In Love With My Brother's Best Friend.

In Love With My Brother's Best Friend.

By:  Feifeiwrites   Ongoing
Language: English
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Evelyn Monroe is a 27 year old kindergarten teacher who absolutely loves kids. Things change when Evelyn's twin brother - Everett suggest she becomes his best friend (Cassian James)’s daughter's nanny for a month that was going to be very busy for him. As far as Everett is concerned, it's good as she’s between jobs since she’s planning to move states soon. There is only one problem. Evelyn and Cassian can’t stand each other. They’ve never been able to. She finds him insufferable, and he thinks she’s annoying. Everett convinces them that they haven’t seen each other in 6 years, and they’re adults now. He’s sure the childish bad blood is a thing of the past. He’s wrong. The two still can’t stand each other. They’re at each other’s throats the moment they meet again. The only thing that’s changed is… well… they can’t keep their hands off each other. As it turns out, anger is great passion fuel. Everything is fine, and Evelyn is even beginning to like Cassian. She stays an extra two weeks even, when Cassian can’t finish up work in time. His little girl Amelia is an absolute sweetheart as well. Everything is fine until Evelyn can’t find her period. She’s pregnant, and it’s Cassian’s. She asks Cassian if he wants another child and he says no, which is why he got a vasectomy. Evelyn says nothing about the child, and leaves for her fresh start as previously planned. A whole year passes like this until Cassian is visiting San Francisco for business and decides to drop in on her, hoping to rekindle their flame. He finds her with a baby, and realizes quite quickly that it’s his.

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4 Chapters
I’d been right. This large bathroom had brilliant acoustics. My horrified shriek bounced loudly against the walls, effectively deafening both me, and Cassian James… The absolute fucking moron who had just walked in on a naked woman, and was standing there, making eye contact with my vulva instead of turning around. See, this wasn’t a semi-sexy situation with me struggling to cover my ample breasts with one hand, and my bikini area with the other while I cried out shyly for him to leave the room. No, it was the most embarrassing moment of my life. I had one leg up on the wall in what was — this situation aside — a very brilliant display of flexibility. My bikini area was slathered in shaving cream, and there was a razor in my hand. Nothing was more inelegant than the position in which I had been caught. He stood there still, even as my scream left our ears buzzing, just staring at me with that annoying, blank expression. My face was red as I grabbed unto the closest th
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Chapter One
Chapter One Evelyn “Can you believe it?” I threw my free hand up in frustration, pacing the length of my almost bare room as I spoke to my twin brother on the phone. “It really is crazy,” Everett said. “I knew Janice was going to do something when she found out that I was planning to leave New York two months from now, but I did not think that she would get me fired,” I lamented. “Overall, they just did not like you at that school.” I heaved a sigh as I sat on a cardboard box that had been taped up and was currently holding some of the things that I had packed up already. “Yeah, I suppose that is true, they just did not like me.” I suppose I should have realized that this was exactly what would happen. Janice, my work enemy at the kindergarten I had worked at for just over six months, overheard my conversation with my brother while I was cleaning up after closing, and found out I was moving. For the first few days, I had waited for something to happen but she had done
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Chapter Two
Cassian “I promise I am great with kids. Literally, every time I meet a child, they fall in love with me within seconds,” the nanny candidate said, laughing heartily as though she had just made a funny joke. I watched with a blank, void expression, completely unamused by her. Yeah… this one is a no as well. I crossed out her name on the list. It was the last one I had to interview for the day. I sighed and rubbed my forehead. “Thank you for your time. I will reach out to you to let you know my final decision,” I said to her just like I had to all of the other candidates that had come for the interview. I stood up and she did as well, leaving me alone in to my thoughts. I rubbed my forehead again and walked over the bar, in need of a drink. I was thoroughly exhausted. For about a week now, I had been doing this over and over again, looking for the perfect nanny for my daughter, Amelia. However, there had not been any in the long list of candidates —recommended and otherwise —
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Chapter Three
Evelyn I was a nanny. When the call had come in from my brother that Cassian had agreed to hire me as his daughter’s nanny if I was willing to consider it myself, I had thought that he had only agreed to it so that my brother could stop pestering him. He probably thought I would say no. That had been my reason for saying yes to my brother after all. Yet, here we were. I still could not believe that Cassian had actually agreed to this arrangement. More than that, he had even agreed to let me stay in his own house. It had come as a shock to me. Everett had somehow managed to push the both of us to make this work. He suggested that I save up the money I would have spent on rent for two months, by staying in Cassian’s house as a live-in nanny. Cassian had agreed to it. It would afford him the time he needed to take care of work without having to worry about picking up his daughter, or having to return so that the nanny could go home. I knew that this was actually a logic
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