. She could feel the difference in her body like she always did, lungs wide open, blood pumping, heart raci
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5- Frazzled
Noor smiled as she slipped into the warm bubbly waters of her bath, piling her long locks at the top of her head, inhaling the scented bath beads as they fizzled and foamed into a turquoise blue lather. Hearing the commotion outside her bedroom door, she smiled and picked up the remote, increasing the volume of the TV as she soaked and relaxed, ignoring her aunt who was at the other side of the door. She closed her eyes and leaned into the tub, allowing the water to sooth the ache in her muscles but instead of the darkness that she sorted, whiskey brown eyes stared back at her. She gasped, her eyes flying open as a tingle ran down her spine when she remembered the man from the night before. She remembered what it felt like as he stared into her eyes with his bottomless, rich tawny wood-like and expressive eyes before he had retched on the floor, missing her foot by mere inches. Of course, the inapprop
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6- Enamoured
Like a robot, she headed out of the estate ignoring her Baba and the yelling. They could shout all they wanted but she wasn’t going to stop neither was she going back to that monstrosity of a family lunch. Family, the word made her almost want to vomit. There was just no way they could ever be a family.  She needed to get out of there, and she needed to get out then. In her hurry, she had forgotten to put on her shoes. But oh well, that was neither here nor there, she couldn’t go back for them.She ran out, heading towards the community gate, not stopping even when Khaleed and Jawahir came after her.  Only once she was out of her community did she allow herself to slow down, walking aimlessly for hours till she found herself on a hill she hadn’t been to for years which happened to be one of her
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7- Musings
The house was eerily silent as Noor crept in, looking sideways to make sure no one was there to meet her. She wasn't ready to see either of her family members, wasn't ready to hear her Baba's reprimand against her.She had ran off and missed the barbeque which she had never done, it was an unspoken law in the Belko family to never miss the family barbeque that occurred twice a year. And now, she was sure that she wasn't only going to get a reprimand from her father but from her grandmama also.She wasn't ready to let go of the high she had felt when she was with her savior, it was the first moment she had felt alive like she truly mattered in months and she was definitely not going to let anyone put a damper on her mood which was next to impossible, facing her father was inevitable. Whatever the outcome was going to be, meeting the guy for the second time was definitely worth it. And she would gladly run off again if it meant she would mee
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8- Unrequited
Khaleed hovered over his desk, his eyes focused on the latest picture he had printed.It was a photo of Nadia he had taken the day before when they had gone out to the park. She was leaning against a tree, holding a stick of candy floss while smiling at it like it held all the answers to the woes that befell her. It was too good a sight to not capture it and now, it had came out better than he had hoped.Photography was something he did as a hobby, not as art. He liked to see the beauty in the ugly, turn the flawed into flawless.It gave him hope and sometimes, it grounded him, reminded him that beneath the hard exterior he presented to the world was a scared little boy who had watched all the women around him go through painful experiences he wouldn't have wished on his worst enemies. But such was the way of life, at some point, a person's faith is tested by The Almighty and the thought that 'With every hardship, th
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9- 5 a.m
The slow ambiance of the coffee shop, the low lights topped off with the fact that she was alone suited Nadia's mind, well as alone as one could be with only the staff present.When the bells jingled, alerting them of a new arrival, Nadia's brows furrowed, heart beating wildly, wishing and praying that it wasn't who she thought it was. Though her phone was off and at 4 a.m he was supposed to still be asleep, she didn't put it past him to be awake, trying to track her whereabout.The little coffee shop was hidden behind the shops lining the streets of her community and if one didn't look enough or didn't know where to look, it'd be lost to him.This place had been her safe haven for as long as she could remember. She had stumbled across it one night when they were out looking for Noor.Why she hadn't mentioned it to either of her cousin still surprised her but perhaps, she wanted a place that she coul
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